In chapter 10 of the Master Key System, the exercise given is looking at a blank wall and imagining first a line, then a square and then a circle with a dot and then making a cone from the circle by pulling the dot forward and then changing the colur of the cone. Uptill now all the other exercises could be done with ones eyes closed and visualizing it.

I have been able to do these exercises with eyes closed - but this exercise with eyes open - I am not even able to imagine the first line, let alone going forward with it.

Anyone has any ideas as to how I can go forward with this exercise?

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OK ...... Keep your eyes open.

What did you have for breakfast today?

Did you have an answer to that question?

When you answered it did a vision of you eating breakfast awaken in your consciousness?

It would have come to you in a "flash" of inspiration

All the information is in that "flash"

Then you use your slow molasses like thinking mind to convert that flash into a thought.

It is worse if you have to actually answer this question in words to somebody else.

Now you have to convert the "flash" into a thought and then sort the order of thoughts into words and then speak the words to get the answer out, a slow...slow...slow process.

Or you can stay with the "flash" and not convert it to anything.

Then you will call this "flash" INSPIRATION.

But of course you won't call it inspiration; instead you will call it as "Ah-ha I just remember!" or "OK I got it"

But then you are not trained to be satisfied with this purity of information. You are trained to translate it into a Slow....slow...thought so that your ego can manage it, analyze it, sort it, and often smash it into irrelevance.

The exercise is trying to train you consciousness to stay in "vision" without converting that vision into a slow....slow...thought.

If you can answer a question with your eyes open you can envision with your eyes open.


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Best answer in my opinion. It's in line with my experience.

(26 Dec '22, 16:30) CJLove

Just realize it is the exact same thing as visualizing with your eyes closed. Except now instead of blackness there are other objects around.

Don't worry if it doesn't appear quite as vivid as it would with your eyes closed at first. It will probably require a bit more effort from you.

You could try visualizing the line first with your eyes closed and then open them, holding onto that image and 'projecting' it outward onto the wall. Another option is to start out doing it at night/early morning with the lights off keeping your eyes open and then learn to do it with lights on/in daylight.

Most people just tend to get more distracted with their eyes open, so their mind isn't as focused and images aren't as clear. Ignore everything else in your vision where possible (thus him having you look at a blank wall).

It really is the same thing - it just requires a bit more effort to concentrate appropriately in your case. :)


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The starting out doing it at night with the lights off is a very good way to start. Thank you Liam

(24 Nov '10, 11:22) daniele

It's just the same as doing it with the eyes closed. Have you ever daydreamed (let's say, when bored at work)? Weren't you with your eyes open?

What works for me is lying down on my bed, so no bodily movement distracts me, and stare at the ceiling. I daydream for a while, and once get into that mood, I start visualizing what's asked in the book.

I hope this helps!



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Actually you do it all day long without even being conscious of it. You think of all you are going to do for the day and you picture the activities automatically. If you are going to the museum, you start thinking about it before you get there. It is the very same thing. Think about what you want and the mind will attach a picture. I have read that the mind thinks in pictures and not words. If that is true all you have to do is create the thougt of what you desire.


answered 24 Nov '10, 16:06

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