Every time I think of the good things that I could have (and eventually will have) I feel the urge to justify it. It's kind of annoying because right now whenever I think about something I'd like to have (like a lot of money, great apartment, car etc.) I enjoy it for a second and then immediately feel guilty and bad! I think thoughts like: "Why should I be so lucky?!" or "What did I do for it (nothing)?!"

I know this is because of some limiting beliefs that I have and I am in the process of letting them go, but still my mind tries to convince me every time that I must do something for my well-being, otherwise I take advantage of others! And this is one of the beliefs that I currently hold. I see it so clearly, but it doesn't shift.

Of course, I notice the negative emotion immediately and I try to find some relief by reminding me that there's enough of everything, that I am a creator and that I am worthy, but those beliefs don't stick (and don't feel true). This scenario happens multiple times every day and I'm kind of tired of it.

Sometimes I think that I need to have a real logical explanation of why it is okay to get everything without doing something, even though I know that my thoughts are creating the things that I want, but still... My mind is not convinced about that :)

Is it normal for beliefs to be "unstable" before they change or am I doing something wrong? Sometimes I really feel that I am worthy just because and that I can have a lot of money without working for it, but most of the time I'm not convinced of that.

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You wrote...

my mind tries to convince me every time that I must do something for my well-being, otherwise I take advantage of others!

...and then you wrote...

Sometimes I think that I need to have a real logical explanation of why it is okay to get everything without doing something

Okay, here's some logic to upset your belief system... :)

  • When your heart beats unceasingly day-in, day-out to keep your body functioning, what did you do to deserve that?

  • When you wake up and it's a beautiful, glorious sunny morning outside that makes you glad to feel alive, what did you do to deserve that?

  • When your little toddler beams a wonderful loving smile at you that makes your heart melt with joy, what did you do to deserve that?

  • When you listen to your favorite music and you feel so uplifted and joyful that you marvel at the mind that must have created it, what did you do to deserve that?

  • When someone performs a random act of kindness for you (e.g. opening a door for you, helping you with your toddler, whatever...), what did you do to deserve that?

  • When you plant a seed and weeks later a beautiful flower grows with breathtaking colors and aromas, what did you do to deserve that?

  • ...and so on, and so on, and so on...

There's so many more I can think of but I'm sure you must be getting the point, and my fingers are getting bored :)

Just in being born on Planet Earth, you've already incurred "debts" you can never, ever repay...

  • You are obviously feeling healthy enough to type your question today...what did you do to deserve that health?

  • You were obviously breathing at the time you wrote your question....what did you do to deserve that air?

  • You obviously must have some fingers and hands to type on your computer keyboard...what did you do to deserve your body?

It's only human beings (with scarcity consciousness) - and a bizarre illogical addiction to the human-made system of "money" - that demand that something must be given in return for something received.

alt text

Nature never works that way - ever seen a plant refuse to grow because it wasn't paid enough?

The Universe never works that way - ever seen a star refuse to shine because you didn't settle your account?

In fact, I've just answered your question for free and there's no way for you to pay me back...so what did you do to deserve that? :)


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You sure made your points here @Stingray :) I definitely have some food for my demanding mind... And my belief system is definitely upset, oh yes! Thank you.

(05 Sep '15, 15:25) spacemetalfantasy

This is just an observation whether it has anything to do with the question in hand I don't know but for me it certainly does trigger tears. The drawing that you show of hands holding a globe @Stingray reminds me of many years ago when I was visiting my mother who at the time was interned in a mental hospital, there was another woman patient that I saw who walked around often clenching and staring at a kids football with tears streaming down her face.

(06 Sep '15, 01:24) jaz

In other words indeterminate symbols can have 7 billion (about the number of humans living today) different interpretations following the internal emotional mechanisms. There are however commonly accepted mother symbols, symbolic patterns, symbolic imagery common to all humans... architypes, matrixes, shapes that act as relays, portals between the manifest and the unmanifest, the unmoved mover.

(06 Sep '15, 01:34) jaz

@spacemetalfantasy - You, and your upset belief system, are welcome :)

(07 Sep '15, 16:23) Stingray
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To the obviously brilliant answer by @Stingray, I'll add some of my suggestions :)

1. Go forward and justify, it can be a good first step sometimes. In the next steps you can bring it to ridiculing, taking it to some funny extremes, or you can understand something about it, but for the first step you sometimes may not have enough .. access to something else. If, of course.

Some time ago, when doing my processes, I noticed, that when answering a question "What do I want?", even though I knew that in every desired circumstance I wanted the feelings that they would give me, but I couldn't just list the feelings, I didn't quite have access to them. I needed first to list the desired circumstances, and then imagining them happening, I could see the feelings.

In the beginning I tried to skip this step, but then just allowed myself this path of least resistance.

It may be not your case, but you can try and see.

2. Try not to fight this belief, not to convince yourself otherwise, just to observe, that you have it.

For me it works the best in some cases: just observing. After some time it falls off by itself, when I clearly see it in a neutrality. When I'm trying to fight the belief, convincing myself otherwise, there's too much noise around it, no way to simply see it in neutrality.And sometimes neutrality works the best.

By the way, thank you: I realized now, what I should do with the belief I was fighting these days :)

3. This by itself can just be a sign of .. energy, available to you for the taking. I mean, raising your vibration and benefiting from it.

May I recommend to you Babemba, a good funny way to feel better with yourself. :)

Sometimes the rising limiting beliefs are not for the digging and rooting out - they just are an expression of a vibration, and when you raise it, you will just feel so sure and in your right, in your fullness, in your creating your world, that it will have a different expression, more pleasant to you.

Would you rather feel and Questions are good for that, too.

Happy feeling! :)


answered 03 Sep '15, 06:12

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Olga Farber

Thank you, @Olga Farber, beautiful answer. I especially like the last paragraph. I look forward to feel sure and in my right to create my world.

(05 Sep '15, 15:29) spacemetalfantasy

thank you, @spacemetalfantasy :)

(05 Sep '15, 15:30) Olga Farber

thoughts of separateness will
always have their day in court,
this world may not be for
satiation of physical desires


answered 03 Sep '15, 14:13

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