what are the radionics for weight loss and methods to use them?

ur answers will be highly appreciated..

love,light n blessings ur wayy..

supergirl :)))

asked 23 Apr '13, 12:58

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Hi supergirl ... radionics is one of the ways of putting subtle energies into motion. It's creating a vibrational match for a particular purpose in harmony with the law of attraction, that's why there's such a large number of radionic graphics and radionic machines, so as to cover the whole range of what we could possibly desire. So all that has been said about being overweight applies to radionics too.

Having said that, weight loss/boosting love life are linked ... they are the flip side of the same coin. Weight loss is visible, 3D, physical thinking, love life is beyond the 3D physical and into the subtle world way of thinking. It's a question of allowing yourself to shift your way of thinking.

In other words the underlying desire is to feel good, so any of the graphs already mentioned such as the vortex, how to boost your energy ... may not change your weight but would certainly change the way you feel about yourself.


answered 26 Apr '13, 03:35

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ru bis

@ru bis- k..so, shld i use the same graphs tht u have mentioned in my question of "graphs fr boosting ur love life ?.., bt ru bis, i think so, tht there must be graph specifically fr weight loss..,i feel so.

(12 May '13, 05:59) supergirl
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