I've been having a lot of Deja Vu experiences, lately, so i just wanted to know what may be the cause of them?

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TO EVERYONE WHO ANSWERED/PARTICIPATED IN THIS TOPIC... Your answers were very informative and they are appreciated. Thanx.:)

(12 Nov '09, 19:29) Chosen-one

Glad to help, questions bring us all enlightenment including the ones answering, before this question I hadn't thought of it. :-)

(18 Nov '09, 07:48) Wade Casaldi

True that, WADE. You'll laugh if i can tell you what inspired that question. THE MATRIX. That was when NEO saw a black cat twice... :)

(18 Nov '09, 12:07) Chosen-one

Oh very cool movie and when I saw that I said someone finely made a movie like my dreams I have.

(19 Nov '09, 07:11) Wade Casaldi

Very informative answers. Thanks everyone.:)

(03 Dec '09, 19:47) Chosen-one

chosen-one, maybe you briefly tap into the consciousness of your to be life review prior to attaching to your physical form

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@Barry Allen Four best answers? Is this some kind of glitch or a feature of the New IQ?

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I find that pretty funny,I am sure I am not alone on that one.love and light,

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@Wade Casaldi, it was a glitch in the software. I've now removed all the best answer allocations

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Another option is that we are shown this life, before coming here. Not in exact detail, of course, because our own free will and the free will of others will change some things, but we are shown signposts and a general view of the life we will have here on this plane. Some believe we then decide to accept the life, or ask for something else. So it could be true that something happens along the way, that we recognize on some level from seeing it before, and for just a moment, we remember that we've seen it already. Once that was explained to me, I was no longer mystified when I feel deja-vu.


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In my opinion, deja-vu is when you re-live an experience you have had in one of your past lives.

We are all non-physical beings who have decided to come and live as human beings on this planet. The non-physical beings we come from are eternal and remember and live all the experiences we have ever had in all our previous lives.

Deja-vu happens when for an instant or for however long, we have made a spiritual connection with our non-physical being who knows and remembers all and we suddenly feel that for example we have been somewhere before.


answered 08 Nov '09, 15:11

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Pink Diamond

This is an interesting subject, I have in one of my books how someone felt she had Deja-Vu at a restaurant. She just had this weird feeling like she had been here before and done all of this before. She was at a restaurant and the lights went out, a waiter with shinny buttons brought candles over and they had to sit and eat by candle light. She wrote this experience down in her journal and decided to look through it to see if she could find anything in the past similar. She found the entire story she had dreamed years ago, every detail perfect, the only thing wrong with the dream was she was with a man she had no idea who he was, and in life it was her husband whom she did not know when she dreamed the event.

Another I saw on television was a women that swore she felt like she had been to Ireland before, everything was so familiar. She not only felt this as she explored more about Ireland she felt she had children that she lost there! She went into hypnosis and found in a past life she lived there, and had this name and these three children. After that she started really researching and found these children that were now old she flew over to them and got the family back together and they all swear it is their mom came back for them even though she is much younger than they are.

I have been watching a movie already that I never saw before and felt like I did see it and could tell what was going to happen. Science says that is an epileptic seizure it could be I have no idea, or maybe I dreamed it but there has to be something bigger if all time and space is now then what seems like future is now and what seems like past is now then it makes sense that the brain could "go out of tune" "epileptic seizure" and experience the future now as the present or the present as the past.

It is something to ponder on though.


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Wade Casaldi

Another explaination is .. Dreams. most of the time we can't consciously remember our dreams. but we can have a very strong feeling whe we experience in reality what we expereinced in a dream. this is how our subconscious tell us ''I told you so''. sometimes, it's not only a strong feeling. sometimes we remember the dream as a vison. we remember every part of it at the same moment of experiencing it in reality. this creates mental confusion. because the conscious and subconscious are like talking to you at the same time, and saying the same thing.


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deja vue from what i know are not from dream i lucid dream and if i would have dream of something before a deja vue i would know it! but yes some dream show you the future but those i recall and it is not like deja vue in the sense that you know you have dream about it and know when! deja vue are more like something created like 20 second in advence of event!

(14 Jun '11, 00:41) white tiger

The nerve pattern’s activity causes the illusion of a present, in which your consciousness appears focused and alert. In certain terms "future” events exists now, but they are too fast. They jump over the nerve endings too quickly, and physically you cannot perceive or experience them as yet. Beneath your usual consciousness, your physical organism can react to future events without your knowledge, as it can to past ones. In such cases the intensity of the initially nonphysical event is enough to break through normal neuronal patterns.

If you are aware of such a future episode, you will be forced to react to it as a conscious being. In any case your temporal structure will respond whether or not you are aware of the reasons for such behavior. The future incident may then occur in its time sequence, and you recognize it through memory, in which case your reactions in that future present will be altered because of the seemingly past memory.

Source: The nature of personal reality


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That was an very complex statement simplified down and I don't know why and how but I understood the way you explain it and it makes you ponder deeply.

(13 Nov '09, 08:12) flowingwater

Wikipedia has a good article on the topic that you may find informative. The most likely explanation, it says, "is not that it is an act of 'precognition' or 'prophecy', but rather that it is an anomaly of memory giving the impression that an experience is 'being recalled' ". Read the full article. It makes a lot of sense.

I've had many déjà vu experiences but none of them have brought any significant insights to me. However, there is a sense of familiarity and comfort to them when it happens and I take that as a confirmation of sorts that I am where I should be, doing what I should be doing.


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I am glad that helps you John. I have not had any. Listen to your inner spirit which connects you to God and you will know most importantly is that he is there with you reguardless of where you are going and what course you are taking. If you feel comfortable and right than you are on the right course for your inner spirit is calm and at peace. Take care John.

(13 Nov '09, 08:20) flowingwater

they look like a memory anomaly. when you see what is going to happen before it happens it is not from memory! example you know someone is going to ring the door bell and will say is name is bob and he as come for this and that etc. and it is the first time you are there it is not from memory!

(14 Jun '11, 00:36) white tiger

well i see deja vue as being mildstone to say that we are on the right way and that we are suppose to be at that place in that time! the longuess deja vue i have add was 30 minutes with some new people at a new place that i never was before!and it was like watching 2 screen at the same time on 1 screen it was like watching with 20 second on advence what was on the other screen! the home alarm starting the phone ringing the password of the new alarm system someone coming at the door etc.

and i can tell you it is not from memory if you know the new person name that is going to ring at the door before he does it. so the theory of brain problem or the eye seing stuff and the brain not taking it fast enuff and you realise it after is not working. the seizure theory is not working also.


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white tiger

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