I keep reading about "consciousness" this and conscious that, but im confused what it means. Can you help? I also keep hearing about the subconscious mind, its power etc.

What is it? where is it? Solar Plexus? Im confused by these things. Who can help?

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Read a few books on PSI TEK. If you do you'll find a wealth of knowledge there.

Its free
It has no agenda
The books have changed lives
They're so straight forward even i can understand them



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Any reasonable dictionary can help


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The conscious mind, is the observer. It must rest, it differentiates between logic and fantasy. It is where we observe sight, smell, taste, hear, touch The subconscious mind, does not need to rest, its does not differentiate between logic and fantasy. It where our sense called inner feeling( gut feeling, intuition) come froms. This is somewhere to start from, however you must studing it for yourself. Also the subconscious mind is the portal to self, highself, and oneness Hj


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consciouness is the more subtle part of energy, as opposed to substance;
what is often called the subsconscious is an attemt to explain the automatic regulation of our material bodies, while consciousness is supposed to be our waking awareness of what is happening when not sleeping.
the above advice for you to read what is available on the subject is commendable


answered 22 Nov '10, 12:08

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