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FREE DOWNLOAD OF MY NEW BOOK Benevolent Hybrid Reptilian Humans

Treb Bor Yit-NE Authored by Jefferson Viscardi Authored with Rob Gauthier

A dialogue with a benevolent reptilian hybrid human extraterrestrial from Capella. A lot of valuable information is shared and in layman's terms we are able to learn with Treb Bor Yit-NE a lot of leading edge ideas from Body, Mind and Spirit to UFO & Extraterrestrial protocols, culture and more.

"You must agree that not every day we learn about a conversation between an Earth human and an extraterrestrial that was recorded and transcribed "verbatim", compiled and distributed in book format".

"The ideas within can take you on THAT unforgettable, unabridged, easy to identify with ADVENTURE".

"This book will not only make your heart sing. It will provide your soul that breeze of fresh and revitalizing air we all need from time to time to truly shake the boat, thrive and show others how to thrive". -if u like to buy it in hard copy it is this link

we are looking 4 mainstream publishers so anyone who thinks it is great ,, or knows of any good ones,, please let me know ,,


love n light,


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TReb Bor yit-NE

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@TReb Bor yit-NE: Can you upload this somewhere else? The website you uploaded it to got shut down. =)

[realized that it might not notify you if I didn't use your username. Oop.]

(25 Feb '12, 04:16) Snow

if u send me ur eemial adress i can or i have a torrent of it as well..

here is a direct download link, idk iof u have to have an account but here it is

(25 Feb '12, 10:52) TReb Bor yit-NE

@TReb Bor yit-NE - I recommend you to try for uploading your book, it doesn't require people to have an account for downloading from the site

(25 Feb '12, 10:57) kakaboo Hybrid Reptilian Humans.pdf

here is that and ty very much.

(25 Feb '12, 11:11) TReb Bor yit-NE

@Treb Bor yit-NE Rob did you get the book edited yet? I would love to see how it is coming along. I know last time I looked it was more a ruff draft, sort of a sneek peek at what is to come. :-)

(25 Feb '12, 14:35) Wade Casaldi

@kakaboo: You should be able to download a few files from without having an account. Even though this is a moot point now that it's uploaded elsewhere. ^_^

@Treb: Thanks. =)

(25 Feb '12, 15:16) Snow

yes i do have it upoaded there and the piratebay too,, love n light

(25 Feb '12, 17:02) TReb Bor yit-NE

@Snow I alr downloaded the book and finished most of it before Megaupload was taken down due to piracy issues.. just suggesting another more user-friendly uploading site :)

(25 Feb '12, 20:33) kakaboo

@Wade Casaldi , no it was still in same format as I had set it for download, We put i out for people who wanted to read it and after that we haven't touched it lolol, he moved on to different projects and I am just watching the # of PDF free ones continue to raise, so if one of every 5 people who download it read it, I am very happy that it can help.

(26 Feb '12, 08:12) TReb Bor yit-NE

@Treb Bor yit-NE Yes the main thing is the message. I would like to see it published to reach farther though and that would require a lot of editing. The good thing is that this is always possible as there is always plenty of future to come and God knows if you want that too then he knows your sincerity and it will come. :-)

(26 Feb '12, 12:17) Wade Casaldi

@wade casaldi ,,, ty my fiend,, i approcate ur love and ur heart

(26 Feb '12, 12:34) TReb Bor yit-NE

@wade casaldi, @kakaboo @snow, ty all for ur support and love, ty so much, also the trebchanneling site is back up and running so all downloads there working agian, ty all for your love and light

(26 Feb '12, 22:46) TReb Bor yit-NE

@Treb Bor yit-NE You might want to delete the link to megauploads . . . . take a look.

(19 Apr '12, 07:27) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill , ty , I had forgotten that I had that link there. It is ashamed that they did that to that site, yes people did break copy-written laws and yes I know that is against the law. But people like me who "own" the thing on there who want to share things with others for free suffer. It is very disappointing. Ty so much for reminding me of this. Di you download a copy? if so please, if u want to leave a review, good bad or indifferent. love n light (wisdom)

(19 Apr '12, 08:13) TReb Bor yit-NE

@Treb Bor yit-NE - TY, I did DL a copy of your book. Will read when I have time. TY for all your good works.

(20 Apr '12, 06:10) Dollar Bill

What about selling PDF at

(13 Nov '12, 09:46) Fairy Princess
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My semi-review of Benevolent Hybrid Reptilian Humans:

Rob gave me an early (still being edited) copy of Treb Bor Yit-NE's book some weeks ago to look at.

Unfortunately, because of other commitments and because there is alot of detailed information in it, I've not progressed through it as quickly as I would have liked.

Currently I'm about half-way through it and, if you're wondering about whether it is worth your time, I'd say go for it and read it.

Just so you know where I stand on this...I'm someone who has oscillated many times between the viewpoint that "aliens civilizations definitely exist and are in communication with humans" and the opposing viewpoint of "this is just the stuff of science fiction and people with hyperactive imaginations".

At heart, I'm a bit of a skeptic when it comes to metaphysical type matters. I know this might sound like an absurdly unbelievable statement to make when I've written so many answers on this website promoting ideas about "manifesting" and "The Law of Attraction". But as I've said many times on this site also, I test, test, test ideas until I have no doubt in my mind about the validity of them from the evidence I've gathered in my own life experience...then I'll accept them...and not before.

Even a decade ago, the idea of extra-terrestrial intelligences seemed like total nonsense to me despite months of being involved with a small channeling circle back in the 90s that used to bring forth information from a Pleiadian race. About ten of us used to sit weekly in a circle of chairs in a darkened room and I used to watch people sitting just a few feet from me transform their facial expressions and voices into completely different ones as "alien intelligences" would speak extended dialogues through them. It was amazing to watch and highly-compelling evidence because I knew those people outside of those "trances" were definitely different in character. Despite all of that, I was still skeptical of ETs :) ...but it did at least open my mind to the possibility of channeling being genuine because of my own experiences in that circle.

But over the past few years, my skepticism towards ETs has softened because I've just had too many inner impulses and synchronicities hinting towards alien intelligences and I've also come across too many consistent snippets of alien knowledge that make me now think that there really is something to all of this. However, until I meet an ET in person and we go out for a drink and shoot some pool, or something, I'll probably always retain some degree of skepticism.

So with that semi-skeptical viewpoint, I've read about half of Treb Bor Yit-NE's book so far.

What has really struck me about the book is the sheer detail with which Treb Bor Yit-NE describes how his race and his society function. If this was a science-fiction novel, it would have been incredibly well-researched. That skeptical part of my mind is always hunting around for contradictory statements that are made by any channeled/alien intelligence. It has really impressed me that, so far, I've not found any in Treb Bor Yit-NE's dialogues.

What he describes of his alien society makes perfect sense and the way it is structured and operates also makes perfect sense. Even the origin of Treb Bor Yit-NE's name makes perfect sense. Even the way Treb Bor Yit-NE can interact with Rob on Earth while simultaneously having a conversation with a member of his own family on his home planet makes perfect sense.

When you have this amount of detail explained in Treb Bor Yit-NE's straightforward style, you can feel your inner skeptic just lost for words :)

I was also impressed with how many of the ideas presented tie in with ideas brought through other alien intelligences such as Bashar. For example, Bashar has often said that our experience of linear time can vary according to how in-the-moment we are. When we are genuinely in a flow state, we create less time for ourselves and we can live longer in the physical plane (as observed by others) as a result. I noticed Treb Bor Yit-NE putting forward similar ideas about the way we manufacture time for ourselves but using completely different words and analogies...same universal ideas, different perspectives.

As I said, I'm still reading the book myself but if you are at all open to the idea that we (as humans) are genuinely receiving communications from ETs (despite what our governments claim) I would say this is a book that you would also benefit from reading and contemplating.

If you are skeptical, it will at least make you think twice. If you are a believer, it will open your mind further as to how alien societies work and the ideas and philosophies that underlie them.

And the book is free, so you have nothing to lose but a bit of (manufactured) time :)


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edited 06 Nov '11, 22:18

this made me cry as i read it,, i know ur skeptisism and THIS is why i wanted u ot be the fisrst outside person to read it so that i cna get lal teh best and most straight forward input, ty my freind,, ty soo much . love n light 2 u

(07 Nov '11, 03:38) TReb Bor yit-NE

thank you agian my freind, i await ur final verdict. i respect ur opinions greatly because u are so straight, no b.s.'n. and u also have to see the truth in things befor u agknowlege them, ty

(18 Nov '11, 14:15) TReb Bor yit-NE

@stingray how r u brother? I was on here answering another question and wanted to check up on u and see how u were doing. take it easy my friend.

(19 Apr '12, 08:14) TReb Bor yit-NE

@TReb Bor yit-NE - Absolutely great, Rob - hope you are too. Just been absurdly busy recently. I know I need to finish this review. It will come...just bear with me :)

(21 Apr '12, 06:08) Stingray

@stingray i know when it is time for u to be done reading it it will be read. I am greatfull u have found it interesting enuff to read my friend that is what makes me happy. I am glad u r doing so well and ty again.

(24 Apr '12, 18:33) TReb Bor yit-NE

@stingray . i am starting new book soon, if u havnt seen any new sessions, i would love u to see the growth of connection

(31 Jul '12, 18:44) TReb Bor yit-NE

@stingray. hey brother, almost done with book # 3, u will be playing catch up soon lolololol

(15 Oct '12, 07:55) TReb Bor yit-NE

@Stingray In this channelling circle were they signalling a forthcoming shift in consciousness? The reason I ask is because I have just read some of Barbara Marciniak's books from that time - it would be interesting to see if they all tied up. Although I read quite a few metaphysical books at that time I don't recall any mentioning the shift - this bothers me a bit but maybe I just didn't pick up on it.

(15 Oct '12, 08:27) Catherine

@Stingray One channelled book in the late 1990's regarding the death of Princess Diana among other things - talked much more about planetary chaos as a result of us mismanaging the planet - pole shifts etc and I know Abraham's early book talked about that too. Do you remember the gist of what was said at these sessions about the future of the planet?

(15 Oct '12, 08:29) Catherine

@Catherine - I was pretty cynical about channeling in those days and didn't pay much attention :) In any case, to my understanding, those timelines of "doom" are no longer accessible to this reality (where you are reading these words). Clues seem to suggest the collapse of the USSR in 1991 may have contributed to the turning point. See Any thoughts about Abraham's predictions from 1988?

(19 Oct '12, 04:15) Stingray

@stingray I sent u a email in the one u sent me. if u see this,. please read.

(03 Apr '13, 08:16) TReb Bor yit-NE
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I finally finished reading this book and must say that I am pretty impressed with the majority of what I read. I have become very open minded over the last few years but haven't got to the point where I believe or accept every new concept that comes my way. I take what resonates with me and leave the rest that doesn't alone.

A lot of what was said in this book resonated with me and sometimes I couldn't stop reading. I can't prove what is written here is real or the truth, but even if it was science fiction, I still enjoyed the story anyway. There is an abundance of Law of Attraction type material here for anyone interested, along with some new stuff you may have never thought possible.

I learned what TReb Bor yit-NE and the other beings on his planet look like, what they enjoy doing, what they do as a job, the places they like to go, and the other planets that they try to help with bettering their existence. I learned a lot about the different densities and parallel realities in all that is. Heard from many different and very knowledgeable entities from different planets and different realities.

I learned a lot about letting go of fear and loving everything unconditionally. Not letting the beings on this planet who chose the negative path interfere with my reality. By giving into the fear, you become part of their reality and give your own power away.

The book is too long to get into a lot of detail and I could literally be here all day copying and pasting my favorite answers.

This is a question and answer book so even if you are not into this type of thing, you could always quickly scan through and find a question or an answer that appeals to you.

I want to give thanks to TReb Bor yit-NE, Rob, and Jefferson for bringing to my attention something that I have never experienced before in a book. I took away many valuable insights and very much appreciate the knowledge that has been shared here.


answered 17 Nov '11, 06:54

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edited 17 Nov '11, 07:01

Thank u so much my freind,, ia m very very glad that u had a chance to read it and that it helped u so greatly, i hope u dont mind but i used this reviw on several f.b. pages to get others to downlaod it and read it, ty agin aos much} love n light

(17 Nov '11, 18:46) TReb Bor yit-NE

just from this review u did i have interested many people in reading the book, I thank you tremendously and hope you do not mind me using this as so.

(24 Feb '12, 17:52) TReb Bor yit-NE

@Treb Bor Yit-NE I'm glad that my review has helped to promote interest in your book. I also don't mind at all that you are using it. I think it's a very enlightening read and would suggest it to anyone interested on the subject.

(25 Feb '12, 11:50) Cory

@cory ty so much my friend, i will alays be greatfull when i know i helped them, even if it is only an etertainment read, ty 4 this great review, love n light

(26 Feb '12, 22:42) TReb Bor yit-NE
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Thanks for the copy of the book Rob. It is good to see the words,and have the ability to reread them so they have a deeper meaning. Its interesting when I read the words I hear treb's voice. you do have a few editing issues to deal with but that shouldn't be that much of a hindrance for you guys.


answered 07 Nov '11, 09:46

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ty my freind,, ty very much, lnl

(07 Nov '11, 12:34) TReb Bor yit-NE

I just finished reading this book today, though I skipped some parts because they did not seem to interest me that much (mostly about the workings of Treb Bor Yit-NE's planet and species).

But other than that, I found a lot of things in the book pretty interesting and a lot seemed to reasonate with me well. Like Stingray has mentioned before, the sheer details about their race or planet is just too detailed and great that even if it is fiction, it has to be done by a genius (not sure how to convey this lol) !

One day I would love to meet someone like Treb Bor Yit-NE or another species maybe..


answered 02 Dec '11, 12:50

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ty very much , i appricate it greatly,

(02 Dec '11, 15:13) TReb Bor yit-NE

thank you for taking the time to get Treb to write this book together with you too.. it lets one have a clearer understanding of how beings outside of our current reality work, function and their purpose in communicating with the species of Earth...

(02 Dec '11, 15:30) kakaboo

@kakaboo no problem my friend, love and light and I am hoping other things will fall in place ,, more info and more great teachings

(29 Feb '12, 11:44) TReb Bor yit-NE
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I had a look at your book...and I have to say that, if it was re-edited and the spelling and punctuation errors were fixed, you might just have something! Unfortunately, I know that this book was not edited properly.

My suggestion to you and for your success is that you hire someone to edit this book. No real editor is going to give it one look with dangling prepositions and misspelled words like "arable". I know because I caught a zillion little problems just in the first pages...For example, you use a comma after a dash, which is a BIG no-no.

I am telling you this because I care about your success. Get this beauty groomed and polished, and she might just go the length!

Good luck! Your picky, somewhat-bitchy-about-the proper-use-of-English caring friend,



answered 07 Nov '11, 02:05

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ty sooo much my freind,, i didnt take ity offensivly at alkl,, this is a book i am giving away and yes,, i am selling some too and plan on doing a few more,, so any help or suggestions are great ,,, lol,, ty soo much 4 nything u cna do,, the better teh input teh better i can fix it,, ty soo much, love n light

(07 Nov '11, 03:32) TReb Bor yit-NE

i would be glad to help!!!! sorry about the lack of caps...woke up with a paralyzed me at yahoo, all lower case, my name.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(07 Nov '11, 06:54) Jaianniah

or we can chat!!!! forgot about that...going to the ER....see you soon>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(07 Nov '11, 07:07) Jaianniah

"Your picky, somewhat-bitchy-about-the proper-use-of-English caring friend," now thats real good english Jai ;)

(07 Nov '11, 09:46) ursixx

lolol,,, yes i iwll LOOKL 4 U IN YAHOO,, srry caploks

(07 Nov '11, 18:33) TReb Bor yit-NE
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Here is the intro chapter.

introduction Chapter

The power of focused attention activates law of attraction!

Treb: Good morning!

Jefferson: Fantastic, how are you doing?

Treb: I am doing well, Thank you! The host (channeler) talked to me in concerns of you being a man of channeling yourself, and having interest in this? You also have the talents of literary arts, and you co-create books and share with others. That you wish to do communication with me for the purpose to teach others. Is this your most common goal in this? Is it to teach others the diversity of other races or is it to do more of a teaching of universal laws? What is the purpose in the books that you've written?

Jefferson: There are both sides to it. I want to.. initially, yes! I want to get to teach people about the diversity of life outside of Earth and also within that diversity we will have the opportunity to also share with them ideas that you might have, that might be pertinent for them to learn about.

Treb: Yes! The entity that you deal with, what system of stars that you would call on your planet that he is from? (Treb Bor was referring to Jefferson's future self Arvantis from the OrOctal Solar System).

Jefferson: There is... they haven't told me that much. They spoke about the idea about a planet name. There are a couple of them (extraterrestrial beings) that I have spoken with. First of all I spoke to Adronis, from Sirius; then I spoke with Ishuwa, from the Yahyel society. Then I spoke with Arvantis, the feline humans that is from a planet called Revision 5. His solar system is called OrOcTal.

Treb: As for the ones that are not known of the specific star name given by your society, I will look up in the archives that we have, to see if it is compatible; but I would like to have a chance also to communicate with these entities to see what their particular life... the day in a life for them, per say, would be... to express my gratitude in sharing their information with humanity as I know that this is vital, in the time your system is set now. As the time that you see this, and it is very important for us to share our information and points of view with others.

Jefferson: Sure!

Treb: Is there anything that you would like to speak to me about? A question or a conversation perhaps?

Jefferson: Yes... When I spoke to Rob (the channeler), he said that, yes you would like to initially talk to me and read energies... I wonder what is your take on that. Why would you need to that? How important it is?

Treb: It is not of vital importance. It does not matter who I share information with or what their purpose is. It is more of an understanding of the one I am communicating with...

Jefferson: Sure!

Treb: In a way that I communicate, it is not then in this way. It's been about me helping them find information within themselves. So, the reverse role is very different to the way I am used to this. It is just a chance to communicate with you as I feel your energy, who you are and what you are.

Jefferson: Lovely! So then, perhaps, we could start by, I getting to know you better... Where are you right now?

Treb: Right now I am at my home planet. I am at a meeting with my people. We are trying to communicate with another race... of third density beings. But the federation or the galactic council, if you will, had an issue with this race because they have had so much influence from different races... This is the reason why originally your planet was put on a... uh... how would you say this? The...

Jefferson: Quarantine!

Treb: Yes! …the quarantine. And this is the way that it is made for us to communicate, in this way. The quarantine is what we are discussing. And this is necessary for this planet so their growth can be their own.

Jefferson: I see.

Treb: But yet it is important to try to reach them, before they get into their technology stages and try to divert them. The races that have been there are trying to divert them from their higher self, much like the entities that are involved on the Earth, involved with government issues.

Jefferson: Hmm.

Treb: And this is a very bothersome issue within the council! This is what I discuss right now, as we speak.

Jefferson: I see. So... just so if we happen to make this an introduction for the book, would you tell us, what species you belong to?

Treb: The original species that we evolved from, is from a star in your system that you call Nihal. Also known as Beta Leporis1. This is a very short and very high psychic humanoid race. In their trying to reach out and trying to grow in a non sexual form, which is something that some of the entities do in the fourth density. As they are trying to discover more of their selves within a technology, if you understand this?

Jefferson: Yes.

Treb: And it is going to mix with a native species of the third density on the planet that I hail from now. This was long time ago, in your years... it was well over one point eight million years. They came to do this now, and when they did this they mixed the races. So, to your eye we seem to be a reptilian type but it is not a true reptilian. We have more of the genes, and more of the parts of us that are using a psychic nature from the humanoid species of Nihal.

Jefferson: I see.

Treb: These entities now are in the end of their cycle of physical existence, in the end of the sixth density, about to achieve into the seventh. So they are no longer able to speak to us for they are no longer in this area of the universe.

Jefferson: I see. So you are a type of humanoid-reptilian being. (?)

Treb: Yes! It is what you might say as a hybrid.

Jefferson: Okay! And how tall are you?

Treb: I am approximately at your seven and a half feet tall.

Jefferson: I see. And you are green. (?)

Treb: Not green! It is more of a blue but it is a blue and green mix. It is a color that is more blue than green. The closest color that the host (the channeler) is aware of a name, would be a... teal?

Jefferson: Uh huh. I see. And is your skin more like humans' or more like reptiles?

Treb: It is more like the reptiles. This is why most races that contact us use the reptilian term - or whichever is their language fits this -, because of the skin type.

Jefferson: Understood.

Treb: It is a smooth skin, very much like a frog, but it is having dense and pathways between this that has broken sectors much more like your alligators but it is not of a harshness in the texture of this, if you understand what I mean.

Jefferson: Sure!

Treb: It is more of a smooth, like the frog skin?

Jefferson: Understood.

Treb: And it is also having little dots on the top of the skin that are red in color?

Jefferson: Oh.

Treb: And each one of us have different patterns within the red dots.

Jefferson: Oh, I see. And do you have tails?

Treb: Yes! It is a long one to the host (Channeler) mind, but to my mind, it is short compared to the native beings from our plant, the planet that we originated from. It goes down to where it would be the back of my thy or calf, in between. Back, behind of the knee.

Jefferson: Oh, I see. So it doesn't reach the ground. (?)

Treb: No! This is why I don't consider it to be long in this way. The original animal that we would consider to be our relative had the tail that is quite the length of the body, and this is approximately, one fifth of the length of our body. Perhaps maybe more, one forth, this is why I consider to be much smaller.

Jefferson: It would be perhaps less than the size of your arm?

Treb: Three quarters of the arm, yes!

Jefferson: Alright. On your head... do you have a head that is more like a mouth and a nose or is this different?

Treb: Yes! We have orifices, one that you say mouth and we have a nose as well. The nose is wider and flat type of nose with the two nostrils, as you have.

Jefferson: Uh huh.

Treb: ...but at the end of the nostrils, at the external part where it connects to the face it is a triangular slit if you will? And this is not for any specific purpose, as we have now but in the evolutionary sense, it was made to accommodate into the environment that we had.

Jefferson: I see. Now, what about the environment that you have, how different it is from Earth?

Treb: It is very different from your planet. Not very different in certain ways but much different in others. It is approximately almost double of the size of your planet. If you want to have a more approximate measuring it is 1.6 or 1.7 times the size. So the gravity is much heavier. It is approximately... I am not sure of the ratio for the weight, for in our density weight is not considered the same. The molecules that make up the higher densities are not the same, as you know.

Jefferson: Yes.

Treb: The sky has a purple color to it. We are the third planet that resides upon the red dwarf in our system?

Jefferson: I see.

Treb: So this is a great indicator of the purple color in the sky. The red dwarf is putting up the red light and with the oxygen mixing with the nitrogen inside of the atmosphere... with heavy nitrogen and the red light... the red hue molecules are excited and this causes the purple light to be in the eye. So it appears very purple... Not as a dark purple as you might think of at a night time of yours. But it is a much lighter type of purple.

Jefferson: I see.

Treb: Almost of a violet nature and as the red dwarf is the star system that we are in, there is a red color in most things that we see. The red light produces this in the way that the color is perceived in the eye.

Jefferson: Sure! And... how hot is there?

Treb: The approximate temperature in this planet is at twenty, twenty five degrees, less on the average of your planet. A comfortable temperature would be in the mid forties, high fifties on a Fahrenheit grid.

Jefferson: Uh huh. I see. And does it rain?

Treb: Yes, there is condensation in the cloud, but it is not like the rain that you have, it is much heavier, the rain drops are much bigger. There is not as much friction because of the difference in the atmosphere make ups, so there is not the thunder from the lightening that you have. It is more like a lightening that would jump from sight to sight. It is not, rarely ever grounding. So there is no sky to ground lightening in this way.

Jefferson: So nobody has ever died from lightening hit! (?)

Treb: To my knowledge, I am not aware of this, no!

Jefferson: Now, when it rains, what happens to the water? Where does it go?

Treb: It goes back onto the ground. The ground surface is much like yours. With similar cycle but because of the gravitational differences there is a different kind of way that it precipitates. We do have many oceans or what you might call seas. But they are not large the way that yours are. There are several more. We have more ground on our planet than we do water. And it is not the same type of water that you have. It has a more heavier hydrogen content.

Jefferson: And does your planet rotate around the Sun?

Treb: Yes!

Jefferson: So do you have what we call seasons?

Treb: Yes, but it is not in that way. It is a tittle... tidally locked way so it is the same side that faces the Sun, at any time. The weather comes usually between areas where it is mostly dark because of the temperature differences.

Jefferson: So it is not that the planet is tilted to the side. It is different from Earth. (?)

Treb: It is not tilted the same way. If your tilt would be close to forty five degrees range, ours is more towards the ninety. So its almost in the standing up right area.

Jefferson: Uh huh. I see. So that makes the temperatures and the seasons to mix amongst them.

Treb: In which way are you speaking?

Jefferson: For instance, winter and summer is the same. There is no real difference. (?)

Treb: Yes. That is why I say it is different only in the area of the planet that you are on in the specific time. When you get close to the side of the planet that is dark and in the in between areas, this is where the most type of weather changes would be. This is where the temperature drastically changes so the weather is only an issue in this.

Jefferson: Now, when we talk about reptilians in our planet... let's jump to another idea right now since we have just ten minutes to go for today.

Treb: Yes!

Jefferson: When we talk about the reptilians, in our planet, there is this idea of fear. You know? Because we've learned that they are a regressive race for reasons that I don't know exactly. So, would you be able to... perhaps... tell us whether your race is a race that is morally evolved and... you know... and how you perceive the idea why we understand the reptilian beings as being regressive?

Treb: Yes, I can give you a very good explanation for this! Our race is taking more of its evolutionary queues in the sense of the ways that we believe in the interests in us in a spiritual nature (positive density evolution) from our humanoid ancestors, from the Nihal. So we take this from this. The reptilian race that you are aware of are very regressive in a way that you might see them to not care about the minds or free will of others...

Jefferson: Yes!

Treb: ...this race was transformed from different – what you might say -, universes, parallel universes that you have or are able to be transported through...

Jefferson: Uh huh.

Treb: ...and this is the last step of evolution of any entity before that they return to the non-physical realms. They came from this other universe to ours in this. The reason that they are still in the regressive type is that they do not wish to leave physical existence.

Jefferson: Ah haaah.

Treb: They have used several millions of years of your time to basically use other races as power to use over them, to try to manipulate them to regress between negative densities. This is the reason they are fear based, this is the reason they try to use these types of issues against other entities. Once they are in fear, or in anger or they are disconnected from love they will ascend into a negative density. Once they do this then the ancients reptilians are able to manipulate them anyway that they can.

Jefferson: Oh.

Treb: It is not necessarily that they are regressive in an evil way that some are thinking but it is a path that they chose in a negative way. When I use this term I don't intend to say negative as in evil as humanity has labeled this. It is more of an issue of being non-acceptant of free-will of other entities or to impose their will upon other entities.

Jefferson: Uh huh.

Treb: When they are looking into any entity, they close and look above it, they do not try to learn. They do not try to incorporate their self, in positive issues because they do not care. They are only interested in the ones that they are more powerful than. In this, there is the misconception that all reptilian races are negative. And the reason why this is, is: because over ninety percent of all the reptilian races that reside in this galaxy are, either affiliated with them or are actually hybrid from their race. The ones in the sixth density are the ones who are in control of this and they are the ones who will not leave physical existence. They are on a negative path. They do not have a way to go further so they wish to stay where they are. When they go back into non-physical existence they have to have positive with it. It is no longer just negativity. It is positivity and negativity and they do not wish to incorporate this in their beliefs. So their idea of love is that it is a weakness, love can only make you hurt or disadvantage you.

Jefferson: Hmm.

Treb: That is not seen the same as us. We use love as the tool that helps us all evolve! In spiritual way, mental way, physical. All of these ways! There is great difference between us and the ancient reptilians and the differences are greater than the time period that we have to explain.

Jefferson: Understood.

Treb: But I understand that is mostly a concern. This is one point that I have the host make everyone aware of at the beginnings of a channeling for this reason alone. Jefferson: Sure! It makes sense. Just so we can close this introduction. What is the name of your planet? Treb: We do not have a specific name for it. The name that we have given humans to use for it is: Yit and the name of the star would be: NE. That is why I represent my name in this way it is a easier way to make a connection to this.

Jefferson: I see. And the beginning of your name: “Treb Bor” Yit NE, what doest that mean then?

Treb: It would be for a family source: Treb and the Bor would be for the area of the planet. The Yit would be the specific planet and NE would be the specific star that we are from. There are fours stars in the system where we reside. And this is why I use to break this down so the host can understand where I am, and where I am from.

Jefferson: Oh, I see.

Treb: This name has more meanings than this as well.

Jefferson: Okay, and you have one Sun and one Moon, like we do?

Treb: No, this is not correct! We have three moons. This mostly facilitates many differences in the rain cycle. The gravitational pull from the side of this is what pull the rain up and then into the clouds, it is a very low but small moon. This is why we have the weather even in a (tidally) locked system.

Jefferson: Okay, great! Treb Bor, I thank you very much, do you have any parting thoughts? Treb: No! I just wished to feel your energy. I wanted to get to know you in this way. Anytime you wish to speak to me, I am here for anyone who wishes to talk to me. The host and I have taught in several areas, even to people who are greatly skeptical of channeling or about alien life; this is not an issue as well. Anyone who wishes to learn or at listen to what is said then they are welcome to do so.

Jefferson: Now, just to cover the curiosity of someone that might be reading this. The planet that you are discussing about the quarantine... to go there... the procedures... are they humanoid?

Treb: Yes! They are humanoid but not in the exact humanoid way. They come from a race that is similar to the feline that you speak of, the feline human... but it is a race that is in the third density. So it is much like a highly evolved cat or a lion of your planet, in seeing this, it is much like this... much like in the way that you see a monkey to be evolved into... almost into human?

Jefferson: Oh.

Treb: Because of the relation to this. This might be a way for you to see this.

Jefferson: So they are in the same density as we are. (?)

Treb: Yes, correct!

Jefferson: And you are a density above us?

Treb: No, I am from the fifth density.

Jefferson: Fifth density!

Treb: Yes!

Jefferson: So you are two densities above. (?)

Treb: Yes! Yes.

Jefferson: Fantastic! Well, very well. Thank you very much. I have only one last question for today and then I look forward to speaking to you again!

Treb: Yes! Anytime that you wish to speak to me I will be there. And I appreciate your time in taking to try to get to know me as well. The host is grateful for your curiosity as well!

Jefferson: It is a joy for me! Now, my last question for this introduction chapter Treb would be the following... When you speak about the general impression about the reptilians you teach us also about the existence of free will, law of attraction and the multiplicity of inhabited worlds and living races that have different styles and approaches towards love and light. Can you speak on the subject of how “relaxing” about a particular idea (whatever subject we focus upon), can help us remain focused, understand it better to inform ourselves appropriately so we can - as a result -, chose a responsible attitudes towards life (whatever way it challenges us)?

Treb: Uh... Yes... The idea of being relaxed in every aspect of your lives is very important, but when we speak of these subjects of the ancient reptilians, or issues that cause fear in most, the idea to relax is even more important. It is important because it is mandatory that you understand the workings of the non-physical existence and how this feeds into the physical existence. First of all you have to see, that the non-physical existence is made of positive AND negative. It is not bad it is not good. These are labels that humanity has put on these things. It is a label that some races tend to put on these things. It is not that it is positive or negative, it is both a different idea, a different way, a different evolution, a different communication... perspectives of these things. Both of these things are coming from the same ideas! We understand this because in the negative density or the negative entities' eyes, it is not negative at all. They are doing what they do because they believe it is the right thing to do. And as a positive, as you might see this, you see this as positive because it is something you enjoy to do as well. Growing is evolution in both ways. It is very important because the non-physical has negative and positive inside it. So, it is important so that they both play out their own roles. In existence, there must be this balance, of positive and negative. Once we understand this, we can move forward. We have to see that all of these thoughts that we have, when relaxing, when understanding the way reality is built through the physical and non-physical existences, this is just a part of what is supposed to be. There’s no bad or good! There is no positive or negative. It is different sides of the same coin as you might say. So it is important NOT to put your focus into the negativity. If I speak of the ancient reptilians and things that they do to manipulate... if you are not relaxed in this, or enjoying the conversation just to receive information, it tends to spark up fear. And when you produce fear, you are giving the negative entity what it wants. The idea that they intentionally try to create fear, is for a reason. Just as we manifest our own positivity into food to ingest in our density, it is not a way to give our body nutrition. It is a symbolism that positivity must enter our body at all times. And in the create fear, or imbalance among other entities, this is what gives them their ability (to sustain). It is not necessarily because they think that they are doing negative, it is because this is the part of reality that they exist on. This is the part of creation that they must fill. So I would say the best way to relax is to not see things in the positive or negative way. It is to see them in different parts of reality that you must fill to play your part. Because in all reality and all actuality, once the negative entity is done with its physical existence, and once the positive entity is done with its physical existence, we all tend to go back into what you call the non-physical existence, which is negative and positive combined. So when this happens, we are all on the same journey. The soul of a negative entity must have all of the things (experiences) it has, so that it may fulfill its reality, as does the positive. So relaxing helps us understand, giving us the idea of calmness; helps us understand, that there is no true negative, no true positive! It just is! It is just existence. And in seeing this, you understand that there is no true difference in reality, but the preference, the choice that you prefer. So if one will think that your preference is negative, it is only because they come from a different point of view. So do not worry! These things are not to be worried about. If your highest vibration is in fear, than what you are doing it adding (creative power) to the things that you do not want. So when you add onto to fear, you are creating the reality of a negative entity, and unless this is what you are trying to do, than you are defeating your own purpose.

Jefferson: Very well Treb, thank you so much for this sharing.

Treb: Thank you.

Jefferson: I agree with the existence of neutrality within these terms we guide our emotions with; I too believe that people would be much better off by allowing themselves to let go of judgment, to enjoy the diversity of life existing throughout the universe, while they allow every single race to be where they are so they too can enjoy the place and time they exist, right? Isn't the midway the best way Treb?

Treb: Yes. It is as I said, even “negative” density entities (as you perceive it), enjoy what they are doing. This is why they do this. It is about not placing judgment. It is the same as religions you have in your planet, different ideals, different organizations, while they all tend to point to each other and say: one is wrong and the other is correct. This is an outdated idea and an outdated way of thinking and your mankind is starting to see this! (Everybody is growing slowly to realize the truth about the multiple ways Creation can express itself). The reality is what you prefer it to be; so if you create your own reality, then in turn, what you are doing is creating your own point of view. From the ground... Up! And this is what we want all entities to do: to look inside, to see what is best for you in your heart, in your life, and live in your highest joy and vibration! Whether one sees this as positive or negative, it is not for them to decide (about others). It is for you to decide (about you).

Jefferson: Fantastic Treb! Thanks.

Treb: Yes, thank you as well Jefferson. I want to reiterate that I appreciate this conversation and I leave you in love and light, and I will speak to you again.

Jefferson: Good day.

Treb: Good day to you as well!

1 – Beta Leporis (Beta Lep, β Leporis, β Lep) is the second brightest star in the constellation of Lepus. It is a Gtype bright giant star approximately 159 light-years from the Earth and has an apparent visual magnitude of approximately 2.84. It is also known as Nihal, from the Arabic نهال nihāl "(camels) quenching their thirst". Source: Wikipedia.


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TReb Bor yit-NE

edited 20 Nov '11, 15:08

Thank you. I will read and post my review.

One Love


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ty my freind. love n light

(09 Nov '11, 21:19) TReb Bor yit-NE

Quick update, I have read the first 3 chapters and I'm very impressed. There are some editing issues as others have already mentioned but the quality of information is excellent. I've also been listening to Treb on YouTube too, so I would like to say thank you again for sharing your book.

Love and Light (I now know why you say this)

(21 Nov '11, 10:25) AboveBelow

great ,, ia m very happy that u hacve found greatness in his information ,, after u r done i would love a review,, ia m egtting a few around, so i would love anything u have to offer ,, lnl rob

(01 Dec '11, 18:50) TReb Bor yit-NE
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Since I don't know, if I can 'enjoy' thinking about my 'hybrid nature, 'reptilian human,'' it's my obligation right away, anyway, to let you receive a relevant suggestion, just my own alternative that all, I seek, is to 'testify' to being happy to exist as an honest person, i.e. an issue, whereon any honesty goes beyond any 'hybrid' compromise, e.g. mine, so I can find out & so on, greetings, 'J..,', any work suggestions, please?


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Chapter 1.

04th of August, 2011

Chapter 1 ( Only small portion of the chapter )

One race, together from childhood; growing in a loving way!**

Treb: Good morning Jefferson!

Jefferson: It is!

Treb: How are you doing?

Jefferson: Great, how are you doing?

Treb: I am doing well, thank you!It is great to be in your presence, again. Whenever you are ready to ask the questions you may begin.

Jefferson: So, Treb... What time is it for you there?

Treb: Hmm. We do not deal with the time issue. Because we are on the side of the planet that is constantly in the light. It is not the specific cycles that you use. It is more of the yearly cycle that we use as a time standard. And it does not create time in the same way that you experience.

Jefferson: So, what month is it there then?

Treb: It is not of a month either. The cycle that we use is the rotation cycle around the star of the planet and this is ninety three of your days. So it is of... a year. This can be broken on the ways depending on the perspective of being that we speak to. Different entities or beings or races experience time in different ways. We try to associate it, in a way that they might understand. So if its of your understanding, a one year is the cycle, but since it is in this ninety days cycle it is easily broken up into the ways of one year or into three different areas of thirty one days per cycle of other one third of the year.

Jefferson: So, an entire rotation of your planet around your star, around your Sun, takes 93 days?

Treb: Yes, it is a very small star in comparison to yours. The heat is not as high in the way that you might see this. So, it is very important for us to be closer to the star. Even being this close we are still at a much colder degree temperature than your average, and this is why... this is the way that it is. In a way that has to be close in order for us to use this heat.

Jefferson: When you talk about heat you talk about the heat that comes from the Sun but do you have any form of manufactured heat?

Treb: Oh, yes! We have technology that uses heat. We have the option of the warm blooded or cold blooded, as u see, ways to keep our blood in the body, so we have the advantage to use this. There is an extra heart, that you might considered to be. One of them is used at all times, but when the situation becomes cold, too cold for us to survive in this, we use the second heart... it turns on. And this causes higher blood flow and it heats up the body internally. As far as technology, we do have it as well.

Jefferson: So what you are saying is that within your physiology, where we have one heart, you have two. (?)

Treb: Yes! Jefferson: I see. And that is one of the reasons why you have the second heart. (?)

Treb: Yes, on a normal base, it would be considered a cold blooded type that we have. And so when temperature become too low for our hearts to function in that way, the second heart turns on automatically. It is not built in the same way as your heart, with its diffrent chambers. But it is a flowing mechanism that pushes the blood through the body to warm us.

Jefferson: And are they both the same size or is the other one smaller?

Treb: The second one is only a portion smaller. But it is within 80% size of the first.

Jefferson: Oh, I see. And what is the color of the blood?

Treb: The color of the blood is a dark red. It uses the iron but it uses also a much thicker degree of this. The metal in the iron is the same but through the density as we spoke of previously, it is a different molecule type set up in the way that is less dense. In the third density, matter seems to harder - to your perception of this -, so there is much more the ability to have more iron in the blood without it becoming harmful to the system in this way.

Jefferson: So you said that you are in the part of the planet that there is constantly... that the light of the Sun constantly shine over, right?

Treb: Yes!

Jefferson: Now, even though that event is happening, it can be cold. Is that what you were saying? It can get very cold. (?)

Treb: Well, it is cold to what you might consider to be cold but it is very comfortable for us. In the forty five degree Fahrenheit range of what your Fahrenheit heat system is average. When it becomes much colder than this, which on the night side it is about usually twenty or fifteen degrees of your Fahrenheit, then we must use the second heart.

Jefferson: So... but then... for us usually when it gets cold we get inside of our houses or we get a hot drink or we put a cover on as we go to bed. How does that work for you? Do you have houses like we do?

Treb: Oh yes! There are houses, but they are not exactly like yours. They are dwellings that are a round, almost as if you were to see with the eye a manufactured cave, but in this it is very spacious inside. And we have the room and areas for the families to come in and then gather. And it is not very complex. The buildings that we use for the gatherings of the community, for any events... those are larger, greater... how would you say this?... greater looking and nice... fancier, if you will. Those are more decorated for this reason. Just for the occasion! We have festivities in different ways as well, so when we go to the gathering places this way. We do use technology to have heat but it is not needed unless it is, usually in the vehicles that go to the side that is dark.

Jefferson: I see. So, you said that your houses are shaped like caves. But... So, it is not like a house you can built in the middle of nowhere. (?) You have to build yours within an existing structure. (?)

Treb: Well, the cave was a way of explaining the outside shape of the round entrance way. I suppose it would be more like an igloo of yours. It is round. There can be structures that are not built into the mountainous regions. The ones that are common are more looking like an igloo of yours with the entry way of a cave. And it is very small, rounded and the color of preference tends to be gold, or silver. This has been a very large part of our heritage, to use the metallic and shiny colors. As primitive animal, I supposed it was because it catches the eyes in the environment perhaps more?, so it become more a part of our society.

Jefferson: But, wasn't the choice to use metallic structures... guided by the fact that the metals can exist for a longer time?

Treb: Yes! This is a very common part with the building. When you get to this density. The manifestation becomes a mastery. There is the way for us to manifest everything that we need, within it is in an instantaneous or almost instantaneous way, structures as these. It is very easy to use these building materials. We can put together this very quickly and easily. Metallic is very good for the reason that it stays around for a long time because our life is much longer than yours for the average part. And this is part of the reason, yes!

Jefferson: Okay. So you don't have specialized people that come and put the bricks on... and... plans out the house. It doesn't work like that. (?)

Treb: No, it not exactly like this! As in our crafts we have ones who manifest the materials... uh... what you might consider to mine them there is everyone that has this specific job. When it comes to the dwellings themselves, it is make by each one individual. It is a preference because you have to have a comfortability for your family.

Jefferson: I see.

Treb: We are much like you in the way that we live with our family and we stay with our family for our lives. And each time that the family... parts of them that wants to move on, they have to manifest their own dwelling. It is a way of showing that you are on your own and it is always built within the area of the family which you come from. And this is why when I explained the name, in the name that the name is processed. This is the family name. This is just what we give humans for a family name. The family structure is very important to us in this way.

Jefferson: And Treb then, is your family name. Bor then, is the place where you made your dwelling because it is near your family. (?)

Treb: Yes! It is the portion of the planet which are on. If you take the planet and divided in the ways that your planet is commonly divided in four hemispheres. The way that we divide this is the two portions of the lighten side of the planet and the two portions of the non lighten side. So the lit side of the planet in the southern hemisphere if you will... this is the area of which I have my dwelling. And the family that I have is in this area as well, with me. We are the only family with this “genome” in this part of the world. Therefore it is easy to find us in this way!

Jefferson: Can you elaborate on the idea of genome. I didn'tknow that there was more than one for a society and why exactly you mean by that.

Treb: Well, genome is the word that I use from the host mind. The vocabulary of the host is not as well to expressing my ways to try to describe. But what I mean is that in each family... the way that it is formed, the way that is it is formed, the way that we have offspring is not in a sexual manner. It is a non sexual! So there are genes that are used from both parents and induced into what you might see as an egg or a small place to manifest the body. When the body manifests, then the soul enters the body. And this is the way mostly the offspring are created so they do have the genes of both parents within, inside of them.

Jefferson: But then, the genes and the looks of people from where you are, are different from the people from the “dark side” for instance. (?)

Treb: No, we are all of the same race. It is just difference in environment. Yes, there are different family names, yes. Different genes from them, correct!

Jefferson: And the looks are the same. (?)

Treb: Yes! Mostly, if it is a much darker, it is less pale than the side of the dark. On the dark side the color of teal, that was explained to you, is much lighter and more of a whitish color ingrained with this. If this make any sense.

Jefferson: Yes, it does, because they are at the darkness, right?

Treb: Yes, they are not exposed to the right light, correct.

Jefferson: I see. So... now... you don't... The babies are not born the same way ours are. Like... You are born from eggs. (?)

Treb: Right. It is in the way of eggs, the way that you see this, yes. The manifested genes are put in the proteins that you might see this as protein material and this is put inside of a manufactured structure. What appears to be much of an egg. And this grows into the embodiment, of a physical being and the soul will manifest itself into the body so that the manifestation of life begins.

Jefferson: Sure, but, this egg doesn't come from inside of the mom's body. (?)

Treb: No, it is made! There is a crew of those who deal with health and science and body health and these are the one who make these for us.

Jefferson: Okay. And, is this the way it has been from the beginning or something happened to you that you were no longer able to procreate in a different way?

Treb: As the history of our people read, as an animal we were sexual. In thee third density, we were still sexual. Once we moved to the fourth density we were sexual until the middle of the fourth density. The nature of sex itself is what our race considers to be very low vibrationally, because it manifests more around the idea of physical excitement and less in the way of spiritual. So in the fourth density it is of a very great importance to try to work out yourself in a spiritual manner so this was transformed over a great amount of time in the fourth density within ideas, the scientists worked on this. And after this, once we transformed or ascended to the fifth density then the sexual organs themselves were no longer needed. The evolution took its place within the changing of the density as well as it did in the physical body. It manifests through the ideals and the imparted and given wisdom from the descendants. If this makes sense...

Jefferson: Yes, it does. But then, the question is... if people find out on planet Earth that once you ascend you lose your sexual organs then many would not want to ascend anymore. It is strange!

Treb: NO! It is not this way with every race. It was this way with us! This was a decision from our race. There are still sexual beings even in the sixth density.

Jefferson: Oh, I see.

Treb: It is just something that our race lost interest for the sexual side for there are too many different issues with it. In the more wanting of physical nature so it takes away from our ability to become more integrated with the higher self, and this is a personal decision. It is not right and it is not wrong to be a sexual being. It is a choice of our species, of our race.

Jefferson: I see. And before you mentioned that you live much longer than us.

Treb: Yes!

Jefferson: Alright... In my planet I am 31 years old at this timing of our conversation. How old are you?

Treb: In the exact age, if I were on your planet, your years, I would be considered to be 369 of your years.

Jefferson: Oh, I see. And we can live up to 100 years but the average is 70 to 80 years for now... How does that work in your planet?

Treb: When it comes to the older, it is around the 1500 of your years, but the average tends to be around 700 to 900.

Jefferson: Oh.

Treb: The average is around that, and it can go as high as 1500, but it is not as common.

Jefferson: Of our years. (?)

Treb: Pardon me?

Jefferson: Those are 1500 of our years...

Treb: Yes, this is correct!

Jefferson: Wow. But isn't it boring to stay alive for that long?

Treb: The way a lifespan is made, is on the need to evolve. If you will, I can try to explain this in a better way.

Jefferson: Sure!

Treb: In the beginning of the time of man, environmental changes, medicine is also one factor but the reason that man live longer now on your planet than they did hundreds of years ago is because there is more in life to experience. When you are in a caveman's situation...

Jefferson: Yes.

Treb: What exists in your life is friendships, hunting... having children. These are very simple ideas so this won't take a long life to fulfill all of the needs of the soul. This is why we are in this physical existence. Is to have the soul have manifested their wants and needs... the experience in the physical realm into the physical life. So the distance in the life depends greatly on how much the soul can accomplish within each period of life. This is why the lifespan is longer now in your race than it was several hundreds of years ago. Does this make sense?

Jefferson: Yes.

Treb: And it is the same with ours. In this density there is more to do. We all have we consider... what you might consider to be a job. In this way we see this more as... it is not a job as a disliking to do something, but it is our responsibility. And because we already went through the evolutionary stages of being and then of connection in the second density and then to self awareness into the third and to unconditional love, which is in the fourth. Now we have to have the wisdom that is a part. So it takes a very long time of your years to accomplish all the wisdom that we are able to get. I am considered to be an average or even young in some eyes for my race. And there is still much more to experience. In the end of our path (density) of evolution, as long as this is understood from our race, to get all the knowledge that we can would take a long time. We go through the archive of different races and this is why we use this time to experience connection with other races. If we do this, this is able to help our society understand more and the more races we have contact with the more information we have, the more information that we have, the better we understand the ways of the universe. And this, along with our personal decisions on the jobs or responsibilities is the reason for existence. So it takes much longer time to do all of this. Even though we experience time in a different way... for instance, if your time was one hour, it could seem very fast for us in this way. And it can also feel longer, depending on a certain perspective and respective density but in a way this is what we need, to fulfill in our evolution as a race as do all races.

Jefferson: So, as you mentioned... about other races. Last time you said that you were going to look into the archives and see if the races that I wrote the other books were compatible. (That is the word you used)...

Treb: Yes.


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TReb Bor yit-NE

I hope any of you who have read this are willing to write ur own review. ty very much,

Love n light



answered 15 Feb '12, 08:53

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TReb Bor yit-NE


At first I wasnt interested to look into your channeling... but that's just because the idea of it (channeling) is slightly uncomfortable to me (same way I felt towards Abraham & Bashar at first). After reading everyones reviews, I decided to give it a shot... and I'm so glad I did!! I read the chapters you posted and I hope you upload it to another site so I can read the rest! (Since megaupload was shut down)

I listened to a few videos on youtube too... some of the things that I heard really clicked with me and made sense. Also, I love the book cover :)

Great work!! I can't wait to read the rest and listen to some more videos :-)


answered 25 Feb '12, 03:30

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if u send me ur emial adress i can or i have a torrent of it as well.. here is a direct download link, idk iof u have to have an account but here it is

love and light rob

(25 Feb '12, 10:59) TReb Bor yit-NE

i am glad that the messages relay resonated with u,, it is why i do it, to help others and top make a reality of perseverance if it is the one u preferre

lnl rob

(25 Feb '12, 17:03) TReb Bor yit-NE

Thanks I got it! I'm really glad I looked into it :-)

(26 Feb '12, 14:33) LapisLazuli

feel free to update ur answer when u gfet done reading it, if you enjoy it or hate it,. lol, i will love to hear from u on this, if it is in ur wishes to tel;l m,e how u liek it that is. ty very mcuh, love n light

(26 Feb '12, 22:44) TReb Bor yit-NE
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JUST GOT DONE WITH 2ND CHAPTER OF 2ND BOOK. THIS ONE IS FROM Treb and a fellow called Plee-Na-Ki . from pleadian regions. so far great start.


answered 03 Aug '12, 10:41

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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