I have a recurring dream that I am in a village that I know and I am trying to find the newsagents to buy my Sunday papers (I can't bear to miss the crosswords) but as I try to walk I find myself facing a fork in the road and no matter which one I take it is the wrong one and by the time I find the shop they have sold all of them.

Any explanations please? This happens at least twice a month. Thank you.

asked 03 Aug '11, 15:41

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Mary Elizabeth RUDD

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Barry Allen ♦♦

well if i try to analyse your dream with the symbol. i would say that you are trying to find the messanger that can sell you the message from god(god day of rest sunday) the cross-words is what you are looking for. the path you take you feel like it is never the right one. and you are still looking for the right one. next time take the middle path. experience and enjoy.


answered 20 Jan '12, 01:39

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white tiger


@white tiger - yes the middle path, i like it :)

(20 Jan '12, 04:45) blubird two

Recurring dreams are a reflection of what is happening in your life ... meaning that you feel that your life is going nowhere that you're being blocked or diverted ... this answer may sound a bit obvious but i feel i have to say it ... if the road always splits into a double choice and whatever you do neither of them lead anywhere then the simple answer is that you don't follow any road, get off the beaten track and make your own way ...

have fun :)


answered 19 Jan '12, 07:33

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blubird two

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