I'm from India and I'm preparing for the entrance exam of the most reputed college here - IIT.

Being most reputed, IIT's enterance exam (i.e. IIT-JEE) is one of the most difficult exam round the globe.

I'm done with "the secret" and completely understood it and satisfied as well.

I'm working on TMKS (The Master Key System) and right now i'm on chapter 4.

The exam will be conducted around April 2013, so I have about 8-9 months.

So my question is - Could any one make a list of what affirmations, visualizations and thoughts I should bring up?

I'm working on getting rid of negativity and it's working too! :)

In other words I want to know how do I tell the universe (by some acts) that how deep my desire is and get on the required frequency..?

Thank You! :)

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You don't really need to tell the Universe what you want because it already knows that in the moment that you had the original desire.

So affirmations, visualizations, thoughts for that purpose are not needed. Use them if it makes you feel better to use them but not for telling the Universe what you want.

What is actually needed is for you to vibrationally match up with what you now desire i.e. what the Universe knows you want...in your case, an exam pass.

And the way you do that is to keep getting yourself in a really-good-feeling state of mind as often as possible. On IQ, we seem to use the term Vortex quite a lot for that idea. See questions tagged Vortex for more information.

So my strategy for your situation would be:

  1. Before each study session, get myself feeling as good as I possibly can and then study, and follow up on whatever inspirations I get during that session for additional things to study.
  2. On the day of the exam itself, make it my number one priority to feel as good as I possibly can before doing the exam itself. If you do this, you should find that you think more clearly, recall more easily and get intuitive inspirations throughout the exam for what to answer and how to answer it.

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Thanks a lot for your answer :-) Actually i read a story in which a girl sent herself congratulatory emails and wrote affirmations etc.

Btw any suggestions to get out of occasional negativity?

(12 Aug '12, 14:29) Anonymous User

@Chand Sethi - To get out of negativity, it really depends where you are starting from. Methods that help you get out of mild negativity may not be much use for strong negativity, and vice versa. I suggest you have a look through the questions on IQ to do with handling negativity: http://www.inwardquest.com/tags/handling-negativity/

(13 Aug '12, 05:21) Stingray
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