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Dear All,

I have been trying to look for a particular answer here on Inward Quest but haven't found it yet. I am struggling with some work related deadlines and I know going throught this answer would greatly help me.

I vaguely remember the contents of the answer - It was about manifesting desire in set period of time. The person answering had written that you should set a deadline for the completion for (ex) one year - if that feels uncomfortable and you think the task would not be completed then move the deadline further and check at what time point feel the desire would be comfortably fulfilled. The keep moving it closer and look for limiting beliefs. And you would reach to a point where you can feel peace with original desire.

This might not be the exact method, but something to this effect. I am tempted to say that this conversation might have taken place between @Stringray, @Nikulas or @Cory, but I am not sure at all.

Please point me to the question and answer, your help would be hugely appreciated. Thanks

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@ismile maybe you can look at this too It says that that technique is better for people who already have confidence in manifesting, but the concept and idea is roughly similar.

(17 Dec '16, 11:54) kakaboo

@kakaboo, thanks for the recommendation. Right now I am a beginner with regards to practising these concepts so do not have enough confidence as of now, to use this method. But, someday i want to have advanced enough to be able to apply that technique.

(17 Dec '16, 16:24) ismile
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You are probably looking for the Bashar technique called "The Threshold of Believability".

If you search the site (or Google) using those words, you'll probably find what you are looking for.

I did post some information about it on Inward Quest in 'The Threshold of Believability' - A tool for manifesting more quickly but the Bashar Copyright Police have had the video removed :)

The conversation you are referring to might have taken place in the comments directly under that information.


answered 14 Dec '16, 05:51

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@Stringray, thank you so much for telling the name of the technique. The video is no longer available but following google trail I was able to find the transcripts of the tape. So in the tape with Bashar going back and forth with the questioner he is able to help her mold the beliefs. But, when we want to apply the technique for our situation how should one proceed to belief change?

(15 Dec '16, 05:30) ismile

@ismile - "how should one proceed to belief change?" - Bashar's approach is analogous to Abraham's Specific vs General ideas so you get as specific as you can about your target while still feeling good (to maximize energy flow to it). At that point, you have some options available. You can either try to get more specific by using a method like Focus Blocks/Wheels, or you can leave it for a few days to let some vibrational...

(16 Dec '16, 03:21) Stingray

@ismile - ...matches appear to support/solidify your current vibrational stance - then you will probably have more chance of getting more specific. Or, you can just get Vortex-aligned and let the alignment sort out the details :) Though even within the Vortex alignment itself, you can start to push the specificness a bit by practicing the specific emotion that is required to make your target manifest, which is my preferred approach these days:

(16 Dec '16, 03:26) Stingray

@Stingray,I read the Medusa head answer and quite liked it. For some reason I do not see comment button there so asking my question here. So when you are asking all the Whats and Whys, is it ok to list desires and reasons even if they invoke a negative feeling while listing them. The underlining feeling that you want to achieve is positive but you feel negative feeling while listing them. .....

(16 Dec '16, 06:16) ismile

@Stingray, For example What: I want to submit a report by a particular deadline. Why: to feel successful - a sense of achievement, release of work pressure. So while listing this what - i feel this is unachievable with the current work that has been achieved and the amount that needs to be done. Extending the deadline is not feasible as it would have snowball effect on downstream work. Do I still list all the whats and whys for each while feeling negative feelings .....

(16 Dec '16, 06:19) ismile

@Stingray ..... identify the underlying good feeling i want to feel and start practising them?

(16 Dec '16, 06:20) ismile

@ismile - Generating the emotion works well if you can put your desire to one side for a while and let the Universe get on with doing what it needs to do. If something is bothering you so much that you can't let it go and it is causing this kind of negativity just in listing the What/Why, then I would probably mold the limiting belief into a better place first using a Focus Block/Wheel.

(17 Dec '16, 03:06) Stingray

@ismile - You've stated your limiting belief quite clearly: "i feel this is unachievable with the current work that has been achieved and the amount that needs to be done" - so that's the starting sentence in your Focus Block/Wheel.

(17 Dec '16, 03:08) Stingray

@Stingray, "i feel this is unachievable with the current work that has been achieved and the amount that needs to be done" - is a limiting belief? I did not think of it as belief. how does one ascertain if something is a plain statement or a belief? I am sorry this might be very trivial and easy thing for most people here, but i think i am unable to be sure as to what should or should not be treated as a belief. whats the definition? How do I ascertain stumbled across a limiting belief?

(20 Dec '16, 06:25) ismile

@ismile - "how does one ascertain if something is a plain statement or a belief?" - Have a read through this post by @i4cim2b and see if it makes things clearer: How to explore and discover/expose your beliefs?

(23 Dec '16, 03:17) Stingray

@ismile - "How do I ascertain stumbled across a limiting belief?" - The really easy way to discover your limiting beliefs - I like easy :) - is to simply look at what you're living. Law of Attraction never, ever, ever makes a mistake. So if, say, you are in a job that makes $30,000 a year, you must have a belief that you have a job that makes $30,000 a year. If you can run a mile in 5 minutes, you have a belief that you can run a mile in 5 minutes. If you always seem to...

(23 Dec '16, 03:21) Stingray

@ismile - ...lose to a particular person in a particular sport, you have a belief that you always lose to that particular person in that particular sport. If any of those that you are living (beliefs) are not pleasing to you then you can call them limiting. But whether you do anything about them depends on whether those limits are important to you or not. I clearly currently hold a belief that I can't fly by flapping my arms but I'm not bothered about it, so I don't call it limiting

(23 Dec '16, 03:25) Stingray
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