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When our spirit essence enters the Game (which I call the computation Matrix) it enters the Game at a quantum level. Upon entering the Game our spirit essence is assigned what is termed a 'soul' or 'sol'. The soul is a memory complex programme - a recording or 'hard disc drive' - where experiences, memories, and functions are stored. However, it should be noted that as the soul is a programme, such could also be reprogrammed or hacked into, with false memories downloaded and genuine memories overlaid with screen imagery. This is a salient aspect to be considered.

In the computation Matrix we begin our journey of the Game concurrently at the least dense and most dense level of densities within the initially formatted construct of the Game. Of course, by 'our being' in the Game, and via our manifestational powers of creation via thought and Source energy of our being, the Game continually shifts layers, dimensions, and densities within its initial sub-logos construct to manifest vibrationally that of the Creator beings' individuated and collective consciousnesses who play the Game. In a very literal or linear sense, we ascend and descend the layered planes of the Game concurrently. This is all part of the contra-programming of the computation Matrix, which is an ouroboros programme prism, based on the Mind of 'The Father' (the proton) and the Womb of 'The Mother' (the electron), with us--the neutron - being the 'trapped' offspring between these two combatting energetic polarities. Both desire us to stay in their realms, as well as to escape both.

When we begin acknowledging the Game for what it is, a programme of the Game is activated to lure us into paranoia of our virtual-reality environment, so that we break down mentally and can no longer function within the Game. This, again, is part of the Soul Harvesting process: traumatise the spirit to gain access to the individuated soul. By accessing the individuated soul one gains access to the Group Soul (Social Memory Complex) and the Soul Family (Oversoul Memory Complex) that such individuated souls are connected to via energetic signatures.

To all of you, I ask:

Have you considered that you were once an all-powerful sentient being that became bored with your existence? Have you considered that a Game was created and agreed to by you and others to 'escape' your boring existences of being all-powerful, and to know what it is like to be limited and disconnected from what you truly are? Have you considered that you have become addicted to the Game of duality, materialism, and limitation you continue to power?

I have :o)


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only because of division. and what is power with out knowledge and experience? you can have all the power at your disposal but if you have no idea how to use it you remain powerless. also above there is no such war. only in this world of matter where people are divided.

(22 Sep '15, 10:53) white tiger

we come here for growth just like a child go to school to learn some new stuff or own some new skill. and one day when the physical body is at end we go back to the kingdom above where there is no division, between the peacemaker and the pure of heart.

(23 Sep '15, 09:29) white tiger
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The duality is a requirement for existence. Perfection needs a reference point to complete the circle. We are holding up our side of the bargain. There is no I or you for we are a collective, holding this reality together, because it is a requirement. The choice is comparisons. The original sin. Once we chose, when, and why doesn't matter. It had to happen no matter what.


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