You often hear people and scientists say that the capacity of the human brain is very large and we actually only end up using five or ten percent of our actual brain features or power. I wondered if when living in a more aware state, and having more of our senses heightened, do we end up using more of our brains?

Would be very interesting to hear what your thoughts are on this. I have been doing a lot of releasing limiting beliefs work lately and feel so refreshed sometimes and actually contemplate topics and ideas that wouldn't occur to me before because I was too busy worrying or occupying my mental air time with unwanted thoughts.

Anyways, I am very interested in using more of my brain, and using my other senses that I haven't practiced yet- my intuition, taking inspired action, learning more languages, things that I have no background in- physics, coding etc. in addition to getting more of what I have in my vortex into my physical environment.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

asked 01 Mar '16, 16:28

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"You often hear people and scientists say that the capacity of the human brain is very large and we actually only end up using five or ten percent"

Not science - its a myth but I understand what you are saying and asking. Its a good question.

(01 Mar '16, 18:25) ele

nikki777, seven eights of creation is unseen by the human organ of the eye, yet it has potential to become supra conscious

(02 Mar '16, 16:14) fred

yes 5% to 10% you can find it in book of meditation or brain study book. look at it this way in this world you are stressed limited in time running after money. so of course you do not have much time to learn about stuff. try to talk to people about science or computer stuff and you will see many not interested not understanding and wanting to switch subject, they will say it does not interest them to complicated for them they do not have time etc...

(07 Mar '16, 15:03) white tiger

and many of them will act as if they know more then you. simple they stop them self from learning new stuff and think they know all.Those who know all, but are lacking in themselves, are utterly lacking.

(07 Mar '16, 15:07) white tiger

forgot to tell you it seams that we use more brain % when we sleep or in alternate state that when we are in normal awake state in this world.

(08 Mar '16, 19:11) white tiger
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Well if you actually take the concept of a physical brain that sits inside of your skull totally out of the equation, and open up to the idea that the brain is more like an antenna that receives signals from the energy field, it will not only give your consciousness 20%, or 65%, or 100%, but an infinite potential.

Similar to a small satellite dish (your brain) attached to your house, it needs to get a signal from a literal higher source called The Big Satellite In Space.

I believe the capacity for the human brain to transfer vibrational signals is limitless. For me personally, having the thought that I am basically an energy signal fluctuating at unheard of speeds, instead of a big ole meatsuit, helps to crack open any limiting beliefs about what capacity my brain can handle.

One way to get out of the physical solid mindset and into the energy wave mindset is to take some time out of the day and just focus on different parts of your body.

For example: Start small and focus on feeling your hand. Clear your mind of everything else and put all the attention on that hand. Feel the skin, feel and focus on the blood flowing, feel your bones, the warmth, and anything else that brings your attention to that one area.

Do other body parts and work your way up to just focusing on your whole body outside and inside. You should get to a point where it feels like your body is pulsating like an energetic field which will promote a strong feeling of bliss and euphoria.

If you get good at that while sitting or laying, it can be transferred to feeling that way by focusing on your body in your daily life.

This is a good way to open up more of your consciousness. If you can get that good feeling through bodily focus, you can open up doors that seemed invisible and see your world change right before your eyes.


answered 04 Mar '16, 16:40

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I believe, because we have access to infinite intelligence, we have the capacity to think far beyond our physical nature. I don't have documentation to back this up, it's just a belief. However, I have experienced this to be true in my own life. The higher my vibration, the more clear my thoughts become.


answered 02 Mar '16, 09:36

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Stoned Gypsy

the answer to your question is 5% to 10%. it is written in meditation book and brain study science book. now how much can you use if you are more aware a lot more. people use personal shutter to not see their own lack and their own division. they prefer to appear as not lacking so they will often try to take the show trying to differ from subject they do not like, they do not know, they do not understand. they will say stuff that makes no sense to try to appear better then other people. trying to diminish other people because they feel diminish because of their own lack that they do not want to see and even less other people to see. if they would know them self they would not act that way.Those who know all, but are lacking in themselves, are utterly lacking.

I would recommend to any one to remove stress from their life, to be aware to be slow to speak and to listen and understand. to meditate take time to think and understand. to not be afraid to learn new stuff. it is better for someone to see that they are lacking then to not see it and say they know all. because if they say they know all and they don't it does not help them at all.


answered 07 Mar '16, 15:34

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white tiger

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