I am working at developing my ability to see energy. Is there some techniques ones could share that would help me develop this ability?

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Yes there are techniques, if you have a mirror and a white wall to stand behind it is easier.

Stand up behind the white wall facing the mirror, look at your self or you can do your hand placed by the wall. Stare at your head or your hand and you will start to see what looks like heat waves of energy between your fingers and over each finger tip. If you are looking at your head you will start to see this around your face and over your head.

If you see this congratulations you have just saw the beginning of your aura. This is the light we give off because we are made of light actually, we are light being.

The more you do this the more you may start to notice faint colors.

Here is another way hold your hands fingers toward each other now face the white wall as you look between your hands and finger tips, you will notice then the same thing now pull away and push together and you will see this stretches.

The second part you asked is about feeling energy, I will answer this now.

Hold your hands facing each other relaxed again, this time imagine and command energy to radiate out from your hands towards each other, imagine this as forming a ball in between your hands. when you start feeling it again stretch it and move your hands in circles, feel it move as you move, it is a very subtile feeling barely there but you will notice it grow stronger the more you do.

In truth no feeling grows stronger or brighter it is just we notice more the more we really pay attention.


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Wade Casaldi

Thanks! It sounds like something I need to practice and become more aware of, daily.

(13 Aug '10, 18:10) Assister

You are very welcomed, yes practice heightens awareness.

(16 Aug '10, 05:02) Wade Casaldi

The only thing I can suggest is meditating. To be able to get in touch with more than the physical realm, one has to be able to still their mind and the best way I know of doing this is meditation.Meditation like most things takes practice but the more time you can spend becoming still, the easier it becomes to quieten the egoic mind and tap into something beyond here - even this physical realm seems to become more alive and we begin to see the energy of things vibrating as our awareness grows.


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abhishek mishra

by practicing look at your self do you see your body double? if you see it do you see the lines of colours interwine in double? if you see it what is next can you see it?

also for seing energy in the summer look at the asphalt in the street do you see some red waves coming from the ground where the sun hits the asphalt?

as for feeling energy you need to be aware try this close your eye slap your hand together in front of you move them to your side like if you would be on a cross and make small movement forward backward until your hand comes back together and notice what you feel while doing that do you notice some tickling or some resistance? or some pulling or pushing?

also meditating deep meditation will produce some changes in you. and will enable you to focus and being aware at a higher degree.

experience and enjoy.


answered 29 Aug '11, 21:12

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