It has been mentioned before that as long your mind is able to imagine and believe something, then it is possible to manifest it. (Point 1)

It has also been mentioned before that you made certain "agreements" before you came into this world to gain a certain type of experience in this life. For example, you maybe chose which family to be born into and your parents. (Point 2)

Point 2 is also mentioned by Bashar below in this video at around the 11 minute mark.

"In general you have made certain appointments. If you have an appointment, there will be really nothing that stops that appointment. If you haven't made an appointment, there will be nothing that really causes it to happen. Just let your life unfold and see what you have agreed to have happen. By the end of your life, you will know what all the agreements were."

I think by "appointment", he meant "agreement" but it's roughly the same meaning I guess (Bashar critics , I guess Bashar made a mistake!). I think this "agreement before life" thing has also been mentioned by Abraham before and somewhere on this site too.

So if a person has made an agreement before life for something not to happen, but then while he is living he wants to try to manifest that thing to happen, how does it work? Or vice versa? After all, in Bashar's words - If you haven't made an appointment, there will be nothing that really causes it to happen. But manifesting principles says if the mind can conceive, it can achieve.

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@kakaboo - Thank you so much for articulating this question so well. This is just what I was trying to find out, but I don't think I expressed myself properly:

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Predestination is an optional truth. Self is the truth. Time is experienced only in the illusion of separation and time/space. There is only eternity - there is only Now. Self is pure consciousness and all realities are within Infinite Self and are composed of Infinite Self. Self or consciousness is the building block of the Universe. Reason is a sub-ordinate function and wisdom (: Self :) is the beginning of reason and is most easily approached directly or, rather tediously, the end of reason. At attempting to reason beyond Self will simply keep you going round in circles because there is only Self and therefore, one eternal truth is SELF CAN EXPERIENCE ONLY SELF whether in the ultimate state or in the dream.

This is not a mistake on Bashar or Abraham's part but it is a truth and regardless of who says what the ultimate truth remains Self. Holding the truth of predestination will lead to a corresponding experience of the illusion of separation, time-space etc. All realities exist simultaneously as Infinite Potential - potential is reality that exists and is hidden from the rational mind in the illusion of separation but remains accessible via consciousness and it's tool - the imagination. Imagination is not a process of creating from scratch but more a tool to direct one's focus into a specific reality. It's a selective tool. When you say "Imagination creates reality" you don't mean crafting it from scratch but rather selecting an eternal reality and then allowing (: by staying in the feeling place of that reality at least :) a corresponding (: sometimes identical too :) reality to be reflected back to you in the mirror that you call physical reality.

Even within the dream of separation, it is only the starting point which is predetermined for a initial creative context and at every instant beyond this starting point it is NON-STOP CHOOSING. You have the option to realize that there is only Self or pure consciousness and therefore only well-being: how could there be anything less when Self is All-That-Is? So when you rest in well-being by allowing your focus to rest in a fundamentally good feeling place at least most of the time, then you by the very nature of the time-space dream we will "move" from one eternal reality to another (: for in the dream, everything moves all the time :) and at every instant you are making a broad choice of which relative zone you want to be in i.e. pleasant or unpleasant, by virtue of our choice of focus / perspective. There will be seemingly "new" experiences because you hide the infinitely larger portion of reality from your self in the illusion, but these will be of the refreshing, creative kind i.e. something to improve in a positive and pleasing way when you are in the zone of truth i.e. well-being, as opposed to sorrowful disaster which is always the result of holding a negative perspective and lack of adequate awareness of Self. Comfort and ease are the norm unless you hold negative expectation (: fear, especially fear of the illusion of change and opinions of seeming "others" :) and a habitual selection of unpleasant focus.

There is no such thing as "nothing to cause" because there is always Self or You or consciousness in all things. One may of course insist that the way things turn out are predetermined and your consciousness will ensure that your experience reflects this. Put simply the perspective of predestination is valid and real in the dream because the dream of Infinite Consciousness or Reality or Self allows all things to exist. And yet you create it all and allow it all, including the "truth" of predestination. There is only Self. Who can you be in agreement with but your Self? With whom can you have an appointment with but your Self? There is only one appointment and one predestination and that is TO KNOW THYSELF and that is happening at every instant in all your conditions. Yes, you are to know that you are at cause for all that you experience and you are at cause NOW.


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that part of us detached from
form more accepting of life's
truth returns to body as
creations urge peaks

be it agreement or by
appointment or as still a
pawn to king karma


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