Hello all,

I feel that I am definitely improving and progressing on this journey, I just need to clarify that what I can feel is the vortex because I'm not sure what it is I am experiencing.

Sometimes the feeling comes over me when I am reading about the law of attraction and other metaphysical things or if I am trying a technique, process or am reading affirmations.

It's a feeling similar to being nervous where you start to shake but not in the same negative way and I do not physically shake, it is like I can feel my body and the rest of the time it is numb. It makes me feel happy if I think about it, when I ignore it the feeling seems to slip/fade away gradually.

I'm sorry I am finding it hard to put into words but I am hoping someone here will instantly recognise this as either being the vortex or just a placebo feeling because I would like to experience being in the vortex.

Also as a quick side question, can you jump to being in a vortex state from anywhere on the emotional scale? for instance be feeling depressed one moment and then read something or use a technique to jump into the vortex, or do you have to work your way up the emotional guidance scale to the higher positive emotions to reach the vortex.

Thank you to everyone, much love and respect.

asked 18 Oct '12, 10:45

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@lastplacefavourite- if ur feeling good, feeling happy n feeling peaceful.., simple ur in vortexx.. , dnt think so much.., just feel good n go with the flow. n yes..answer of ur side question- u can jump into the votexx anytime.by using simple.. frequency using techniques like- music, relaxation, meditation, affirmations (my favorite one).., its that simple.., just keep it simple..,don't judge..,just FEEL GOOD.., ITS EQUIVALENT TO BE IN THE VORTEXX. i hope this answer helps you.. - love,light n blessings to u..:)))


answered 19 Oct '12, 03:40

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sorry- not frequency using techniques.., those are frequency "raising" techniques.

(19 Oct '12, 03:42) supergirl

thank you for your answer supergirl, I do tend to think too much ;)

(19 Oct '12, 07:36) lastplacefavourite

ur most welcome ..:))) don't think too much..,keep it as simple as u could..

(19 Oct '12, 12:52) supergirl
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answered 19 Oct '12, 03:54

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thank you for the links Satori, it is very useful to read these answers!

(19 Oct '12, 07:38) lastplacefavourite
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