Hi there everyone,

I'm trying to discover my passion for listening to music. I was raised being told that, listening to worldly songs are a sin and should never listen to one. Somehow that affected me and never gave attention to it until lately when people every time ask me what kind of music I like and who is my favorite singer. I want to know what kind of music I like and start collecting my favorites but I don't know where to start. There is new desire in wanting to discover this part of me and develop the hobby. Please help

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Welcome to I.Q. Hanico. Listen to all different types of music. There is Country music, classical music, pop music, heavy metal, trance.....and so on. If you go on you tube and play country music for instance, take note of how you feel. If you feel good than you like that type of music and if it doesnt make you feel plesent than it wont be your favourite. Go to the next type of music like pop and listen to some of those songs. Do they make you feel good? If yes than you like pop music. Carry on like that till you find out what music you like and you will soon find your favourite song.


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Thank you Paulina. Its nice to be on I.Q. I am already benefiting from collective minds here.

(10 Oct '11, 11:08) hanico

Recognize when that conditioning attempts to trump what is an actuality in the feeling about music, subject or anything else that you experience through out your day.

When any conditioning, be it in the idea of individuality or the off spring of that in the form of likes or dislikes contradicts what is felt internally, that condition is then exposed. Set it aside and carry on without further concern.

Your ability to be with what you feel and live in that reality is what makes us truly able to "be in this world but not of it" or be "spirit having a human experience"

If any thought or belief you have, as you already understood here, comes from an exterior source and that thought does not become border-less in how you feel about it, then you are not in sync. If it demonstrates a contradiction then there is no flow. This is where the act of choosing can fully evolve and unfold in the greatest demonstration of your will.. This is where your will is not separate from god, the universe, etc..


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Turn on the radio and find something that sounds pleasant to you. Listen for names of songs you like or write down key phrases of songs you like and then look them up on youtube or google to find out who it is and what else they sing. Then, look for more music by them on youtube or pandora. Ask friends what they like and see if you can listen to their cd's with them or borrow some or something. Do be careful what songs you let play over and over in your head. Some of them have a nice tune, but creepy words.


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Makes a lot of sense. I will certainly do this. Many thanks

(10 Oct '11, 11:07) hanico

Playlist.com is a free site where people have uploaded songs of all kinds.

You don't have to know what you're looking for, you can just type a keyword and songs with that word in the title will come up. It's also a nice way to find a tune you might have heard but have no idea what band produced it, etc.

The site is free, you can collect lists of songs and delete as your preferences change. This might be a fun way for you to explore at no cost.

If the sinful idea starts to creep back in, you need to challenge it. You have as much right to your own opinions as that authority had in stating theirs. However, they are overreaching their boundaries to impose any restriction on your autonomy as an independent individual. Having a healthy selfish ego is necessary to your survival. The tribe may not always approve, because life is easier for them with your compliance, but your cooperation should be your gift towards creating harmony, it should not be a demand that you just obey.

Music can be an expression of joy, and you, as much as anyone deserve to be able to experience that. Take Care.


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Hanico, I think that maybe you should ease into "Worldly Music" by starting with Christian Rock.

Start with things like, The Newsboys or Avalon. Then maybe some Eric Johnson, he is not a Christian Rocker but his music is uplifting. I like Jimi Hendrix because of his guitar playing but his music may be a bit too much for you, after all it was the 60's when he played.


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Thank you Wade, I will buy the mentioned names and start listening. Much appreciated.

(10 Oct '11, 11:06) hanico

Sorry Hanico I called you Barry, Barry edited your question and I just saw his name under your question. I zoomed up to see who wrote and then right back down too fast. lol

Yes I think you may like my choices. As I said for Jimi Hendrix-he may be too much. :-)

(10 Oct '11, 15:17) Wade Casaldi
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