I have been very commited with the LOA for four month, getting very good results. Did Affirmations, Focus blocks, Positive Aspects, practiced Appreciation, everything. I am happy with the results. But now I feel I am becoming lazy about it, I am not doing enough, I don't even have enough 'desires'. What can I do to get back to the former enthusiasm? I need to, because I was doing very well, healthwise, finantially and emotionally.

Can you give me any advice, please?


asked 17 Aug '10, 13:39

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I enjoy going down slides. It's fun, then you have the excitement of anticipation when you climb back up to slide down again.

(18 Aug '10, 07:00) RPuls

Really? I can look at it from a different perspective, then :) Thanks!

(18 Aug '10, 12:19) BridgetJones09
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Congratulations - it sounds to me like you're doing just fine :)

The same thing used to happen (and still does happen) to me and I never really understood what was going on either.

Then the last time I went to see Abraham at a live seminar (a couple of years ago), I was sitting in the audience with no particular question in mind. I was half-thinking I should ask them about my discoveries with systematic manifesting using my vibrational spreadsheet but I could feel reluctance within myself because a public discussion about a manifesting spreadsheet would be rather meaningless to the rest of the audience. And there was also the danger that I might end up getting mobbed by audience members afterwards wanting a copy of it thinking it was some kind of magic manifesting silver bullet, which it isn't :)

Anyway, while I was sitting there half-pondering about systematic manifesting, they were answering someone else's question but I suddenly felt like I was receiving an answer directed to exactly at what I was thinking about. It's a bit strange because I've not really heard them give this answer quite so directly since in any of the recordings.

What Abraham effectively said was this...(this is not their exact words, just me paraphrasing)

You can actually steadily manifest so many things in your life that you can start to exhaust what is in your Vortex. (They were calling it the vibrational escrow back then).

When you have many things in your Vortex that haven't manifested yet, there is a large potential difference between where you are and where you want to be, and you can feel an enormous surge of energy and enthusiasm as you come into alignment with those things.

But, over a period of time, that energy and enthusiasm wanes (as you get those things) unless you now put a whole load of more stuff into that Vortex to come into alignment with (and manifest).

And the way to put stuff into that Vortex (or vibrational escrow)?...

Go live some life. Stir it up. Get involved. Make things happen.

Those new life experiences (especially if they are on the edge of your comfort zone) will launch all kinds of new desires, effectively putting an enormous amount of new stuff into your Vortex to align with.

As you come into alignment again, you'll feel another great surge of energy and enthusiasm...you won't need to force yourself to do any alignment processes, you'll just have to do them to cope with all the new stuff that is drawing energy through you and making it uncomfortable if you don't consciously align. And eventually, again, after you've now acclimatized to your new vibrational level, the focus and enthusiasm will begin to wane again as you exhaust that supply and need some more.

So you end up with a kind of cyclic lifestyle where you have periods of enormous (perhaps almost overwhelming) activity, drive and focus as you live life to the limits...followed by periods when you just feel like you need to relax and chill out and just go with the flow....until you feel bored and listless and lifeless (which may be where you are right now) which prompts you to...stir it all up again....and so the cycle continues.

I've been through this cycle a number of times now and, having done so, I'm really starting to understand what Abraham mean when they say that life is all about having more and more fresh, new desires to come into alignment with because those are the times when you feel most alive.

I hope this gives you some insights into your own situation.


answered 17 Aug '10, 14:54

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Thank you! It's such a relief knowing I won't lose interest for good...! I'll 'stir it up' then! :)

(18 Aug '10, 12:22) BridgetJones09

Great reading! Stingray

(20 Aug '10, 15:54) ursixx

You're welcome, folks

(03 Sep '10, 17:25) Stingray
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