I had a small revelation about a year ago, and though I believe it i'm not really taking advantage of it and i'm looking for external validation.

Abraham hicks says it's called segmented intending...something like 64 second? Meditation is recommend 15-60 minutes for beginnings. Trataka, zazen, all these are life-long intermittent practices. Yogis will meditation for days.

So...i'm a capricorn and i'm thinking...holy **** it's that easy? A year later I come to find out the "hunger" of the mind to keep busy and always moving forward/backwards is intense. I'm just now transitionining from sacral to solar plexus balancing.

So i'm asking...does time matter in regards to consciousness practice, NLP, meditation, trataka, manifestion. If so, all we have to do is keep training our concentration and we can use time as tangible(yet distorted) method of improvement, yes?

Looking in the future, i'm going put myself through meditation school. I'm logging my hours just like work, every day and will log my experience as well. Sadhana becomes "work" and the answer to "what do you do?". My 'function' is to elevate consciousness, huzzah! (for the record, earth signs need physical evidence of stuff so this is all for my taurus moon, capricorn ascendant, and virgo cusp sun)

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Time matters on the physical plane because it's part of the "rules" that make this physical platform appear to operate the way it does...though even time on the physical plane doesn't operate in the steady unchanging way that many think it does.

Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute.

Albert Einstein

But as regards techniques to raise consciousness, your vibrational attitude (which is often interpreted as feeling) matters far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far...getting the point yet? :)...far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far more than the time you put into them.

If a consciousness-raising technique isn't making you feel better, it's not raising your consciousness :)

And, as you implied in your question, it only takes 17 seconds of pure thought to start something feeling better and it only takes 68 seconds to begin a vibrational change that will eventually be physically perceptible (i.e. physically "manifested").

Line up your energy as often as you can. If two to three times per day, you can stop and find 68 seconds of pure thought about something, you've put in a very productive day.

Abraham (more information about this quote)

It's a personal choice but, for me, I'd take the 68-second approach every time over the hours-and-hours-and-hours approach ...but, then again, I have virtually no Earth signs in my astrological birth chart :)


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'feeling' or 'perceptiveness' does it matter or vary

(14 Apr '15, 20:16) fred

If I would ask you does time mater for you to know your self? or do you need to follow a clock to the exact minute to do or learn something if you are faster or slower to learn or do something do you need to follow the clock? do human in this world are exactly the same? or do they have different color of hair eyes skin etc...? and do you thing that every one as experience the same thing in a life time? meaning all have encounter the same exact problem? and all have learn to deal with it the same way? all in the same unit of time?

if you answer those question by your self you should be able to see if time is really important to follow? or if you should follow your progress for your self? and stop putting hurdles on your way. is there not enough people in this world putting hurdles on their path and life and does that help them at all? or does it just bother them and make them more nervous and less focus on what they are doing?

like the man in this video.


for you do you say that the man in the video is calm? do you say that it helps him to comply with a time schedule? do you say that he is in a peaceful state?

yet all those people trap in the traffic are probably getting to work and needs to be on time and once they get to work they will have a obnoxious boss asking them why they are late? or making threat to them: that next time stay home, you will be fire etc..... again nothing to help this man relax or any other trap in that traffic. yet they all try to comply with a time schedule. they all let that affect their life ,their health and a lot of other thing that they find important. why to comply to a time schedule that another human being in this world made sitting behind is desk with out checking if it worked or not and what the result is. if a human made a bad decision another human can change it with another decision.


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