Can i regrow my hair by creative visualization?

In fact i have been doing so from last two months, but no concrete results have surfaced yet.

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Yes, you can manifest hair regrowth (or anything else).

See How to manifest a new car? and substitute the phrase "regrown hair" for "a new car"...obviously :)

However, these sorts of leading-edge manifestations (ones that most already have come to believe cannot be done) tend to fall into the category of "possible, but not probable" for most people.

This is because many people require a physical manifestation of something to have already happened in their reality, so they can physically observe it, before they will allow themselves to be flexible enough in their current beliefs about it to let it happen for them.

The problem with that approach of seeing is believing is that if you actively disbelieve something is possible until you physically see it happen for another, then the Law of Attraction is going to bring you evidence of your disbelief, rather than your belief, and you are not going to come across others who have done it. So you are just going to disbelieve it even more, even when the evidence is all around just won't see the evidence.

So, for an observation-first approach to manifesting, you need to have, what could be called, Faith...a pre-existing flexibility of mind that something is possible.

I've noticed within myself, having been playing with these manifesting ideas for a number of years, that I seem to have developed a general state of mind called Knowing.

If I can feel vibrationally aligned with something I want, then I know I've done enough effort. I just know that it will manifest in the most appropriate way possible at the best time and so I just relax about it once that alignment is achieved.

alt text

Until you develop an attitude of knowing about what you want to come, two main things will trip you up...

  1. Being unhappy with your current reality already regarding the subject (in your case, regrowing your hair)
  2. Noticing what you want (regrown hair) hasn't come yet

You'll find regarding your creative visualizations that if you do them for the pleasure you get from doing them (without any thought about any physical manifestation) then Point 2 above will clear itself up.

To deal with Point 1, try and find things you appreciate about your hair as it is, and then once you have molded your thoughts into a place where you are dominantly feeling good about it, just let it be, and focus on other things in your life instead.


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@Stingray: nicely put. It would be nice if there were more people who showed us what they have manifested, where most would say it is impossible. Maybe seeing these things in other people would help us gain more faith for our own personal manifestations, so that we can not focus on the lack of or the what if.

(24 Sep '10, 18:30) Back2Basics

@Back2Basics - you really don't want that, trust me. You will be setting yourself up to only be able to manifest things that other people already's giving your power away...and the next stage is that you'll need (or appoint) people who will tell what you can (or can't) manifest, or even what is appropriate to manifest...and the next stage after that...well, it's called religion, I believe :)

(25 Sep '10, 13:58) Stingray

^ Agree, Stingray.

(06 Jul '11, 15:18) Aphrodite

I believe what Back2Basics meant was to use others manifestations to springboard faith. "If they can do this then why couldn't I do that and a more!?" That is how our entire progress as a human race has come. One thing is built on another thing just like the computer we are using now; the Timex Sinclair had to come first. Next someone said "if that can be done what more can we do?"

(06 Jul '11, 17:46) Wade Casaldi
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The Bible teaches: "Blessed are those who have not seen, and yet have believed.” (John 1:18)


answered 07 Jul '11, 05:32

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Inactive User ♦♦

That's a nice verse.

(07 Jul '11, 17:24) Aphrodite

You can do whatever you want!


answered 29 Jul '11, 00:19

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The fact that you are asking if you can, implies that you have doubts whether you could. Thus, no results have surfaced. BELIEVE you can, then you COULD. Go on, Manifest that regrowing hair intention of yours.


answered 06 Jul '11, 15:16

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I would go even further and say believe you have.

(28 Jul '11, 17:49) AboveBelow

@ Kings Mind, Yeah. Right on! Believe you have it already.

(28 Jul '11, 18:18) Aphrodite

I guess this question has finally helped me put a finger onto the problem I have with Manifestation...Male-pattern baldness is an inherited, irrevocable genetic process. Your mother either protects you from baldness, or she does not. Your father can have a head full of hair all his life, but if your mother does not have the "protection" gene, you will instead inherit baldness from either side of the family...

So what does this have to do with Manifestation? Why does this create problems for me? It is simple. You can pray, wish, envision, buy potions, etc. etc., but if your genes say you will be bald, you will be, and short of gene-splicing therapy (which is coming real soon), NOTHING will stop the fact that you have too much testosterone in your scalp for hair to grow...

So, now I will post a new question real soon, which will address this issue once and for all: Is there a LIMIT to what you can manifest? When it comes to things like missing limbs, missing eyes, AND missing hair, there has to be a limit to just what can REALISTICALLY be manifested.

I have never heard of anyone who manifested himself a new arm. I just cannot go that far with my beliefs. Kunal, I am so sorry. I guess if I was you, I would instead put your energy into trying to manifest a brand-new attitude about being bald. I personally think bald men are SEXY. And if I, a female, think this, there has GOT to be other women who either agree, or simply are not that superficial. I do NOT judge a man by the amount of hair on his head. Instead, I judge a man by the stuff INSIDE his head!!!

Stingray, please help me understand!

Blessings and GREAT Love, Jaianniah


answered 06 Jul '11, 17:45

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Great answer, Jaianniah!

(30 Oct '11, 19:10) mazy

Thank you, Mazy...but on Inward Quest, when we want to compliment someone, or make other comments, we do it just like I am doing here....Like this...Welcome to Inward Quest!!! Hope you post often and well! Blessings,<3 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(30 Oct '11, 21:55) Jaianniah

I have regrown my hair to some extent and hair falling has ceased the initial two months it did not work but thereafter i stopped looking at my hair and the only image i had was my creative image..also i meditate quite deep..manifesting hair ir a daunting task indeed..i advise visualize and don't look at your hair,not even once in two months..go for millitary cut hair for some days.


answered 28 Jul '11, 13:57

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Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do something. Not even me. You got a dream, you gotta protect it. When people can’t do something themselves, they’re gonna tell you that you can’t do it. You want something, go get it.


answered 12 Jun '12, 10:02

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