I saw a dream where I was surrounded by strangers who introduced themselves as doppelgangers.I was roaming with them like a nomad in what seemed to be like a labyrinth. These entities looked troubled to me they were worn out & looked sick and were shabbily dressed. We passed through certain places with mirrors and one of them a blond girl forbade me to look into em.

They finally asked Me to leave and said i don't belong there. I ve not had a previous knowledge about a doppelganger.it was after this dream i read a few blogs about them but nowhere did I find the significance of dreaming about doppelganger's of other people who 're absolute strangers.

The people I saw in my dream were total strangers and of different race. I'm an Indian I don't 've friends in foreign countries either. I 've never seen those people in my life whom I dreamt of. Not only that I remembered a particular dream I had long time back after reading about doppelganger. I had seen myself dead and my body being carried away.

Can someone tell me what is the significance of my dream? Does my old dream 've any connection to the present??

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@Rachel based on the dream questions asked in the past, and having wondered and trying to find a answer to my own dreams myself sometimes, I think it is quite difficult for a third party to tell most of the time. But what's been said before is to ignore the events that are happening in your dream, and focus on how you are feeling in the dream and your emotions.

(11 Feb '15, 09:09) kakaboo

Just a guess but it sounds like this is your fear of the future. If you watch the news or listen to politicians very long then it's easy to see where this idea came from. I'm not stuck on the idea that our leaders want us to live in a dystopian society. It funny though that they have learned nothing. You can not spend your way out of bankruptcy, and another tax etc. The whole thing could crash. Don't worry it won't be unfixable. I sorry for the negative answer but to was a negative dream. Advise think of happy times before drifting off. One other thing is what does the dream mean to you?


answered 13 Feb '15, 21:46

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