I have always wanted to manifest a perfect body. Over the two years of "wanting"to manifest it, I gained over 22 pounds.

Exercise, diet etc, nothing works. EVER. I saw a post where it said you just need to feel great and let go or forget about your desire. Thats the problem.

I KNOW I need to let go and feel great. I keep reminding myself. But I can't put it to practice. Every time someone clicks a picture of me and I look at it, the only thing I notice is "fat". This is THE one thing that hasn't manifested for me.

At times, I really do forget about it and feel good but that's just for a short while. There is still that little insecurity that stops me from getting my pictures clicked, going anywhere near the opposite sex or going out for shopping with my mom (who is fitter than me, hell she's just the perfect weight, everywhere she goes, people compliment her). I'm not fat, but you can tell I'm not fit either.

I don't visualize or use affirmations because they don't make me feel good, they feel forced and my mind doesn't even believe them. I can't seem to let it go. -It's always there at the back of my mind.

I'm not doing anything. I'm thinking. Thinking about? Thinking about how sad it would be if my old friends see me in this shape or how I'll look fat at a party next Saturday. I also have a tendency to observe people's bodies now. Be it fat or thin (I'm a weirdo lol).

One day I just decided to let go but I was still observing other peoples body. Today, my friends came over for lunch (dayover) and we were looking at the pictures of other girls on facebook. Even the girls with a fine weight were judged by them. "Shes so fat. That skirt is too tight for her."

This made me feel even worse because I stopped wearing skirts and dresses since they don't look good on me anymore. I'm just a 16 year old, I want to wear skirts and dresses, I want to feel nice. This makes me want to not go out anymore.

Just meeting people I know while I look like this? Never. I just meet them at school but even at school, I avoid going near boys or my crush(who was with me in another school when I was in 6th grade).

I read a story about a lady, who, realized that its all an inside job and truly believed her perfect body is a done deal and felt happy and let go for the rest of the day. The next day, she woke up TEN POUNDS lighter.

HOW do people let go!? I know I've pretty much answered my own question. Let go and feel happy< the key. Anything I let go of, I manifest very quickly. I want to be able to forget and let go and just feel happy when it comes to my body. BUT it never happens. I feel stuck.

Like right now while I'm typing this, I don't understand what I should do. Some people say letting go means letting go of resistance,worries, tension etc but the one that works for me (for things I CAN let go of) is completely forgetting about the desire and just moving on with life. Not even thinking about it once. I just don't know. I've looked up many articles, blogs, stories.

Well, seems like I'm gonna be stuck here for awhile. :/

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Yes @Happyunicorn17 you have answered your own question when you say all you really want is to be happy, but what is real happiness? It's certainly not a single emotion named "happy".

The main reason why you're not experiencing genuine happiness all or at least most of the time is because you accept the illusions that your brain is telling you as being true, those internal preprogrammed stories. It's a self maintained magnetic hold, a kind of hypnotic hold based on learned mechanisms.

I feel sure you have plenty of other desires and things you wish to change in your life, but whatever you say you want, wharever your wish it's just an imaginary roadway into what you really wish, to be truly happy with a capital "H". In other words even if you did have a perfect body all those other things you want would still maintain you in a magnetic unhappy mode.

You already know what it's like to be perfectly happy whenever you're doing something you really love to do like play games, watch a great film, read a good book, but what do you love about it? The playing, the reading, the images on the screen don't matter you don't care about all that's happening on the outside, what you really care about is what's happening on the inside the feelings that are triggered by those things that you see, hear.

What you see on the screen is just a trigger the "on switch" for the feelings you really want to experience inside yourself. Take away the feelings and all the pleasure and fun evaporates. The hidden motivation for all your wants ultimately is to experience true happiness, and what is true happiness but to experience a wide variety of feelings that all blend into a continuous pleasureable flow.

Reading all this may bring an intellectual understanding but it's not going to change anything for you.

The only thing that makes any difference is to experience the truth of all this yourself, then you know. How can this be done? Reprogram yourself, your brain can be compared to how a pc works it can be reprogrammed in exactly the same way.

There are of course many methods, here's a video you may find interesting



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Thankyou for the advice! The video really made me think twice!

(29 Aug '15, 16:09) Happyunicorn17

your body is perfect already. what you need to let go is your insecurity. who is to say that your body is not perfect? there is a lot of people in this world that see them self as perfect and they are far from being perfect. seing them self perfect they stopped to work at them self and are trying to change other to conform to their own standard of perfection. first they should work at them self and stop judging other. you see every one as freedom of choice and are at different level of understanding. if you see your self fat do sport or activity that you like not for becoming slim but because you like or love that sport or activity. the rest does not matter. and do not say yes it matter to me how they see me. because I am telling you that even if you would be perfect many people would not see you as perfect. first their ego could not take it that some one is better then them. or that some one is not making the same mistake that they are doing. and with that division in them how could they respect the first and second commandement: 1:Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.

2:Love your neighbor as yourself.

if you can truly respect those two commandement then you are perfect in deed.

as for the body the vessel that you use in this world first clean the inside of the cup and the outside will be clean also. you are the one in this body so use it properly. if you only clean the outside of that body for how people view you it is vain in deed. but if you clean the inside so that it does not matter what other people judge of you because the same will be judge of them. then the outside will also be clean what ever other people say and judge of you. after all what is more important that you like and love the body that you have? or that other people like and love the body that you have? you see if you do not like and love the body that you have then other people will not like it also. and if what matter to you the most is how other people like your body then what you are looking for is how they judge your body to their own taste and they are not the one living in this body and they do not have the same taste then you so how could they appreciate it? will also say that taste is a matter of choice also.

you have the choice to put those skirt, top, bikini etc. and to feel good experience and enjoy your self. what is stopping you? insecurity about what other people judge of you? who is making the choice for this body?

Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


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Thank you for that. Yesterday, i did put on a skirt for a party and got compliments. Today i looked at myself and liked what I saw. I think I'm getting a hang of this.

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our body is not unlike
a car, proper maintenance
is more than a mental thought,
physical forms have limits,

what one eats, how one sleeps and
breathes, beside daily motions
show up in one's form,
desire for it to be

alone, needs a little help


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The best way I've found to let go is the Sedona Method. It takes some practice in the beginning, but once you get good at it it becomes second nature. They have a $300 course, which is audio and you listen to it and it explains everything you need to know about letting go.


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