Consider: how were you able to do this, and did you access your personal Akashic Records?

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no, but it is something often thought about

(30 Oct '10, 10:38) fred

@ Fred, do you know of any one who has?

(31 Oct '10, 05:58) Inactive User ♦♦

do not know of anyone; have been changing my diet to hopefully allow me to give and accept finer vibrations, thinking of asking fortune tellers if the can read the record though.

(31 Oct '10, 23:40) fred
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I accessed my akashic record as soon as I found out that it isn't a place out there, some library on some plane of consciousness, but rather already within me. This took some time to figure out but as soon as I did, I was able to access it. My biggest problem was that I had no question to ask! I all of a sudden realized I didn't wish to spoil the surprises in my life! (OK I did check out some people in my current life and how they relate to previous ones!)

How did I do this? I not only asked for it but also worked hard on getting there. I meditate, do mental yoga for 30 minutes and pray every day. I don't eat processed food or meat (raw vegetarian.) But that's me, perhaps I had to do all this to raise my vibration enough to be where you already are. So ask for it! Ask and you Shall recieve. Believe it. I do.

thank you, namaste


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Thank you for your answer. I guess it is a hard question to answer, especially since it is a question about the higher self and ascension. I do not know if this information is correct, but I was made to understand, when, and if you are able to acquire that level of spiritual light, and power, and you are able to access your records, you are not allowed to return back to the physical world! You become one with the light, and spirit soul, and you become a non-physical being.

(05 Nov '10, 01:03) Inactive User ♦♦

Not being limited by preconcieved notions and expectations sets you free! I never heard of this until now. If such info resonates within you then use it. I don't know what this ascension stuff all about (too many distortions out there!) I choose to get my info from within :) Thank you, namaste

(05 Nov '10, 07:43) daniele

There is someone I know that will go to the akashic records for you. It's an akashic record reading if you will. She goes in meditation and comes back with your soul's "title", music, geometric symbol, and proverb. It's a great service and all she requires as compensation is a donation of love.


answered 13 Dec '10, 21:23

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@ Brian, tell your friend I am donating an abundance of Love to her cause!

(14 Dec '10, 06:54) Inactive User ♦♦

Thank you Vee:)

(14 Dec '10, 09:49) Brian

@Brian I was looking into getting mine read. Is there any way by chance I could get a reference or contact info for the lady that did yours? ( My user name is kanda )

(15 Jun '13, 22:21) Kanda
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Bashar says that it is also not a place out there, but that all events all exist at the same time, so that is how u can access something from the past, a paralell life or from a possible future


answered 16 Jun '13, 09:39

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