I know that all time is simultaneous, and that the past can be changed. I have been working on changing memories of disturbing incidents in order to create a better past for myself. That being said, while revising memories involving other people, I find myself wondering if it's possible to create the other person acting differently than they normally would in the memory. What I mean is, can you create memories of a person acting "out of character" and have those memories still be valid and actually become what happened in the past once you believe the memory is real? I'm genuinely curious about this and am not asking with the intention of creating negative events involving others in the past. I just want to be able to change the memories with ease without having thoughts like "am I staying in line with this person's character in having them act like this in the memory?" or "I'm not sure they'd actually say that...". Any insight on what's possible with this would be very helpful. Thank you!

asked 17 Mar '18, 14:39

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Yes, you can.

Your memory of that person is just that- your memory. You can re-write it to involve a different version of that person, or you can write that person completely out of the memory- it doesn't matter. That person is completely different right now from the person you knew, and your experience of that person is completely different from everyone else's. So you're not changing something static- you're just putting together new memories and connecting with others in a different way. Don't limit yourself to a false sense of "realism"- the only realistic worldview is the one where everything is possible. Take that as far as you can, and only then will you know which limits are the ones you must have chosen for a reason.

What matters is to re-write that person in a way that is most believable to you. So you can use your creativity to create a positive version of the memory of that person that seems write to you- most likely because it would make the person you remember happy. But that's the person in your memory- you don't have to worry about all the other similar connected people, it's you you're working on- but it's still good to be as kind and generous to your co-creative partners in your imagination, because it will make you feel good, and then the positive effect on people in your life now will come automatically. That's transcending consideration, where you really have mutual goodness.


answered 17 Mar '18, 19:27

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