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I've thought control, I know how to behave with people and make them feel good. Almost everyone like my presence. All the way everyone welcome me with good state of mind. Surrounding, circumstances, environment has turned good like never before. Peoples Mind, thought & actions has changed. Everyone trying to thing and act good and I feel awesome and my real world.

I'm jobless(from 15 days) though nothing has changed, everywhere motivations and inspirations. Being all good, my pockets empty. No doubt I'm a new persons (by mere following Dynamic Thought) but though something keeping me away to be economically success.

Being all respect and love I feel guilty by not giving a gift to my dear one or at least sufficient enough to my personally needs.

I'm trying to be hopeful not to get into depression and I able to do it. I'm trying to focus to something that works well economically.

Being unsuccess I'm successful.

I never fails to be hopeful. Its all about deep inside pain that I can't share with anyone. Thanks to Inward Quest that atleast I share it here, that throw my depression a mile away. Don't know which face(expression) I come across and want to be my pocket full to meet it (for the rest I have Dynamic Thought).

Thank to the readers and for the answers. Love :)

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Hi! I would like to mention about a new consciousness I experienced 'I have attended an interview and after all went good, the interviewer said "I don't know you have less rating and not qualified". The expressions in her face is like she want to shortlist me but something made her to disqualify me and she don't know the reason. But I keep up my hope till I meet death.

(17 Apr '14, 23:55) PERFECT GOOD

in other words you're ready to face your core negative belief

(18 Apr '14, 01:01) jaz
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There is more than the beliefs about outside of us, we must as well believe in ourselves.

This is the part that I think most fail on. As hard as it may be to believe in things coming to us, it seems harder to believe in ourselves.

I can believe a new car is coming to me, this is an object it has no resistance because it is an object. Now will I be able to afford that new car that is coming to me??? Oh no, wait a moment, I'm not doing too well financially. I have to get a better job, more pay! Am I capable to take inspired action, or afraid to because I know myself?

Resistance, is within the self whether you believe you can have something or are worthy is all a matter of your strong beliefs.

Now you could do exercises of the mind like Avatar (EPC) and say beliefs have no power of their own I can change them as easily as I change my cloths.

Of course that is another belief until you realize it as just a fact that no beliefs have power including that belief itself! At that point but not until, you will burst out laughing because you will feel set free.

But for now all that I'm saying is word lessons, until you find the world lessons you might accept them superficially but not really feel and know them as your reality.

I have experienced this at times off and on because as many times as I really felt I had it, it went back away meaning I only had it superficially and my world belief lesson in being stuck and that beliefs are hard to change didn't yet dissolve.

So we go around in circles saying I really have to work on changing these beliefs until we can get out of those self belief circles and realize that the fact that we are trying hard is because we are believing that this is going to take a lot of work.

Again at that point we will burst out laughing because who has been in control. It is like flipping the experienced switch on a video game then getting frustrated trying to play because we don't believe we can flip the switch to novice.

Oh wow!!! That is a beautiful belief right there, I could imagine that, a novice switch in my head! If things get overwhelming, I get scattered and scared, I imagine flipping that novice switch from expert and relaxing. Now everything becomes easy, I was playing the game of life in the wrong mode, now I can win too!

So if that is what you need to switch your beliefs is a visual switch then use it! It seems something I'll experiment on myself, maybe even a cheat button that makes problems disappear, don't like the level I'm on, press that cheat button and advance easy.

It is fun thinking of managing the brain like a video game system.

Anyway that is if you like visual, I am sure it could be done other ways as well.

You are in control.


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the answer made great impact on my mind. Feel like I'm really afraid touching some of my belief system, I'll work on them. Thank you.

(29 Mar '14, 12:26) PERFECT GOOD

This will make it easier, any beliefs you have whether they are things you were told or read or even experienced are your own beliefs. Think of it like a painting or better yet, your doodles. You scribble a little doodle, you do not have to keep it, you can throw it away and get another piece of paper. It is yours to do what you want because you made it, the same with our beliefs. Even beliefs we are told are like a doodle someone gives us, we can file it away if it serves us, or trash it.

(29 Mar '14, 12:47) Wade Casaldi

Happy in my occupations, enough money for whatever i desire, feel good = positive beliefs

Jobless, no money, guilt, depression, pain = negative beliefs.

Your subconscious is always listening to the instructions that you give it and your instructions follow your beliefs or in other words your beliefs create your life and your  life is a reflection of your beliefs. 

Positive beliefs create a positive way of life, you have free time to enjoy yourself, with positive beliefs you get money, you get good relationships, you get that job you want, you create the kind of life you wish. 

Negative beliefs create a negative life, you struggle, end up in debt, you get into the  difficult relationships and life gets more and more difficult. 

If you're not where you would like to be, if you are out of money, if you're plainly unhappy then you have a negative belief system. 

"Success is being unsuccessful", this phrase indicates a situation facing contradictory ideas, it is a double bind from which there is no escape, it's clearly a negative loop mechanism in which your negative beliefs are enticing you with a reward so that you stay within the boundaries of the negative belief system and you have the impression of being successful

alt text

You know how to behave with people and make them feel good, the most important part is to feel good yourself and all the rest will follow ... L&L

alt text


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the phrases are not just the phrases it has come out after sufficient time of experience in real life. My phrase clearly means positiveness. In other terms 'being failure I achieved success' (enjoying the failure). I trying tell you that negative change into positive by change of vision, the matter never changes. However thank you for your efforts.

(29 Mar '14, 11:37) PERFECT GOOD
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