Up until I was 12, I was very skinny... like most children and people used to be back in the early '80s. In fact I was too skinny... anyway, I then went through a period of serious illness, and when I got better I noticed that I had belly fat. This was something completely unthinkable given how things were back then and what I ate. I had a difficult childhood, so that must have played a key part in it.

That's how it started, and today at 43, I still haven't been able to get rid of it. Between the age of 29 and 36 I became very fat due to stress and because I didn't know how to handle it. Then when I started off on the road of spirituality, my weight went down and I started looking much younger. But the fat around my mid-section remained.

I am today reasonably fit. At 43, I can do 32 push-ups, I can do 14 burpees, and I can run up at least seven storeys easily. But I still have a lot of belly fat - much less than before but it's there. People don't think I'm fat at all with my clothes on, but it'd be a different story if I took my shirt off...

I still look young. Most people think I am below 30. My life in general is on a nice, gentle upward curve in every sense. But I haven't got rid of the belly.

In the past I tried diets like paleo, and no-diet methods like Wallace Wattles' or Paul McKenna's. They all worked in the short to medium term, until I thought my life had lost all fun, and stopped following them.

You'd think that if you are generally in peace and are having fun, if you are resisting less and less, you'd get to your natural weight. That's hasn't worked for me so far. Don't know why.

So I am not quite sure what's going on here, and all suggestions are welcome. But please note that I am past the stage of believing that only x diet or y method can resolve this. It's something else - something more fundamental.

Thanks in advance, as always.

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I like what @Stingray said! That is great exercise for your mind. I to have been thinking about my mid-section . Not really obsessed with it but it would be nice if it was a bit firmer. I googled " how to lose love handles" many sites with similar exercise routines. You might want to try these to increase the potential for your success. . (I have not started any program myself not really that concerned , ,but now I know what I should do if)

(23 Mar '15, 04:11) ursixx

Perhaps a move is in order. Go to Northern Italy and like when in Rome, do as the Northern Italians do.

Northern Italy has the richest cuisine but the obesity rate is extremely low.

Eating is a huge part of their culture yet they aren't overweight :). Why do you suppose that is?

(02 Feb '22, 15:13) ele
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When people imply they've found something in their lives that violates the Law of Attraction, I usually like it when they "ramble" a bit about the "Law-Breaking" topic :)

alt text

And that's because when people talk freely out-loud about a subject (especially to someone else), their vibrational setpoint on the subject often reveals itself quite clearly - certainly to the other person at least. Most of the time we desensitize ourselves to our habitual inner self-talk so we grow numb to our true default thoughts about a subject. We become blind to our own vibration.

In your question, you've kindly done a bit of out-loud "rambling" to us about the subject of your "belly fat". So, if you don't mind, I'll list below for you a few of the statements that you believe to be true right now about yourself in relation to that.

Perhaps you might see a correlation between what you are thinking/affirming habitually (i.e. believing) about your "belly fat" and what's happening physically regarding it :)

  • I still haven't been able to get rid of it
  • I became very fat due to stress and because I didn't know how to handle it
  • But I still have a lot of belly fat
  • People don't think I'm fat at all with my clothes on, but it'd be a different story if I took my shirt off...
  • My life in general is on a nice, gentle upward curve in every sense. But I haven't got rid of the belly
  • if you are resisting less and less, you'd get to your natural weight. That's hasn't worked for me so far

Justifying to yourself and others why things are the way they are in your life is an excellent method for preventing change in your life :) ...because in doing so you are affirming even more reasons to yourself (and others) why your current reality must be "true" and hence you are locking yourself further into that "truth".

If you're still not convinced about all this then get yourself some speech transcribing software and record yourself speaking freely for, say, ten minutes on the subject of your "belly fat". If you're then feeling brave enough, paste the transcription here...and I'm pretty sure you'll have all the evidence you need of where your vibrational setpoint currently resides on this subject :)

Note that it is irrelevant how this physical situation got started initially, the only thing that matters are your dominant thoughts Right Now about the subject...because those thoughts are what the Law of Attraction is responding to and hence those thoughts keep re-creating your physical reality the way that it currently is.


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I have noticed, in myself, that I am quite good at pretending to feel much better and more cheerful than I actually feel! Abraham has sometimes talked about how humans will often insist that they feel "hope", when they are actually vibrating "doubt". Or we will say - I want to be more slender! I am definitely totally focused on my slender new self! But really, we spend a lot of our vibrational airtime thinking about how much we hate being fat and vibrating "I'm fat and I hate it" instead of gleefully appreciating how awesome our body-in-becoming is (or whatever your particular pet issue is.)

I'm noticing in myself right now that as I climb the emotional scale further out of the lower vibes I was pretending I wasn't in (heh), my body is feeling better and better and little discomforts are resolving, and I am able to like and appreciate my body more. And I notice that I am spending a lot longer than I imagined in a phase where I am not in the perfect body yet, but I just feel better and more neutral about the body I currently have.

And I've noticed, in this kind of intermediary phase where you're vibrating (at least a chunk of the time) in your "new, preferred reality", but your "external reality" still reflects your old way of thinking and vibrating, that it's still very easy for me to get focused on the current external reality of Topic X, rather than remaining focused on my "internal reality", my preferred reality on that topic. And that swing of focus, from "I'm really starting to feel excited about this vision of my physical self I'm crafting" to "Oh... but I just looked in the mirror, and there's a big gap between how I currently look and how I currently, in my imagination, look" can (in my experience) drop your vibration quite a bit if you don't realize what's happening, and turn you back the other vibrational direction.

(Example, I think I'm currently on a sort of tipping point, because (does this make me sound crazy? if I can't admit it here...) when I am feeling good and high-vibing and stable, I look one way to myself in the mirror, and when I'm low, I look another way. I don't mean in vague, hazy ways. I mean, when I feel good, I look distinctly one way to myself in the mirror. When I feel less good, I look a different way, and then it's easy for me to grab that "reality" as evidence of something. But it's evidence of nothing but your old vibes. It can be hard - but helpful - to remember that.)


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@corduroypower, I have definitely noticed that I look different in the mirror depending on how I feel, so you definitely don't sound crazy at all!

(10 Apr '15, 08:01) Antheia

@corduroypower, @Antheia - Oh me three! There are times when all I see is a brightly smiling, sparkly-eyed girl, and others when I just think "What happened?" ;)

It's actually a useful measure of how well aligned I really am at the time. If I think of it in those terms, no matter what I think I see, it's valuable to me. It also kind of cracks me up, and a good laugh is a great beauty balm. So I win either way. :D

(13 Apr '15, 23:12) Grace

Great advice from all who posted before. There may be something else that you want at a deeper level i.e. to like your body regardless of the social norms of "fitness". It might be a good start. I've noticed that a distinct dislike or focus on it (: resistance :) will keep the fat.


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