As an Empath/Spiritually in-tuned person can see and feel another's vibrations and when they are telling the truth, lying, deceiving, etc., what do we do with this information?

When confronting another (as an Empath), that other person gets defensive and may verbally attack the one telling them what they see/feel.

Also, others are blind and believe the lie joining in the verbal attack. I have always 'told it like it is' and don't 'beat around the bush' when I see something and don't keep it to myself but tell the person what I see/feel.

This angers them and others and puts me on the 'she's crazy' side of life, by other's opinions. I have been through this scenario many times. Maybe I should not be telling them what I see but I am getting this information about another for a reason.

Maybe the way I am telling it is out of my own anger issues and not in a loving, assertive manner and I cannot see this.

I believe being Empathic is only being in-tune to other's on a Spiritual level. Thank you

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Jillayne Marie

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Well? Anybody? Hello out there.............. Is there something wrong with my question?

(18 Oct '15, 19:16) Jillayne Marie

I dont tell anyone what I experience,with their energies,not my and light...

(18 Oct '15, 19:33) Roy

Thank you Roy

(19 Oct '15, 06:51) Jillayne Marie

@Jillayne Marie "Is there something wrong with my question?" ... yes, there's an embedded double bind

(20 Oct '15, 14:35) jaz

Hi @Jillayne Marie I very much enjoy your phrase "I am getting this information about another for a reason" ... I love receiving information feedback, feedback can be useful whatever the mood, even silence is feedback :)

(21 Oct '15, 02:30) jaz

@Jillayne Marie as you say "I am getting this information about another for a reason", yes this information is useful feedback, it's showing the way to empowerment.

(28 Oct '15, 02:20) jaz

Thanks everyone, for your perceptions. It seems that most are looking at my question through negative eyes. With that, I realize that thinking so much will distract me from my true Self and that asking others a question is also asking for their own perceptions which can, and will be clouded by their own beliefs and life experiences. Thanks to all who answered. Every answer to every question is within. ~ Jillayne

(29 Oct '15, 03:15) Jillayne Marie
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what do we do with this information?

Nothing at all :)

There's a basic idea in these spiritual subjects that you don't answer questions that haven't been asked.

Ignoring that idea tends to lead to an unpleasant experience for all concerned :) Been there, done that, many times in my life and I've learned not to do it any more.

Any vibrationally-sensitive person is going to pick up on things that others may not want them to know about. I tend to view such things as a valuable exercise in learning to keep my big mouth shut :)

Of course, there will be times when someone doesn't even know they could ask you a question (especially when you keep your "interests" well hidden). In those cases, you can consider a strong inspiration to say something to them from a good feeling place as a question that has been asked...and which you can then answer in whatever way feels appropriate to you.

Maybe the way I am telling it is out of my own anger issues and not in a loving, assertive manner

Maybe ;)


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Thank you Stingray

(19 Oct '15, 06:55) Jillayne Marie

to the question How does and empath deal with other.simple like any other one. the only difference is that he as more information, and since many people are blind being lead by blind. it does not give that empath that know what is in their heart and mind any reason to trust him self to them. why would a empath need to confront any one? waste of time for the empath. if he all ready know that the other person seek confrontation what ever he is going to say can lead to confrontation so better to stay far or silent at least he will not get caught in the other person internal and external storm. you see First clean the inside of the cup and dish, and then the outside also will be clean. if you go to someone house and he gives you dirty cup and dish are you responsable of it are is the person that is receiving you responsible of is own stuff? or maybe your question would be do I tell him that is cup is dirty even if he does not see or want to see it. you can try but if you all ready know that it will give nothing then do not drink from is cup and drink from your own. doing this you will have clean water if your cup is clean or at least clean enough for you. as for those that join in to show that they are like other or better then other and do worse then them, they are not better then any one. if they want to fool them self and stay in ignorance it is their choice. nothing new under the sun.

since you say you anger can you say that your cup is clean?

Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry,Whoever is slow to anger has great understanding, but he who has a hasty temper exalts folly.

Do not let your hearts be troubled.

Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


answered 21 Oct '15, 01:15

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white tiger

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When we see another, we are looking at our own self ~ Jillayne

(27 Oct '15, 17:34) Jillayne Marie

@jillayne Marie Are you so sure about this? when you see people in this world thinking that they are better then other blaming and judging other for their mistake thinking that they are better then any one else and that they will not make mistake and often they do even worse. Or what about people that judge other people according to what they do them self and that they do not want to see?

(27 Oct '15, 17:58) white tiger

@Jillayne Marie and what if someone is not like that in this world then can he say that he is looking at him self? is their any one perfect in this world? if their would be any one perfect in this world he would not be in this world. is there any one in this world that can stay in truth with a pure heart and not affected by this world? can any one keep is own water pure? can any one have understanding at the place of success and self praise?

(27 Oct '15, 18:02) white tiger Blessed are the pure in heart they shall see God.

(27 Oct '15, 18:42) white tiger

You are looking at my question from a negative viewpoint.

(29 Oct '15, 03:10) Jillayne Marie

@Jillayne Marie you said:You are looking at my question from a negative viewpoint. why do you say this? because I tell you the truth? then you say that this world is negative? or then one that is beholding this find it negative? and if it is the one beholding this that find it negative what is in that person to find this negative? get to know thyself and renew your mind.

(30 Oct '15, 02:47) white tiger
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I think I am kinda-sorta an empath-type person - but I have always experienced it as a difficulty, as an inability (for a long time) to disentangle "how I feel" from "how other people feel" - only recently has it even become apparent to me that maybe other people don't feel this way all the time.

I don't really think that I should tell the other person what I am intuiting about their emotional state. The times I have, in anger, told someone what I sensed about them, I did it as an act of aggression. It made me feel pretty bad afterward, because I think it can be really painful to have someone zoom in from the outside like "You're only saying that because you fear that you'll be alone all your life because you are fundamentally unlovable". And I don't want to go around spreading pain, if only because that feels bad to me, and I don't want to feel bad. So mostly I keep it to myself. The more I do my own developmental work, the more I also understand that:

*when I am vibrationally aligned, I don't see people as broken (because Source doesn't see anyone as broken). So if I see people as broken and in need of my help (or correction?), it's a sign that I'm not in alignment.

*it's really none of my business what other people are doing. And I only feel that it is my business - that they are intruding into my reality with their nonsense or pain or whatever - when I'm out of alignment. So I guess that's really the same as the above, you know?

It's not my work to fix people, and they can't actually jump into my reality, so when those things feel real, I know I'm not in alignment, and it's a good time to close my mouth and disengage and go do something else if possible. (A work in progress for me.)

@Stingray says above that he has learned "not to answer questions nobody is asking", which is something I have learned/am learning (another work in progress) in other arenas. I've noticed this with children: "teaching" children things they haven't asked for is nearly pointless, you only get it into their heads with repetition and haranguing. But a child who wants to know something will grasp it and have it forever within minutes. Totally different ballgame.

It's hard to remember that other people are not our business. But.... other people are not our business!


answered 27 Oct '15, 23:35

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