Consider: How does thinking correlates with thoughts, and spiritual activity of the mind?

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Nothing is not spiritual. The word matter derives from mater (or mother). Matter can be neither created nor destroyed. It's ALL God!

You can think or thought all you want but it's never not a spiritual act. We become that upon which our hearts and minds are fixed. What do you think about all day? That's who/what you are!

Happy UnBirthday!


answered 02 Dec '10, 01:39

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Hu Ra

Everything is God!

(02 Dec '10, 13:23) zvolkov

I have heard these words many times: we live in a very spiritual world, but you are saying nothing is not spiritual! Thank you for your answer.

(03 Dec '10, 05:44) Inactive User ♦♦

thoughts, thinking is a character of our spiritual soul as opposed to our material/ animal soul, or sub sconscious, which operates on/ respondes to sensations

(05 Dec '10, 23:03) fred

You are welcome Vee. Fred, how do you know this? Prove 'soul'.

(09 Dec '10, 00:53) Hu Ra
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thoughts would be sent or received by a thinking entity,
how spiritual would depend on the frequency of enery emanating


answered 01 Dec '10, 03:26

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I used to think that mind was brain and spirit was....well spirit. Then it dawned on me that when our physical body degrades and dies so does our brain.

So what are we going to think with when were out of our bodies?

If we dont think then were not alive,if we are to live after our physical transition then spirit must BE or HAVE a thinking facility.

The bible talks about the mind of the spirit.

The brains got its function as well. Its predominantly a physical tool to enable us to navigate and operate in a physical world.



answered 01 Dec '10, 13:04

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Monty Riviera

Your answer is intriguing, and there is merit to it. Thank you.

(03 Dec '10, 06:01) Inactive User ♦♦

Thanks Vee. I hope im right.I would hate to go on to something else with no ability to think,reason,appreciate or preference things.

(03 Dec '10, 09:45) Monty Riviera

Thought is spiritual because someone can have ideas that have never before been expressed or realized by other individuals.

There is a field of infinite possibilities were all possibilities exist in the spiritual realm. I think people like Einstien had a brain that was connected very well to the mind that was very well connected to the spiritual realm.


answered 01 Dec '10, 17:31

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I agree, field of infinite possibilities, good answer. Thank you.

(03 Dec '10, 05:55) Inactive User ♦♦

Honestly, I don't think anybody knows. But it is obvious thoughts do not come directly from our brains... and apart from our brains I don't think any other part of our bodies would be as good as our brain.

It's the same as asking where the mind resides!


answered 01 Dec '10, 05:01

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Thought is most definitely a spiritual activity of the mind. How do I know this? By first hand experience. Here is one example I'll share with you. Our household is unplugged from the media. We live in a small village and being a homemaker, in a world of working women, I don't have much interaction with those outside of my immediate household. So, as we drove to the outskirts of the biggest town around, I started registering thoughts of a certain event that I experienced long ago. I started to talk about the subject to my husband and how strange I recalled such an event now when I don't even feel like it. I had the thought about it but not the emotions to go with it and I felt it was out of synch. My husband, answered by informing me that a similar event this nation was commemorating on that particular day. That is a small example of how thoughts work and how not all of them are from within us!

Thank you, namaste


answered 01 Dec '10, 18:23

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Thank you for sharing, and I can certainly relate to your answer!

(03 Dec '10, 05:49) Inactive User ♦♦
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