Since the time I have learned about LOA and the Vortex, i become very conscious when I become negative or when I am out of the vortex? It wasnt like this earlier.

So i make attempts to get into the vortex before starting anything next, this takes up a lot of my time and by the time I am in the Vortex again, I have lost a fair amount of time, which I feel bad about later.

Also another concern is that I am so interested in knowing about LOA and this subject, that I keep on listening to Abraham Audio's and Videos most of the time and I keep doing it, as a result my other activities get affected and I am not able to complete my work on time.

Any guidance and help will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

What's your (time-consuming) approach to getting into the Vortex?

(18 Oct '10, 06:34) Stingray

Hi Stingray, I usually watch Abraham videos and audios on youtube, I also sometimes use woudn't it be nice if and rampage of appreciation, i try doing the focus blocks but haven't been very successful on that, i also listen to my favourite music. I do a mix of all of these.. I get into the vortex atleast once or twice a day and love the feeling but come out of it soon enuf..Hence I try to get back into it.. In one of the videos I heard Abraham say that one shouldn't start the day without being in the vortex.. and hence before starting my important work i try to get into the vortex..

(19 Oct '10, 08:33) Sourabh

An this takes some time for me and at times i later regret that I couldn't complete my work on time because i spent too much time getting into the vortex.. Also i have become very conscious in the sense that i realize when I am out of the vortex and want to be in it most of the time.. this consciousness makes me a little uncomfortable.. how do i ease up all these things so that i can enjoy the process and allow everything into my life... I have been reading all your posts and I really admire the clarity with which you explain.. Any guidance on this will be highly appreciated.. Thank you :)

(19 Oct '10, 08:34) Sourabh

Hi, @Sourabh! Good that you asked this question! I was going to ask it myself a while ago but wasn't sure how to phrase it. It was going to be something like: "Is the LOA a 24 hours job?" I learned a lot from the answers you got. Thank you!

(21 Oct '10, 13:26) BridgetJones09

Hi BridgetJones09, I am glad that you could benefit from my question. It is nice to know that there are other people who are in the same situation as mine. I am thankful to all those who have answered. :)

(23 Oct '10, 08:08) Sourabh

Consciously Connected Breathing gets me faster and easier into the vortex. once inside, do your affirmations or vibrational work there. for reference, The Presence Process, Edition 2 can be downloaded here. This goes well together with releasing techniques.

(03 Feb '13, 06:43) don
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Kakaboo has said it as well as I can...there is never anything to fear from being out of the's part of the cycle of life.

I thought I would give you a suggested plan of action for gradually aligning yourself with the Vortex on a daily basis, even when time is very short. This is stuff I do myself when I bite off more than I can chew from a time perspective and need to align on-the-run, so to speak. :)

These suggested actions are in priority order...the most result for the minimum time expended, you could say...the most bang for your buck.

So work your way down the list only as far you feel you can comfortably do in each day without affecting your daily work. Even a tiny bit of feeling better daily can affect your life enormously so you don't need to overdo it.

Remember that every day is chained to the next one, so whatever vibrational efforts you make today will make things easier tomorrow. And then whatever you do tomorrow will make the day after easier, and so on.

  • Think appreciative thoughts as you lie in bed at night just before falling asleep. The state of mind you are in as you fall asleep will be the one you wake up in. And the combination of a good night's sleep linked with a good-feeling attitude on awakening can give you a powerful kickstart to the day.

  • Before getting out of bed every morning, spend a few more minutes in appreciation of the good things in your life. Once you're feeling good (it should only take a few minutes because you started the night before), you can get out of bed.

  • Meditate for 15-20 minutes daily, preferably as one of the first things you do in the morning. If you are going to any vibrational work, then do that vibrational work before meditating. If you try to do it afterwards, it won't be as effective because you'll already be in a good-feeling place and you won't feel like molding vibration on uncomfortable subjects. Even if you do nothing else daily, meditating every day will transform your life because it will naturally force you to start thinking more positive thoughts daily. Meditation doesn't change your vibration on uncomfortable topics, but it makes it more difficult for you to not change your vibration. This is because this daily re-sensitization to your natural state of being will make uncomfortable habitual thoughts even more uncomfortable to the point that you will eventually have to let them go.

  • During the day, see how many good things you notice are happening to you in your daily life. One time, some years ago, I actually bought one of those handheld clicker counters and clicked it everytime I noticed something positive. You might be surprised by how many good things you notice in your life during your day if you start looking for them.

  • Try using any travel time to listen to uplifting spiritual material, perhaps Abraham recordings, on a portable audio player of some kind.

  • If you have a portable music player and you like listening to songs, try arranging your favorite songs into two distinct playlists. The first playlist is for music/songs that always take you from a bad/sad mood into a better mood. The second playlist is for songs you listen to when you are already feeling great and continue to make you feel great as you listen to them. At any time you are feeling out of alignment, listen to a random selection from the first playlist until eventually you sense some relief from your mood and you are feeling reasonably good again. Then listen to a random selection from the second playlist to keep you in that good feeling place. I've been doing this for years and it works extremely well for coming into alignment quickly...but you have to be quite picky about the songs you allow into each playlist.

  • During the day, if your mood (and energy) is flagging and you feel there's nothing you can do to snap yourself out of it then (if your situation allows), take a 20 minute powernap. Taking short naps is an excellent little trick to bring yourself back into alignment quickly when all else fails. If you can't do that, try taking a short walk somewhere peaceful. If you can't do that and need to carry on working, at least focus your attention on something other than the thing that is bothering you. i.e. work on something completely unrelated until you feel better.

  • Do any vibrational processes you have time for. The most effective times are first thing in the morning (before meditating), or in the evening before going to bed and when you are not too tired.

Hope that gives you a few practical tips on how to organize your life in a Vortex-heading direction even when time is very short.


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Stingray--thank you! Any suggestions for vibrational alignment before meditation? Thanks again!

(19 Oct '10, 19:14) figure8shape

I use the full Focus Blocks Method ( ) which not only gets you into the Vortex (so meditation is just sheer pleasure) but also clears up a lot of vibrational issues at the same time

(19 Oct '10, 19:26) Stingray

Stingray, Thank you so much, you explained it so very beautifully! and methodically. as always!! I will implement this soon.. Thanks once again :) You Rock!!

(20 Oct '10, 12:35) Sourabh

Glad to help, Sourabh

(20 Oct '10, 18:23) Stingray

@Wade - Please refer to the following article regarding that comment: :)

(03 Dec '11, 18:10) Stingray

good summary of how meditation works. GREAT clicker idea!!!!

(07 Dec '11, 14:05) Nikulas

Even a tiny bit of feeling better daily can affect your life enormously so you don't need to overdo it.

What happens if you do overdo it? :)

(12 Jul '15, 04:40) WeRadiateBeauty
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If you watch Abraham-hicks videos on a regular basis, I'm sure you have noticed this which they always harp on - It is perfectly fine to find yourself out of the vortex at certain times. It is normal and you should be grateful for these occurences, because it is these moments that allow contrast and expansion of yourself to happen. Without these moments, you would cease to exist, and there would be no way that you could enjoy the joy of feeling yourself back into the vortex.

So don't get too worried about it, it is good that you are able to notice when your thoughts are wrong and that you need to change something about them, but for someone who is still quite new (like me for example) to these teachings it is quite difficult to change those thoughts right on the spot. What I always do is whenever I notice something that I don't like or when I feel negative, I try to switch to thinking about an event which makes me feel good in my mind. I always have a fixed event ready. (it can be anything that has happened in your life which makes you feel really happy)

Then I just take a mental note of the thoughts that made me feel bad somewhere and ignore them for the moment by distracting myself with the 'happy' event in my imagination..only when I am free or have the time then I try to use focus blocks or some other way to try and steer those thoughts into a more positive feeling place.


answered 19 Oct '10, 11:32

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That's a very beautiful answer, thanks a lot :)

(19 Oct '10, 11:50) Sourabh

Good advice kakaboo :)

(19 Oct '10, 13:31) Michaela

Well said, Kakaboo

(19 Oct '10, 15:37) Stingray

Hello Kakaboo,

I still think we need to be a little bit careful about what we label negative or postitive. As mentioned in an earlier question, I had lots of unpleasant feelings, which were certainly horrible but they were very useful. You also mention wrong thoughts. Thoughts are thoughts and are neither wrong or right, just thoughts and the ones we think of as negative can be the most rewarding. Maybe when they have added to our awareness we can move on. My painful emotions, from two days ago, are still there to a lesser degree and it will be interesting to see when they have gone.

(04 Dec '11, 16:43) Alan Crabbe
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When I find my mind wandering into disuseful places, I stop and view beauty. Beauty comes from a higher plain. It is a good connection with God or Source. An object, or person is made beautiful by Source. If you can train yourself to seek that beauty, it abounds everywhere.

You then can connect with the Greatest Power In The Universe!

I am never ever concerned about the time it may take me to get aligned because I know that when I am aligned, I am much more effective. A small inspired action outdoes a ton of "Get out of the way, Source, God, Inner Self, HGA, and let ME do this."

For instance, I am stuck in traffic and starting to boil. I look aound and change lanes because the other lane seems to be moving faster, but when I get over there, it isn't. More boiling. Clenching up. Maybe if I get off at the next exit, I can find a better route! Set the GPS for 'Detour' and see how I can get around this mess.


Take a few deep breaths and look for Beauty. The red taillights of the other cars. The smiling lady in the car next to me. The deep azure color of the sky (keep an eye on the other cars as well). The white (or grey or black clouds), the greenery beside the road, the smells, the sounds -- the moment of NOW! The BEAUTY of NOW! The intoxicating feeling of my deep inhales and exhales . . . .

And within a few, very few moments, the traffic clears and I am up to speed. BUT if I stay in the tension, the anger, the frustration, the gloom, I STAY STUCK!! Getting aligned is the most important thing you can do!

Does this make sense to you? It is not that difficult. My difficulty is in remembering to do this. I have too easily said, I will skip meditation this morning because I am in a hurry! But If I skip it, my day can be a chain of unpleasant events.

Makes about as much sense as me getting up and walking around with my eyes closed because I am in too much of a hurry. I won't get very far with my eyes closed and I won't have a very good day without getting and staying aligned!

It is time very well spent!


answered 01 May '12, 12:33

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Dollar Bill


@Dollar Bill "beauty comes from a higher plain" oh boy do I love this phrase :)

(12 Jul '15, 05:06) jaz

I understand that there is the idea of getting into the Vortex first, then everything else but sometimes you do have to partake in actions when you can not get in the vortex to keep the flow of your life going.

Now if that flow is in the wrong direction, then maybe it is a good thing you don't have time to give it more energy and activities?

I have the problem where I get so obsessed with this stuff and I just end up reading about it and thinking about it and forget to actually BE IT!

Perhaps it is just a matter of time management, for example, tell yourself I have 10 minutes to get as close as I can to the vortex and what I can make of the 10 minutes, I will be happy with and move on with my work so I can pay the electric bill.


answered 17 Oct '10, 20:46

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Yes, I need to manage my time better.. what you said makes a lot of sense.. Thank you so much for the lovely answer :)

(19 Oct '10, 08:31) Sourabh

Please check out this Abraham Hicks link, this proved helpful to me today.

Hope this helps.


answered 02 Feb '12, 13:58

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You have to learn to balance your physical needs along with your spiritual ones. I find that spiritual development does not come only from reading or listening but from actually applying the principles. I am now spending less time reading. i may read for 5 minutes a day or so but I apply the principles all day long no matter what I am doing. you may want to read Abraham's Book "Ask and it is Given". The book has many practical exercises that can help you stay in the Vortex.


answered 18 Oct '10, 23:45

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Yes Drham, I realise that ann although I too have read "Ask and its Given", I think i need to apply all that I have learned rather than just going on learning more.. Thanks a lot for the advice.. :)

(19 Oct '10, 08:30) Sourabh

So you are hooked on the LOA stuff and the Vortex? You are not alone; it is just a phase, until you move onto something else that you are passionate about. But you also have to remember to honor your other obligations, and prioritize least to most the important things on your list.

You do not have to do the same things every day. You can make a schedule of what you want to do each day, and how much time you want to spend on each task, set your timer, and apply discipline to stop the task when the timer goes off, so that you can go and attend to your other responsibilities.


answered 19 Oct '10, 02:20

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Inactive User ♦♦

Thank you thats a very nice suggestion.. I will implement on this.. :)

(19 Oct '10, 08:28) Sourabh

Watch Gregg Braden's video link text The Science of Miracles. If the link doesn't work, search for it at youtube.


answered 03 Dec '11, 14:15

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Fairy Princess

this is a very interesting video, and a new way of looking at things. thanks for the link. I will be watching some more of Gregg Braden's video.

(30 Jan '12, 06:02) PurpleRose
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