I've recently watched Bashar discussing the manifestation space. He also emphasised the primal belief that we should hold: This is real. Although I played it over I still cannot understand whether he was instructing the audience to realise that we tell ourself 'this is real' and hence manifest or whether we should tell ourselves that this (our physical life) is real. I'm a bit confused as to what he meant.

He also discussed health with a member of the audience. This person has a skin disease which 'itches and is reckless' and Bashar asked him what it was in his life that he was itching to do? This surprised me and it made me think about the situation when we are intent on manifesting something and yet there seems to be a void or silence, i.e. nothing is happening in that area.

Does this void reflect a void in oneself? I know that noticing that nothing is happening is actually counter-productive to the manifestation, but I wonder whether the void issues is actually reflecting a void in oneself.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

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"This is real" -

i wouldn't make it as my fundamental belife. that is because you're right - it isn't a clear statement. you take from the channeling what works for you. why it dosen't work for me? first because the world we live is IS NOT REAL. now when you read this/when im writing - we are both dreamimg and asleep. but in our sleep time or deep meditation - thats when we're really awake. so to say about this world that its real - no. but on the other hand it is real, beacause this world is a just us in a different dimention then us in others. so the conclusions are :it is all relative and everything happens simultaneously. so as long as your'e focused on your now reality this world is real to you. if you're not in the now - the world isn't real.

secondly, what you tell your self (believe) IS A REALITY FOR YOU for sure. but, do you really listen to your self? are you aligned enough to know when to question what you tell your self? can you say to your self what you want and dont want and WHY? you can change your real belife into a non real belife in a second. so maybe what bashar meant was that if you really really know what you want and know who you are and compeletly authentic with yourself - then what you belive is real.

"nothing is happening in that area. Does this void reflect a void in oneself?" i think that the anser would be yes. think what the "thing" will make you feel like, and think if you lack that feeling/s without it, and work on feeling like that consistantly. noticing that nothing is happening isn't counter-productive to the manifestation, while noticing, and learning who you are, learning to love what you love (even if it is a "negative" thing)and learning to apply it you are actually integrating all parts of you and become more whole. without noticing there will not be any integration. so you can notice your self or notice an annoying person - same thing. but the goal is not just to notice but to love all parts of you.


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