Since knowing of the LOA I have had a big desire to travel back in time to awaken on my 6th birthday keeping ALL my memories.

I was confused with all the LOA gurus such as Abe, Bashar, The secret etc. Abe and Bashar say everything you desire is all there waiting for you already, except Abe says you cannot control other people, yet Bashar's teachings is about parallel universes (or what some people call different timelines) which means when people change attitude etc its because you have shifted into a parallel universe.

In fact he says you do this every billionth of a second (I'm not sure if this is correct, I should of checked first :) )

So! Back to time travel...I always knew anything was possible so I began to affirm I could time travel...I did this for a few months and it did give me a tad more confidence in time travel but that was it. I did visualization for around 2 weeks visualizing waking up in my desired timeline...looking at my then 6 year old self in the mirror...going to school...chatting with family..trying to get into the feeling of being in that timeline etc) but nothing changed except I got strong de ja vu...sometimes really strong like 'I KNOW I WATCHED THAT SERIES..I KNOW THAT PERSON BEFORE HE TOLD ME WHO HE WAS...'

So I stopped focusing on time travel for a while. I then joined another forum where a member has attempted time travel..she said she did the same as what I did and she noticed she started to look younger, people behaved like they did in the timeline she visualized, her obsession with her ex partner (who she met after the timeline she was visualizing) went away completely and there was some other things that changed (again, sorry I cannot remember and the forum isn't there anymore for some reason).

I'm just wondering if it didn't happen for me because I didn't have as much faith as she did? I suppose I'm asking this question to build my faith-to see if other people have tried or done this or have an opinion on this subject?

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Hi @Stargirl I'd like to ask you something ... you say "I suppose I'm asking this question to build my faith" so you want to time travel to build your faith, is that correct?

(01 Jul '15, 13:44) jaz

@Stargirl the reason I'm asking this question is because I'd lke to point out that hiding behind the desire to time travel is the desire to build faith, so you don't really want to time travel what you really want is to build faith ... I could continue along the same line and ask "why do you want to build your faith?" etc ... I think you get the point :)

(01 Jul '15, 23:32) jaz

Hi Jaz. No..I mean the other way round. I'm asking if anyone has time travelled keeping their memories so I can build faith to time travel myself. You read stories of manifesting soulmates, money, jobs, cars etc but nothing like changing the past, bringing a dead person back to life or time travelling keeping your memories.

(05 Jul '15, 11:53) Stargirl

Have you seen the 'Time Machine' movie. If not try to watch you will get some light to your crazy :) but sensible thoughts.

(07 Jul '15, 01:31) PERFECT GOOD
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I think there might be a bit of confusion underlying your question.

Time does not exist except in physical reality. It's a convenient illusion that allows us to play with ideas of linearity in this physical plane. But our experience of the linearity is always non-repeatable...Time Travel in the sense of Science Fiction movies cannot exist.

Sorry, Arnie The Terminator ...but you won't be back :)


Here's an analogy that might make things clearer...

When you read a book, the experiences related in the book have already happened because the pages of the book are all written. You are holding them all in front of you as you hold the book in your hands.

alt text

But you experience the words in the book at whatever rate you decide to read them i.e in whatever way you decide to focus your consciousness within the book. And if you get bored of the book, you may not even decide to complete the entire experience that the book offered.

But even if you do complete the entire book and then decide to go back and reread it one day, you'll find yourself having a different experience with it even though it's the same book.

Perhaps knowing what's already in the book will change your reaction to it, perhaps different sentences will now seem more significant because of things that you've thought about since reading it, perhaps you'll take breaks from reading it in different places, perhaps you'll be distracted from reading at different points and not concentrate in the same way, perhaps you'll skip over or skim-read some bits you found boring the first time...and so on.

But no matter how much you try, the re-experience of reading the book will never be the same as the original experience.

Considering that analogy about reading the book, now when you say...

Has anyone time travelled keeping all their memories?

...it might make more sense to understand why what you're asking is not really a question that makes much sense unless you're in a Sci-Fi movie :)

You can't time-travel into a past experience because your experience will never be the same even if the physical reality conditions surrounding it are set up in exactly the same way.

Just because something has happened in the illusion of the past doesn't mean it's now a fixed event - it's still offering you a changing and evolving experience every time you revisit it...in a similar sense to you trying to replicate your original experience of reading that book.

Another way of looking at these ideas is that...

...All events past, present and future are happening NOW because it's your ever-evolving NOW consciousness that is interacting with them and evolving them through you giving your NOW focus to them.

So even if you were to somehow focus yourself into the vibrational frequency of those original events, it would be the YOU-of-NOW - with all the experiences that you've experienced since those events - that would be focusing there and not the YOU-of-THEN because that YOU-of-THEN no longer exists...it has become something more.

It is more accurate then to think of time, perhaps not as a linear concept, but an ever-expanding accumulating concept.

While it is true that all things happen NOW, it is not true that everything that has ever existed is experienced simultaneously! That is not quite true, for the NOW moment is outside of time. It is therefore eternal in the sense that when you have an experience it is possible to remember everything about the experience. It is alive within you forever. But the events can never be experienced/replicated in quite the same way, for all events are unique, and will be unique, never to be repeated.

From: Dialogues - Conversations With My Higher Self

It's a bit tricky trying to explain these higher-dimensional ideas by using three-dimensional analogies but I hope you get some sense of what I mean.


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How can we use this explanation of NOW to explain the aging process? A person in his 20s can probably try to remain looking young through thought and mind power even after 30-50 years, but an infant can't really do that. If we take the consciousness out of the infant and just focus on his physical growth to an adult, it seems to be linear. It gets complicated of course if you add in his consciousness into the equation.

(12 Jul '15, 12:25) kakaboo

@kakaboo - "seems to be linear" - The "illusion" would not have value if it was easily neutralized. It is that feeling of the illusion being "real" that makes it useful. Consider how movies are made. Many consecutive scenes in the film are actually shot out of order, some several months apart, some where the actors can't even see what the audience later sees (thanks to special effects)...but the end-result is an "illusion" that provides value to the audience in telling an engaging story

(14 Jul '15, 04:04) Stingray

@Stingray I understand that part. What I don't understand is that if the past, present and future happens at the same time, why cant a person focus back into where he was a child physically in the past. Or like e.g Bashar says open contact may happen in year 2050 (just an example, maybe he didn't say that), but why cant I choose to have it happen NOW since the future is also supposed to exist at the same time?

(14 Jul '15, 12:18) kakaboo

@stingray What I still don't understand is if it is possible at all to go back to a younger version of you with your present consciousness (with all your accumulated experiences up until NOW as you say), meaning inhabit that body in relation to the environment that was present then OR is that possible only in imagination?. Thanks :)

(15 Jul '15, 15:40) Surfgrass

@kakaboo - Does the book linked in the above answer not address your question?

(06 Aug '15, 10:57) Stingray

@Surfgrass - Everything is possible but not everything is probable :) The point I was attempting to get at in the above answer, perhaps unsuccessfully, was that even if what you are saying can be done, the mere fact that you are vibrating differently from who you were then means that your environment could never be an exact match to what it was before because it will have to be a reflection of the YOU-of-Now, not the YOU-of-Then.

(06 Aug '15, 11:04) Stingray
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I know what you mean by Deja vue I have add that at different time I could tell what was going to happen for a fee minutes before it happen then I would see it happen. but the fact is you are living this experience in this world in this time line. so why try to go back in time with your memory. do you think it would really help you at all? what if you would go back and make a different choice it could change what will happen to you or other people you know it might not make you happy and you would not know more what is coming since you made a change. but you know what nothing stop you from making new choice in this present time line and see where it leads you and experience it. I can tell you this there is one person above that know all. from the beginning to the end. but your cup is to small to hold all that water. the little cup still need to grow.

Let there be light be the light that you can be experience and enjoy.


answered 02 Jul '15, 04:24

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white tiger

you say "so why try to go back in time with your memory, do you think it would really help you at all?" I like this question @White tiger, so what is the motivation for asking this question? @Stargirl gives the answer in her question when she says "I suppose I'm asking this question to build my faith"

(02 Jul '15, 04:55) jaz

Hi White tiger,

I don't think it matters why I want to go back in time with my memory..it's just a desire like any other and it can be fulfilled. My life doesn't affect any one else life. If you are familiar with parallel universes and timelines and quantum physics (the observer affects the observed), you will realise that reality is subjective,so me changing timelines or changing the past will NOT affect anyone else's life.

(05 Jul '15, 11:59) Stargirl

the fact is that you want to return with your memory thinking it would serve you but even if you go back and start making some change you affect the time line so everything you thing that will serve you from your memory will serve you no more since it will all change. just like in the movie the butterfly effect. the guy go back in time and try to change stuff to help him self and other but he always make thing worse in some way. or like in the movie the day with no tomorrow where the guy go to-

(06 Jul '15, 02:54) white tiger

war until he die and the day reset then he try to save a guy on the beach and die with him then the day reset then he finally save this guy then try to help a girl and she get him killed to save her self. you see if you return to your past with your memory you would affect your timeline and the time line of other since you would make change different for your self and other we are all interdependent any way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXabt4YO8Z4

(06 Jul '15, 02:58) white tiger

@Stargirl white tiger says "you want to return with your memory thinking it would serve you" ... yes I agree with this phrase, your question about time travel serves you in some way

(06 Jul '15, 03:19) jaz

people have trouble to handle the now and do what is best for them and other. what make you so sure that returning to the past and make some change on a longer time line would benefit you or someone else. example: what if you return to the past to make your self more rich by betting on sport match but by doing that it make some other people more poor. and it change those people destiny and their child destiny. what if you bet on a team that will win but it does not because their is a player-

(08 Jul '15, 03:35) white tiger

that is not there because he was to poor and never got the chance to play in the big league and was replace by someone not as good at that game and this cause the team that was suppose to win to loose and make you loose all your bet and you put all your money even borrow money in it because you where sure that you would win. then you could end up in something worse for you then before broke with loan shark after you to get their money. even with your memory of your own experience you do not-

(08 Jul '15, 03:40) white tiger

have all the experience of other people that you affect and of the people that their action will also affect. and that was only a simple example among many that we could have put there to see how thing could be affected even if the person would have the best intention it does not mean that he or she will not make error. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. why go in to extreme to get to the opposite extreme? even complicated things are make of simple things so start with small things.

(08 Jul '15, 03:50) white tiger
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Hi @Stargirl Time Travel is all about putting your logic aside and letting your feelings flow. Some people name it radiesthesia , others remote viewing, others channeling etc depending on the method that they prefer.

There are techniques that can greatly enhance your performance, personally I use the servranx graphs and methods, I find them very efficient, they boost my journey inwards of self exploration where I explore that vast Inner Space where I exist.

Here's a video I received today from Simeon Hein where he talks about remote viewing, I hope you find it useful

http://newcrystalmind.com/2015/is-rv-an-innate-ability-or-do-you-need-training/ external link (opens in new window)


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Hi @Stargirl here is a starboy hahaha but for the analystical point of view ignore girl and boy and focus on the common point STAR.. wow wonderful it sounding like. I want to be star one day for definitely sure.

Coming to point of your question Time Travel and before answer your question here what I like about question on IQ it all about explorations, expansion where it just talks about continuity about life in all extreme conditions.

Now answer to your question(). Memories itself take us to a walk where it want to experience the everlasting fun and love. But before coming to the direct point that is time travel you definitely mean to travel for a very long distance (either past or future). However we now that short time is possible we already experience in our daily life. For example like an appointment is fixed for tomorrow that means we already travelled 24hours within the few talks on the telephonic call. OK now think about travelling 10 years forward[] It almost become hard to analyse the changes that take place over 10 years.

Think about the time of now is that you (or Im) are missing something the best when we meet people or trying to do some activity can it could be better then yesterday and today. I mean if we think about new than definitely time travel is possible.

Thank you.


answered 07 Jul '15, 02:18

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