Have had four visions of end of world have spoken to two other clairvoyant colleagues who asked me to tell them exactly what I had incisions first was Sun burning the earth then 5 minutes later had second one which was it looked like the sea with lots of things floating that should not have been there like household stuff so I took that to be a great flooding inland the 3rd one was a hill or mounting with dead bodies laying all over it this one puzzled me for a time but came to an conclusion it must be volcanos and earthquakes all this happened when meditating but entered a trance this don't happen to me very often the forth one I don't wish to talke about but my two colleagues both said they had the same visions recently don't actually think that made me feel any better we all sort of looked at each other and said its strange maybe it's getting closer to the times described in bible about end times not going to worry about it might just be a warning might not be that big of event.Pease to all

asked 31 Dec '15, 18:19

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Hi @Gurutony55 in today's reality at least two of these visions have already happened or are actualities, plastic bottles and other such human made waste can be seen on many shores, recently more than 100 dead bodies laying all over machine-gunned in paris not so far from where I actualy live ... and it's a scientific theory that the sun will eventually die and in so doing will burn and destroy the earth ... peace and a happy new year 2016 :)

(01 Jan '16, 02:51) jaz

I think you got wrong understanding of the question don't think about end of world or anything like that I have reached enlightenment and don't worry about it anyway what will be will be have also had it explained why it supposed to happen about Mother Nature not happy with man destroying earth and not caring about it I am even told what role is for me when it is all over and that it won't be a pretty place to be I have asked to see if it could be stopped but told no it's to late!

(01 Jan '16, 03:53) Gurutony55
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Happy new year, it's very important to understand that ANY energy you are sending out you are getting back, you need to be very careful about this because everything is ''always'' well with source energy, and it's very important to stop focusing on these ''end time scenarios'' and start focusing on your own preferred reality, this is not a good time to worry about things that are out of your control, instead focus on being in the moment and discard all of these ''clairvoyant ideas about the end of the world'' You are responsible for your own reality and you should focus on your place in this world and what you can do to make it better, not to be afraid for the worst. The only reason you are experiencing these ''visions'' is because that's where your dominant thoughts and focus are, as I mentioned above, you are sending this energy of ''the end of the world'' and the universe is validadating your dominant energy and that's what you are experiencing, is that really what you want? stop thinking this way and start shifting your focus towards the world you prefer, it is YOUR choice so make it count!


answered 01 Jan '16, 01:51

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