I have noticed in the last couple of months, that I have a "voice" in my head which tries to manipulate my life all the time.

For example, when I look in the mirror, it tells me I'm ugly.

When I see expensive things in the store, it tells me I'm not worthy of those things.

When I like someone, it tells me the other person is wrong for me or is stupid/ugly/etc.

When I do something wrong, it tells me I'm a failure and a bad person.

When I'm around people, it tells me that I'm less and not as good as others.

When I first noticed that voice, I thought it was just my limiting beliefs speaking and I immediately found them (like the belief that I was ugly) but even though I've done a lot of vibrational work, I still hear that voice. I know that those things that the voice is telling me are not true, but it is still a daily fight to get these "foreign thoughts" under control.

I wonder if someone of you have experienced this before? Is this just the voice of the ego? Is this "normal"? What can I do to be free of it?

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I like the other answers but I would suggest trying not to get rid of the voices but to try to observe them recognising that they are not the voice of your 'true self'. In order to differentiate between this voice and that of your 'true self' that would never be unkind, judgemental or derogatory, try playing around with the voice ... e.g. change it's tone, turn it into a cartoon character, repeat what it's saying over and over until it sounds like gibberish, or let it float away from you on a leaf or train. Basically realise it's just a voice and not 'the truth'.


answered 27 Nov '15, 02:50

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Inner Beauty


Thank you @Inner Beauty. Letting the voice float away gives me relief and is a very good tip! Are you familiar with having such a voice?

(30 Nov '15, 14:10) spacemetalfantasy

Hi @spacemetalfantasy - yes of course. I'm sure every one of us has it to some extent.... just depends on whether we believe what it's saying or not!

(30 Nov '15, 19:57) Inner Beauty

Hello @spacemetalfantasy what can I do to be free of all this ... I look in the mirror, I'm ugly ... I see expensive things and I'm not worthy ... I like someone, that's wrong ... I did something wrong, I'm a failure ... I'm not as good as other people ... ?

It's the inner voice saying I'm ugly, I'm not worthy, I did something wrong, I'm a failure/bad, I'm not as good as others ... all this is making sure that you can't get what you want. In other words it all stems from one core limiting belief;

"I can't get what I want"

As a child you naturally absorbed all this from unaware familly and friends and as long as this belief is still active you'll keep on having similar ideas popping up spontaneously.

Now I feel sure you know that it's much more useful to acknowledge that beliefs are placing trust in something or someone and that they can be changed, that beliefs are just automated decisions that can be deleted, altered and replaced at will.

The belief can be changed by recognizing that the belief was originally formed using incomplete knowledge and once you're fully conscious of that open up your mind to the idea that new knowledge that can weaken the limiting belief does exist. Decide on the new perpective that you wish to follow and search for evidence that strengthens it. Accumulate enough of that evidence to enable you to accept the new belief as being true to you.


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Thank you, @jaz, your answer really opened my eyes. That belief is one of the strongest that I have/had (I'm working on it).

(30 Nov '15, 14:13) spacemetalfantasy

And yes, reminding me that beliefs like that were formed using incomplete knowledge gives me so much relief!

(30 Nov '15, 14:14) spacemetalfantasy

Sounds like a lot of judgment to me and that's the ego's specialty.

If you want to stop it, one process to do this is 3 steps. First notice it. You've got that one. Second, realize it's part of you not anyone else. In other words, don't blame anybody (parents, teachers, peers, etc.) for what you're thinking. And third - tell yourself loud and clear that you will no longer let this disturb your peace.

Love, Purple


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Yes, the voice judges everything, all the time. Thank you, @purple_iris.

(30 Nov '15, 14:11) spacemetalfantasy

I would say to find the source of this voice. is it from you or from some one else? if it is from you where does it come from is it stuff that other people told you and it stuck in your brain? if it comes from someone else why are they thinking that from you? one way or another you do not have to believe it. You have free will like every one else. as for is it the ego? I would say no the ego usely is the one that want to have every thing and thinks that it is better then any one else and it makes you believe that it is you. in your case it seams more like the ego of someone else toward you trying to put you down.


if you want to solve this: Know thyself. clean the inside of the cup.


answered 27 Nov '15, 08:17

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white tiger

Thank you @white tiger. Maybe the voice stems from parents, I have to think about that.

(30 Nov '15, 14:15) spacemetalfantasy
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