I try to stay away from people who love money. I even stopped listening to certain songs. I try to only focus on what will keep me in a very high vibration. I'm trying my best not to manifest it but it seems to be forced on me (always needed). I focus on other things but the topic of money keeps coming up.

If anything is possible with Law of Attraction then I want to manifest my freedom/independance from it. Freedom, Joy, and Peace is what I try to stay focused on but many people and even many songs, television shows, and movies keep bringing it up. Sometimes it seems inescapible.

I want freedom and independence from money. If we create our own reality and Law of Attraction is there for me then I want freedom/independence

I try to focus on other things but like I said it still seems to be forced on me.

Has anyone had any success at this? If so please give some tips on how you achieved this. With so much energy/focus on money what did you replace that energy/focus with to keep it out of your life? So does anyone have any advice on how to do this?

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Do you mean keep money out of your life or worry or over-thinking about money out of your life?

(25 Jan '15, 09:19) Inner Beauty

I mean to not need it in my life experience. I don't want it in my life. I want freedom and joy without being in the money system at all.

(25 Jan '15, 09:38) arpgme
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I try to stay away from people who love money. I even stopped listening to certain songs... [snip]...I focus on other things but the topic of money keeps coming up.

Try not to think of biting into a chunk of juicy lemon right now :)

alt text

Yes, that big juicy lemon slice in the picture, the one with that razor-sharp tangy taste....I said don't think of it right now :)

You know, that sharp zesty flavor that makes your tastebuds explode and makes your face squirm...


Hmmmm...you still seem to be thinking of that lemon slice...I know that because your tastebuds are probably salivating...

Get the point? :)


If you are deliberately trying NOT to think of money, where do you think your attention is? :)

In trying to avoid money, your attention is still on money, isn't it?

Trying not to think of money-related issues can only bring more money-related issues thanks to the Law of Attraction because your dominant focus is still on the money. You might consciously think you are focused elsewhere but your money tastebuds will still be salivating :)

After all, how do you avoid thinking about something if you don't keep checking whether or not you are thinking about it...and thereby keep thinking about it :)

The way to remove money issues in your life is to make money a non-issue. In other words, you are not bothered in any way whether you think about it or not, you just let it be.

You neutralize any reaction you have to the idea, positive or negative.

The easiest way I know of to do that, for most people, is to just ensure you have as much money as your belief system tells you that you need to live on (so you don't trigger any "survival" instincts within yourself)...and then just focus on other things that make you happy.

Then if ideas of money still come into your life, that's fine. And if they don't come into your life, that's fine too.

But you don't care either way. You just get on with other things in your life.


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It's difficult not to , though. What can I do without money? How can I live my life and be free and happy without having to use money?

(25 Jan '15, 09:46) arpgme

@arpgme - Money is a tremendously valuable tool in this physical reality. Personally, I don't have enough camels, rabbits, sacks of potatoes etc to barter with someone else to get a Playstation 4 so the exchange medium of money suits me fine :) Am I correct in assuming your question is motivated by feelings of lack about money? If so, it would probably be easier for you to tackle those limiting beliefs than try to reinvent the financial world that some part of you has chosen to play with :)

(25 Jan '15, 11:37) Stingray

@Stingray to say it in a more positive way:

I want to attract the things which Gaia/Earth gives for free for my survival like food and water. I want freedom and to actually receive what Gaia gives without being forced to go through a money system created by a small group of people seeking control.

(25 Jan '15, 22:30) arpgme

@arpgme - In a Law-of-Attraction universe, people only have the control you give them. While I have much sympathy with conspiracy theorist ideas, I would never go down the road of actually allowing it to influence my behavior to pushing against because that is self-defeating....it is giving energy to the opposite of what you want


With respect, everything after the word "without" in your previous comment smells like pushing against :)

(26 Jan '15, 07:44) Stingray
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living in a culture that
glorifies money and glamor
makes your quest difficult
a key is doing for others


answered 26 Jan '15, 05:27

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I want freedom and joy without being in the money system at all

I hope the following ideas might inspire you towards a life you are wanting. There are many people who created their own reality in which money doesn't play a role at all.

Basically, you can go out into the wilderness. I don't know where you are living but if those people are to be believed, forests are excellent places to live self-sufficiently without money. You can build a shelter and find all the water and food you need there. There are also people who find all of that in mountains. But you need to learn some survival skills first. If you have money initially to spend on a few How-to-books on survival in the wilderness, you can theoretically live without money after a few days or weeks. http://www.wikihow.com/Drop-out-of-Society

If your idea of basic needs includes the company of other people, there are a few internet sites and communites of people who are planning to drop out of society together. Or they want to build an own community and live off the grid. They often build self-sufficient farms. Inward Quest may not be the right place to get people to agree with those ideas and follow you, since it seems people here just want to make peace with the financial system and enjoy its benefits. http://projectavalon.net/forum4/forumdisplay.php?1-Project-Avalon

Also, if you are willing to adopt some new (religious) belief systems, there are many temples in asia and elsewhere and people are living off the grid there. But you have to become a monk and agree with this kind of lifestyle. You need some money maybe to travel there first. But once you are there, you don't need anything else. Everything will be provided in those communities that live off the grid.

I hope this helps.


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It's in some ways commendable that some people are able to remove themselves from mainstream society and live in their own reality. But at the end of the day, though it's more difficult to be a part of society and yet detached from material things, isn't that how we contribute our gifts and talents to the world and fulfil our purpose? If everyone went off and lived a disengaged solitary life we wouldn't benefit from new advancements, science, new understandings. The world would remain stagnant.

(26 Jan '15, 05:23) Inner Beauty

@Inner Beauty Personally, I would agree with you. IMO the world is perfect as it is (including the financial world). It is always evolving, new desires are creating new exciting stuff/ideas that we all deserve and well-being and abundance expands exponentially for everyone. However, abundance of everything also includes the abundance of different ideas and lifestyles. So if people choose to live off the grid, I'm okay with that since it's just a different form of abundance and just as valid.

(26 Jan '15, 05:44) releaser99

Think of something DIFFERENT - like decide to focus on beautiful women, cartoons, your physique or whatever. You could even try focusing more and more on poverty but I guess that might trigger monetary associations. Also let thoughts that you generate on money just pass by. Practice meditation more often. I know there are many ways of meditating but I think it is very good to just learn to be quiet and focus on something very very very general.


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Abraham says: Tend to your vibration first, and then move on to action. It seems that you have strong resistance towards the issue, so I would recommend to neutralize that as Stingray suggested first.

Having said that, take a look at this. He's been called the Moneyless Man: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PuyYVVVkIM


answered 26 Jan '15, 10:24

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