I was just thinking that if it has been possible for you to have led any one of a number of lives based on your choices, do you ever get to see what your life might have looked like if you'd taken a different path?

In the movie "Sliding Doors", all the different possibilities for the life of the actress are shown but they all eventually lead to the same ending. Is that what happens with us or our are choices going to mean our lives could have been very very different? In that case, how do we know if we made good choices? Does it matter in the end? Is it what we've learnt that's important? I've asked a few questions here as IQ asks us to elaborate, but I think with all of them I'm basically asking the same thing. Do we see all possible pathways are lives could have taken when we die (or perhaps some do before they die) and then get the opportunity to reflect on our choices. Most religions teach about a kind of self-judgement. How can we know what kind of life we've led, if we don't know what the alternatives could have been?

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@Inner Beauty, The clearest answer to this question that I have found thus far comes from Michael Newton. Both of his books, "Journey of souls" (as noted by @Overplugged below) and the follow up "Destiny of Souls", Offer a very good explanation for this topic and many others that deal with life between lives. You can download a PDF version of Destiny of Souls here: http://fright2fight.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/DestinyofSouls.pdf . Be assured, You will find this to be quite amazing!

(17 Mar '15, 02:23) i4cim2b

The specific section that your question references is titled "The library of Life Books" and can be located by scrolling to Case #29, which is just under half way through the Doc. However, I would suggest reading from start to finish.

(17 Mar '15, 02:59) i4cim2b

innerbeauty, from the age of reason till the soul sheds the body, the choice to decide is within your hands. the review, they say, reflects what was scheduled upon incarnation and what was undertaken up to the last breathe taken

(17 Mar '15, 06:37) fred
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According to the book Journey of Souls, by Michael Newton, the case studies of his hypnotized subjects all indicate that we do have the opportunity to review our previous lives from an observer's perspective, and to review the paths that alternate choices would have taken. However, in the long run, all paths do lead home, and so there would not be any self-judgment regarding whether or not a path was "correct" or "incorrect." Some just may have been more arduous than others.

In fact, according to the book, and personal experience after having my own LBL (life-between-lives) hypnosis session, we do have quite a number of choices prior to incarnating, and we are shown many potential paths in advance, so that we may choose the incarnation that best works for our soul's intention. This does not preclude free choice, for we can ultimately make different choices once incarnated.


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@Overplugged, Since reading Michael Newtons books, I have been interested in having an LBL session. I would be interested to hear more about your experience with this, especially how it compared to those presented in the book. I Know that it must have been a very personal experience so there's a limit to what you might be able to share. However, anything you can tell me about your preparation, the process, and the actual visual and auditory aspects of your session would be appreciated. Thanks

(17 Mar '15, 02:44) i4cim2b

Hi i4cim2b,

It was a great experience! I found a certified hypnotist on the Newton Institute's site (http://newtoninstitute.org/locate-a-therapist/) and she was less than one mile away from my home. Mine was a four-session process, with the first an introduction, the second a clearing of current life, the third a past life, and the final LBL session. I would recommend that you follow a similar process, as there was a lot of beneficial clearing involved before I could go that deep.

(17 Mar '15, 18:24) Overplugged

@i4cim2b, The actual LBL session was very emotional; it sufficed to clear up a lot of questions I had about soul contracts, my purpose, my soul group and those incarnated with me now. I saw that I am in training to be a guide. What it won't do for you is to help you see your future; when I asked questions about that, the council showed a lot of humor and reminded me that it's up to me. The members of the council were an indication of my core lessons, and that was the best part. Hope that helps.

(17 Mar '15, 18:28) Overplugged

@i4cim2b In answer to your questions, it was similar to those in the book as the hypnotists are trained to ask those questions.I prepared a list of questions, but they were already on her list; so if you plan a session, be creative and personal with your questions, and make them pertinent to your life.You will see everything as if you are truly there (souls are HUGE!), and colors are vivid.You see your color, and those of others. I don't remember much auditory input, more visual and feelings.

(17 Mar '15, 18:32) Overplugged

@Overplugged, Wow, sounds amazing! I hope my next move brings me closer to a LBL cert. HT. The nearest one to me now is nearly 400 miles away. If you ever decide to publish an account of your LBL adventure, I would be very interested in reading it! Thanks, and welcome to IQ.

(18 Mar '15, 01:46) i4cim2b
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