I have had the good fortune to have been blessed with many animal "kids". The very first was given to me on my 20th birthday by my ex, a Labrador Retriever I named Lady. She was such a blessing to me. We were fortunate to have found her for only $10 (the first bit of the LOA energy I encountered with my pets). The people we got her from had two pairs of hunting dogs- Labs and Irish Setters, and fortunately for us, both pairs had had puppies at the same time. It meant they were feeding 17 puppies at once, and all they wanted to do after six weeks was sell those puppies- fast! I was never sure who was the teacher and who was the student with Lady. She taught me about consistency, about patience, and about protection. She helped me survive the advent of four kids, a near break-in by a man trying to kick in our front door, and many a long and lonely night.`

Thus began a long series of great pets- dogs and cats (too many cats, I think!). by the time Lady passed at age 14, we had not only cats and dogs, but (with four kids) guinea pigs, a rabbit, and dwarf hamsters. My youngest, Kimberly, requested a rat for Christmas one year, and dubious though we were, we granted this odd (and cheap) request, and found out how a small rat could make a little girl happy for almost eight years.

Animals are part of my life, and part of my journey, too. Each animal was unique and special, and I found great happiness in teaching and training them all. The Most special time was when our cat, Daisy, gave birth to a litter of three kittens all born blind. That was when beliefs were put to the test: To live or die? Our vet, Dr. Drake, told us something which helped us decide what to do. He said, "Well, if it makes a difference, remember that they do not know that they are blind," Thus began a crazy time with three rollicking kitties who demonstrated humor and resourcefulness such I have never, ever seen. Dottie played my piano when the cat feeder was empty. Lucy retrieved socks. And Maisy slept every single night behind my knees, and kept me company during the time when I was fighting necrotizing fasciitis and for my life. Our little bit of generosity was more than rewarded with a great deal of laughter, and not a little bit of awe.

I know that I desired animals, and was richly blessed. But did I attract these animals? I found animals easy to love; people are a great deal harder. Do animals bow to our LOA, too? Or is all of this just a huge coincidence? Please share how you have been blessed by animals, and whether you think the LOA had anything to do with it.

Richly Blessed indeed,



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Pets, and animals in general, especially in the wild teach the "animal vibration", the spontaneous "living in the now" ...

(19 May '15, 04:15) jaz

@jaz- I think our pets are so much in the moment that they invented ADHD. Have you heard of, "Look, there's a squirrel!"? https://sp.yimg.com/ib/th?id=JN.6PiB%2f3h6tZoUVDGKNaF7ww&pid=15.1&P=0

(19 May '15, 07:24) Jaianniah
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Animals were created to provide balance on our earth. Without animals, humans on this planet would be so out of balance as to never evolve very far. They maintain the higher frequency that we need to awaken. In addition, they provide the possibility for humans to learn unconditional love and patience among other things.

From a spiritual perspective, animals have souls (albeit different ones than humans have), and we draw them into our lives for various purposes, such as companionship, lessons to be learned about how others are treated, or as part of our self-imposed karma from previous lives. You will have the ability to visit with any of your animals after your death if you so choose. How comforting!

Consider that your statement that "people are harder" may be a testament to your beliefs about yourself. Therefore, it's most likely that you are attracted to animals because you may feel less vulnerable around them, and you crave the unconditional love that they offer.

In any case, thank you for loving your animals. Every human that interacts positively with them strengthens the bond between human and beast, and increases the frequency for all living on this planet.


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@Overplugged- Nice answer! Thanks :)

(15 May '15, 10:30) Jaianniah

This gets very complex, at first glance it would seem not. However, if I take into consideration what God said in the Bible that, "Birds don't toil or worry and they eat well every day," then they are attracting food to them.

So if birds attract with their brains, then pets must attract with their brains. Hence this throws a monkey wrench into the fact that you attract your pets, because what if your pets didn't attract you, would you still attract them?

I would think that highest intelligence wins so your desire or attraction beats the pet's desire or attraction so it doesn't matter what the pet wants, it only matters what the human being wants that determines whether it is attracted or not. This could be seen in that in the Bible it says that we have dominion over everything on earth, every animal or bug, everything. We are to husband the earth and everything on earth.

Now we come to an interesting thing, when we were looking for a cat at the cat shelter, our cat kept climbing into our arms the whole time we were looking until we said "This is the one we'll adopt." We were not looking for him; we were just looking, but he kept getting into our arms. One way or another, he wanted to be held! The other cats were nowhere near as persistent or needy as him. So maybe he attracted us; that would mean his need trumped our desire, and we didn't attract him, but he attracted us.

But now if we take this same logic and apply it to soul mates, who attracts who? Who's will is stronger or is it more of who's need is stronger and that energy goes from excess to depletion to shore up the energy into equalization? That would fit with what Jesus said, that "The meek shall inherit the earth." So energy flows from abundance to need as water seeks to level, so does existence.

That doesn't quite seem the answer either, since now instead of the strongest will winning, it is the weakest neediest that wins.

That means that the vacuum is constantly filled. This does fit with the entire "Sermon on the Mount." But it seems that, how could there be wealthy people with great abundance? Is that still their need that they keep attracting more?

This just keeps bringing up more questions: unanswered, unfortunately.

I tried to find a level of clarity, but it seems I muddled up the original question with many considerations to take into account. However, I did give more food for thought on the subject.

Now if we go back to the birds who eat and don't worry if they will find food, then we must consider the worms that sure don't want to be eaten; their need is not even considered. Birds have a bigger brain than worms, so the birds' desire wins. Just like cows don't want to end up as hamburgers. Humans have a bigger brain, so their need trumps the cow's needs.

Could it be the bigger the brain and the bigger the need maybe?


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Wade Casaldi

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@Wade Casaldi- Wow! I can tell that you have given this a lot of thought, and I thank you for that. If humans can attract certain cars that they want, then we would have to think that everything is connected, whether inanimate or animate. Certainly animals have some importance to God, for He made sure that Noah saved them in the flood (this is a myth, perhaps, but God surely spent a great deal of evolutionary time on them!). We need them, and they need us, especially now. >>>>more>>>>

(06 May '15, 22:43) Jaianniah

@Wade Casaldi- But I imagine that need and desire will play out all over the animal world. I have had many terrific pets, and who's to say which of us had the greatest need? I know that God is connected through them to us, and that all is connected together in God. Think of the Tapestry that He weaves- animals are just as much a part of it as we are. Thank you so much for your thought-provoking answer. I hope the discussion continues! Jaianniah ♥♥♥

(06 May '15, 22:53) Jaianniah
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