I hear persistent angry voices in my head berating me for being an a$$hole, a useless $%$^, etc. There is a main voice, and he has occasional backup when I try and argue with the voice I hear. The experience feels like telepathy. A friend who was once a psychiatrist says my mind has created these voices. What do I need to do with my mind to make them cease?

I take medication but it does not help.

I have experienced depression and anxiety for a long time, and have become a little self serving, and self centred. On rare occasions I receive praise, for thinking of other people.

Where does this voice come from? It is angry and does not stop berating me. It feels like telepathy coming from an angry neighbour in the next neighbourhood, yet it is with me no matter where I travel.

I have read a similar question where the answer was: the voice(s) come from a negative ego. I do have a negative outlook on life, and I sometimes project this onto other people, which I know is not the right thing to do.

Why can't I just be a negative person without the beration coming from this voice? I might learn to become a nicer, more benevolent person a lot easier. I receive no peace.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

@SR7, answer this question for me please. - How worthy do you feel to be as a person that you are right now? And when you answer that, let me know why, what is the reason you feel like that. By what you measure your worthiness.

(12 Apr '12, 11:56) CalonLan

@CalonLan. Not very worthy. Why? I'm not so sure. I don't have a job. I don't maintain friendships. I'm not very hospitable with people. I dislike visitors visiting the house I live in with my parents. I don't know how to sit down and listen to people; be gentle with them. I'm not the best at being an adult.

(12 Apr '12, 12:21) SR7

@sr7, thanks for answering and now lets try to find out the measure by which you define yourself. What is it - how far you go in life? How high you climb corporate ladder? How much money you make in life? In other words, what would make you feel like a worthy person, are you able to imagine that and describe it? What would make you feel at the top?

Also, you can't listen to people unless genuinely interested, but that we can discuss later.

(12 Apr '12, 13:00) CalonLan

@CalonLan. Just serving others using my skills and talents would make me feel like a worthy person. I have maths skills, and website skills, and some artistic/creative skills which I use as a hobby. Doing all of the above with some benevolance, and good humour would make me feel like a nice person again.

(13 Apr '12, 02:35) SR7

@SR7, very good! So what is standing in the way between you and doing those things? Or more specifically, what do you BELIEVE is true about yourself that is holding you back from doing them?

You see, everything we do or not do, is subject to our believes. If you want to change your behavior, you have to change your believes. You might try to force the change through will power or motivation, but it will be go back, because of the believes you have about yourself, life, the world.

(13 Apr '12, 03:06) CalonLan

@CalonLan: Fear of negativity within me. Fear of darkness within me. Sometimes my head hurts. I used to try meditation, and focused my mind's eye through the spot just above and between my eyes, where Indian people sometimes place their bindi (sp). Sometimes I think I have damaged a part of my brain my performing meditation incorrectly. I can also be a bit of an energy sucker. I think this is a bit of spiritual immaturity.

(13 Apr '12, 03:11) SR7

I will think about my beliefs a little more and post back. I appreciate your assistance and positivity.

(13 Apr '12, 03:12) SR7

@SR7, so you acknowledge the negativity within you, but in RELATION TO WHAT you fear it? Let me wonder for a moment....

Could it be you are afraid to display that negativity towards your environment, towards the other people because of what they might think of you based on your "attitude"?

Or could it be that you are known as a negative person, and you actually believe that it SERVES you to stay that way, because you believe that life would be much harder if you were to change to someone

(13 Apr '12, 03:24) CalonLan

positive? That everybody would doubt and not believe you are different. Because your past "proves" you are not positive? That's why you could subconsciously bring up those voices to keep yourself in the place that you are right now.

And do you actually believe you NEED A PROOF in order to believe something to be TRUE? If you do, and your past happens to be negative, it's your proof. But if you stop believing you need a proof, you can imagine yourself to be a better person and even though you

(13 Apr '12, 03:27) CalonLan

@CalonLan; both are true to an extent; about 80/20 first answer to second answer.

(13 Apr '12, 03:27) SR7

will have no proof of being that person, you will be ABLE to believe you ARE that person. See, perhaps you also think that what you experience in real life has some degree of "truth" and that your imagination is in fact but a "lie". But your brain cannot tell the difference between real experience and illusionary one. It's your belief that real experience is true that makes the difference.

This is just something to think about. Feel free to reflect on it or any part of it. :)

(13 Apr '12, 03:30) CalonLan

@SR7, then why would you assign more importance to what others think than to what you think? It's just thoughts and as thoughts they are all equal.

Look, I could treat you like a king and somebody else like a bum. But this is because each of us would see you from different perspective. You can't let opinion of others become your reality. You will never find happiness outside of yourself. Only within.

Just for purpose of an exercise of, can you imagine that this world is a kingdom..

(13 Apr '12, 04:02) CalonLan

It's the only kingdom there is and it contains the whole world and all the people. And you are the king. Wouldn't you then look at everyone with compassion and love?

You can think of yourself as that king, it doesn't matter what others see, because they don't know what you know. You will see, that your ego gets transformed into more positive and optimistic one if you go about life like that.

(13 Apr '12, 04:05) CalonLan

if you would treat him as a king he would not like it and as a bum neither. those are 2 extremes and does not make people happy. the king is afraid to get kill rob or to not be able to do is responsability. and the bum is afraid to remain poor and die. he would like to be appreciated as he is not as people see him from their limited perspective. that is what i think.

(13 Apr '12, 04:11) white tiger

@white tiger, if both would be afraid, then everyone else would have something to be afraid of. Even "he for being who he is as he is now" would fear something. Difference would only be in nature of those fears.

(13 Apr '12, 04:17) CalonLan

yes but 2 extremes applied to someone is not who he is. only by getting to know someone can you know who he really is in truth and love. but often that is not what people do they judge other people or they think they know better. if they would put that judgement away and listen to the person often it would solve alot of problem for them self and other. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5X8Xv2XjSY

(13 Apr '12, 04:32) white tiger

@white tiger, that is right, but I think in this case SR7 does not like who he is himself. After all he's got inner voices telling him so. My intetion was to illustrate that each of us choose to be who he is, and if we do not like who we find ourselves to be, then we can change it. In a blink of an eye if enough understanding of how can we do that is available to us.

(13 Apr '12, 04:50) CalonLan

well i would suggest to him to find is inner peace with him self and other and to move from negative to positive. darkness is the main problem here. bring the light of truth and the darkness will move away. right now he think he is darkness and he as guilt of things he as done being negative. he should repent accept is error and solve anny problem that he as done. no one is perfect in this world but we can try to be. that is how we progress. also he should take a look at him self

(13 Apr '12, 05:13) white tiger

he as good quality there is a little light in side of him waiting to be found. that is who he really is. he should let no one foul him and bring him down to the darkness make the light shine. the darkness will go away.

(13 Apr '12, 05:17) white tiger

SR7 you have done a very admirable thing by asking for help with your problem. This alone tels us that you are on your way to recovery. You know and akcnowledge your problem and are seeking a solution to it and that in itself shows that subconsciously you know you are light and not just darkness. Good for you.

(13 Apr '12, 06:21) Paulina 1

Just thought I'd add an answer myself.

I have progressed in mood and energy levels quite a lot since I wrote my question. I've lost about 7kg (in a healthy manner), and I've regained employment too.

I now have a 2nd casual job I can perform from home, and an agreement with a business owner to redesign the websites for his 50 companies.

So: I am in a much better place than originally.

The voices are still present, but I think the medication I have been taking has quietened them.

Hearing voices is a symptom more common than you might think; a lot of people do hear voices. For some, the voices are inside their head, for others (like me), the voices are external voices (they sound like they're 30m away).

I don't know if I have 'manifested' any of my recent employment conditions, but I have been putting effort into the equation (I think effort and action are essential to manifest anything), combined with an increasingly positive approach to life.

So, I am grateful.

(13 Sep '12, 05:48) SR7

@SR7 Well done - sounds like what you are doing is working.

(13 Sep '12, 06:00) Catherine

@SR7 - this is very good to know, thank you so much for letting us know how you are. I always wonder how folks get on after reading something like this, and so many times we don't know. Congratulations on your progress, I have no doubt it will continue.

(13 Sep '12, 09:24) Grace

Wow, just look at the "old" @CalonLan.

(13 Sep '12, 09:26) Grace

@SR7 thanks for checking back in and telling the continued story.All to often IQ gets questions from people and they don't come back and fill in the blanks...

(13 Sep '12, 18:10) ursixx

Wonderful I'm happy for you, you have come a log way and should be proud of yourself. You will get even better with time and maybe the voices will disappear altogether but if not every time there is a negatve voice replace it with the opposite positive thought.

(14 Sep '12, 01:26) Paulina 1
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This will be a fight to the bitter end. No one escapes the war of the mind. The best prescription is to center yourself around good deeds. Always seek to help others. Be kind not only to people, but to all of creation. Give a smile and a compliment which can be worth more than money. Do not seek a reward, but know that your reward is yet to come, not in monetary donations, but in happiness, where the abundance thereof is infinite. No one escapes the war, just remember who your fighting for.


answered 13 Apr '12, 10:05

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Hi, your question caught my eye as I suffered/still suffer occasionally from the same thing. And I know what a hell it can be day to day!! I hope this can be of help somehow.

My voices do not come from me tho, they come from a group of people who did not have my best interests at heart when i was at rock bottom a few years ago, who took up residence in my head. This is how it went for me:

At first, they berated me all the time, I always pictured myself in public, when they were all together. They were always humiliating me, saying how easy it was to take advantage, how i deserved to be in this situation because it would never happen to them, its just scum like me that atracts it. I beg them to leave me alone, they dont. I took medication to help, it didnt.

After a while I noticed this happens every time I felt quite positive. I noticed after a while that I started these scenes in my head (although not on purpose) to purely test myself. Am I strong enough to take these people on if I met them again now? What would I say this time, I imagine their games, their put downs they can become quite nasty and cruel, and every time I got a little bit further Id start testing myself in my head with my enemies.

Recently, Ive stopped fighting them. In my head I notice they are simply looking for a reaction, they want my attention. If I was weak and pathetic, they simply wouldnt bother taking me on. So therfore, they must be sniffing out something great in me that I have been missing!! I dont need to do this to anyone to make myself feel good, so why do these voices need to do it to me. Nowadays, i see them coming, I give them a rude hand gesture and when I get close to them, tell them to sort their own tragic life out and stop leaching off mine. To just shut the hell up. Then I walk home, and when I arrive I say to my perfect partner in my perfect house-remember how they would screw up my whole day, they just look so sad now. And Im always looking fabulous at this point haha.

I usually try to end it there. Seriously, you are giving them more time than they deserve. I think youre testing yourself like me-questioning your own worth. Your waisting precious time, tell them (out loud in the street if you have to) that there isnt room in your head anymore for them. Start thinking about your own life and soon you will get one. xxx


answered 13 Apr '12, 16:14

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Red Shoes

I have a theory that when people one side of their brain dominantly, for various reasons, that affects their perception of time/space and All that is. I was watching this video with Jill Bolte Taylor, a brain scientist, and discovered that it is our left brain that processes time/space, past/future, while the right brain connects us to here Now and All that is.

So the more left brain and less right brain someone is, the more separate they feel, even from their thoughts and sometimes even their bodies- schizophrenia is over here on the extreme. The more right brain and less left brain someone is, the more connected they feel to All that is and have a harder time separating themselves from their environment- autism is over here on the extreme.

I think that Two Hands Touching can help connect the two sides of the brain and connect time/space with All that is. This is my theory, so don't stop taking medication without consulting the doctor who prescribed them.

Edit 3/9/13: During the first seven years of life, starting at gestation, we receive programing from our parents and/or primary caregivers to prepare us for the world we are being born into. We also get programs throughout life, but they are more easily downloaded the first seven years when our brainwaves are more maleable. Somewhere in our upbringing, we hear people say things to us that get recorded in our mind and replay whenever we are a match to the vibration. So sometimes, even though the voices are the creation of our own minds, they are also not, because they are simply a recording of somebody else being replayed in our minds. We just need to rewrite the programs.

Just as we can talk to a cassette tape and it will not record, unless we push the record button, we can talk to ourselves and have no results, because we have to push the record button. For us, the record button is the brainwaves we had when we were easily downloading information, or hearing/saying it 1,000 times. That is why meditation is so popular for changing one's reality, it can get you to the brainwave states that allow for easy learning. THT is a fast easy way to get there also.


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Fairy Princess

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Great answer Fairy Princess.

(14 Sep '12, 01:28) Paulina 1

Thank you @Paulina

(14 Sep '12, 07:52) Fairy Princess

Ditto, just read this Fairy Princess.

(05 Mar '13, 04:31) SR7
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i would say that you need to be at peace with your self the stress and people around you that have those negative though about you they should know better they are not helping you or them self with judgement. stay in the truth. yes you need to work and talk to people but you have free will like every one else. take back control of your self first. tell those little voice of darkness to not talk to you if they have nothing positive to tell you. abide only by the truth and make your choice. anny one that is not in truth and that is judging you are standing in judgement not in truth. that is their problem not yours. i know it is not easy many are persisten with judgement they do not know better forgive them. if you think they can accept you tell them the truth. tell them you do not like when someone judge or blame you why do you do the same.

For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.



answered 12 Apr '12, 16:06

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white tiger

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@white tiger: The thing is; no one has ever said anything negative about me. It's always generated inside my head.

(13 Apr '12, 10:41) SR7

you said your self that you are negative: I do have a negative outlook on life, and I sometimes project this onto other people, which I know is not the right thing to do. then they do not need to tell you you know. and even if you did not do something negative some people do the same. the answer be light and darkness will go away.

(13 Apr '12, 13:11) white tiger

@SR7 you say it is generated in your head but what if the people in your enviromment say those things about you but not in your face,and you feel it or know it in you. it is not because you know stuff with out your normal external sense that it comes from you. you might ear what someone else say about you in is own self and your own self ear it. so yes it could be telepathy or just what you are sensing you might be empath and you do not know it. just verify what it is. if what you ear is true-

(05 Mar '13, 21:36) white tiger

about what people think of you and you know it with out your normal external sense then yes it is internal sense. If it is not what those people think of you then it can be your ego or you might have multiple personnality or ghost,demon etc.. are screwing with you and making a good job of you being negative to feed on you. If what you ear is not true or bother you just tell those voices that if they have nothing good or intelligent to tell you to not bother you.

(05 Mar '13, 21:40) white tiger
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Dear SR7, A few minutes ago I read an article by a neuroscientist David Eagleman about his reaserch on Schizophrenia and I think you should read it as there is some hope for the future. The article is called "Why do Schezophrenics hear voices" and you can read it on the "Real Clear Science Blog". Would love to give you a link but dont know how. Please read and let us know what you think.


answered 14 Sep '12, 08:41

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Paulina 1

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That's an interesting article, Paulina. (BTW: to add a hyperlink, use the button to the right of the italics button) My voices are external, not internal, and the voices do not sound like my own - they're very different from my own voice, and some are female. I'm not sure they would result from a timing issue.

(15 Sep '12, 01:11) SR7

yes interesting article, i have experienced the phenomenon of "hearing jumbled sounds that seem like human voices above me" once or twice for very short periods whilst in what i can only describe as an energy expansion phase.

(05 Mar '13, 06:33) ru bis

How much authority do you give the bad voice? If it berates you then you have to berate it ten times more. Tell it its options mean nothing to you. Tell the voice it is weak and its opinions are worthless. Be the dominate one, the authority that you are letting that bad voice be right now. Tell it that if it doesn't have something good to say then be gone! Take command, take back charge.

It may sound as your own voice, this gives it authority. It needs to be cast out as something else pretending to be your own thoughts (your own voice). You need to see its opinions as worthless. These opinions hold no value and therefore are meaningless garbage. Tell it that it is a figment of your imagination, and it doesn't exist so it has no authority over you.

I once was possessed and was losing control of my mind and body. At first I fought it hard which just seemed to make it stronger. But reasoning set in, if fighting this makes it stronger, the harder that I fight with the more force I use, the more force I believe I have to use. In other words I was increasing my belief it this as an authority and powerful being! So I thought what is the opposite of this? This being needs my belief to be strong! So I switched my belief right there and then. I said to it, "Your power comes from my belief in your power!" Ow it hated that with great insult and anger like a spoiled child throwing a temper tantrum! I said to it, "Your authority comes from my fear of your authority!" It hated that too! Then I really gave it to him! I said, "You have no power or authority except my belief in your power or authority! Your power and authority are false and nothing but illusion!!!" I said "You are nothing to me, you are illusion, false, weak, pathetic, a myth!" I really went to town berating it until it was practically begging me to believe it exist. Then it was gone forever!

This film is about overcoming fear through love.

In the movie Full Confidence Veronica Andres talks about these voices. I remember a part where she said, "You hear these voices telling you, you are not good enough, you can't make it etc... and you tell them to shut up. Then you turn your attention back where you want."


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Wade Casaldi

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Those voices sound like they're the person's own voice, inside their own head. If I turn my attention to something different, this does nothing to prevent the external voices from continuing.

(07 Mar '13, 04:43) SR7

Notice that beneath all our confused and repetitive thinking, there is an energetic “noise”—an uncomfortable resonance that can be clearly felt when our attention is placed on it. Within this text, we call this a dysfunctional emotional signature.

When we embrace experience as a teacher, we fast real eyes it is no use attempting to forcefully change or stop our confused and repetitive thinking without first paying attention to the dysfunctional emotional signature that underlies it.

This is because, according to The Pathway of Awareness, our thinking is driven by the condition of our emotional body. Instead of trying to mentally force a change in our thinking, it is more efficient to focus our time and energy on awakening to, and then consciously adjusting, the dysfunctional emotional signature beneath these thoughts.

When we access and adjust the dysfunctional emotional signature, the thought processes we are struggling with automatically transform to reflect this causal adjustment. Approaching our experience in this manner is imbued with integrity. We are efficiently impacting the quality of our human experience because we are aware of the correct application of the components that manifest it. Once we initiate this level of personal responsibility, we are ready to awaken to the authentic resonance of intimacy.

From this point onward within this text, when we use the word “healing,” we are specifically referring to the conscious felt-adjustment of the imprinted dysfunction within the emotional body. When radiated unconsciously from the emotional body into the men- tal and physical parameters of our experience, this imprinted dysfunction manifests as symptomatic experiences such as accidents, diseases, and addictions.

When we use the word “healing,” we are not referring to physically attending to wounds or symptoms, or to mentally discussing a diagnosis. We are referring to the precise moment in which we energetically impact the causal point of any outer physical and mental state of discomfort through felt-perception.”

Because the energetic condition of the emotional body is defined within us through imprinting by the age of seven, we may metaphorically view this attribute of our experience as the “child.” Being child-like, it is simple, not complex. It feels, and it accomplishes everything through feeling. The moment we restore balance within our emotional body this adjusted energetic condition is automatically radiated outward along The Pathway of Awareness into our mental processes and physical circumstances.

Restoring balance within our emotional body requires only one intent—to feel what Is. The mental body, scratching its head in disbelief, wants to ask, “How can this possibly be?” Let us illustrate how the emotional body restores balance through “feeling what is.” We will use standing up, balanced on our own two feet, as a “metaphor for a healthy, emotionally balanced human experience.

If we stand with our hands by our sides, eyes closed, and allow ourselves to gradually start falling forward, beyond a certain point we completely lose balance, fall over, and hit the ground. This experience of hitting the ground is akin to the development of a symptom of imbalance. It represents a piece of unintegrated time that may manifest within our life experience as an accident, disease, or addiction.

The reason we fall forwards or backwards to the point that we hit the ground is because we are unable to feel how out of balance we are. In other words, we lose balance because we have a diminished capacity to feel—a lack of emotional body awareness.

As we are falling, we may attempt to counteract this circumstance mentally by opening our eyes, observing the changing angle of our falling body, and saying, “I am five degrees off balance balance and gradually moving further off balance by 2.58 degrees per 3.29 milliseconds. To regain my balance, I best move my weight in the opposite direction by 1.99 degrees every 1.45 milliseconds. This approach of mentally calculating our predicament, and then making physical adjustments according to these mental calculations, illustrates the task we have placed in the lap of traditional therapy and psychiatry.

When we only invest our energy in this mental approach of thinking and analysis, no matter how precisely we calculate our predicament or chart our method of recovery, we still continue to fall. This is because when we are thinking about our condition, we are not feeling.

It is extremely difficult to think and feel at the same time. Even with our eyes wide open, thinking and analysis—because they numb our ability to feel—inevitably lead us into losing balance, falling fur- ther, and ending up on the ground. When we approach an imbalanced aspect “of our human experience only through our mental body, the consequences are in effect you all.

The same is true of approaching an imbalanced human experience only physically. Once we are off balance, no amount of flailing our arms or adjusting our posture can help us. In fact, beyond a certain point of imbalance, the more we physically engage our symptomatic experience with treatment and pharmaceuticals, the more likely we are to hasten the moment of hitting the ground.

By reawakening our ability to feel what is happening in the moment, and by trusting the impetus of our feelings, even with our eyes shut, we are able to feel how far over we are leaning and automatically counter this momentum in such a way as to restore our balance. We do not require any thinking to accomplish this, nor do we require visibly seeing our physical circumstances. Simply feeling how out of balance we are empowers us to restore our balance.

This illustration may be simplistic, but it reveals a simple secret concerning the functioning of the emotional body. When we allow ourselves to feel the authentic condition of our emotional body, without trying to change what we are feeling, we empower the emotional body to enter the process of restoring balance. We enable the suppressed energetic circumstances we have conceptually labeled as fear, anger, and grief to reenter motion so they may reach completion and bring about integration. “It is this simple. To make it any more complex than this is to become mental. Feeling is healing.

Excerpt From: Brown, Michael. “Alchemy of the Heart.” Namaste Publishing.


This answer is marked "community wiki".

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Once you make it past the first few paragraphs, you can figure out what the author is trying to convey.

I think he means, as we observe our bodies, we remove the experience of the suffering. As well we are in an accepting, vigilant mode of mind, a receptive mind instead of a experiencing mind.

From this mindset our awareness will let us find what needs to be corrected to right the situation. In other words we listen to our bodies.

(09 Mar '13, 15:53) Wade Casaldi

yes @Satori certainly a deep analysis of how all this functions ... from a practical point of view i like to retain the two phrases "when we allow ourselves to feel the authentic condition of our emotional body, without trying to change what we are feeling, we empower the emotional body to enter the process of restoring balance" and "feeling is healing" :)

(10 Mar '13, 06:47) ru bis

@Ru bis- @Wade- Good points, thank you both:)

(10 Mar '13, 08:26) Satori
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@SR7 had this thought rumbling around in my head for a couple weeks now.. You ever see the word "pffft" well its more like a sound. the sound of disbelief and disregard.Short and simple. so the next time "the voices" start their trash talk respond with a pffft! Kind of what @Wade said but shorten to a nonchalant reply not giving any creditably to "the voices"


answered 22 Mar '13, 20:22

ursixx's gravatar image


edited 22 Mar '13, 20:24

pffft! is that a raspberry?

(22 Mar '13, 21:37) ele

@ele LOL I haven't heard that since I used to watch "All in the family." I believe that is giving the raspberry! lol

As Archie would say, "Here's what I think of you and your put-downs pttttf! LOL

(22 Mar '13, 22:26) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Thanks - I googled it after I said it. lol I just have this vague recollection of someone using that term in an email & then asking what it was. Of course I'm way too young to remember All in The Family!

(22 Mar '13, 23:07) ele

@ele " way too young to remember All in The Family" ???? http://goo.gl/lSpCH

(24 Mar '13, 19:35) ursixx
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Can you give specific, concrete examples? Do you remember when these voices started? My advice on the other thread was to discipline your mind because the voices are just your own thoughts projected outwardly. This however may not actually stop the voices, simply change their nature. You mentioned social interaction got rid of the voices so I think it's clear what you should do.


answered 06 Mar '13, 12:26

flowsurfer's gravatar image


Work, and driving, and watching an engrossing movie all stop the voices. It's not clear if I should do more of these. :P

The most common things they say are: - you're a retard - you have no idea how much misery you're responsible for

(07 Mar '13, 04:45) SR7
  1. Why not? 2. As these voices are your own thoughts (which is why they stop when you are focused on something), what is backing up this idea? Do you feel guilty for something or a burden on others?
(09 Mar '13, 11:21) flowsurfer
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