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Imagine for a moment there is an equilateral triangle made up of 3 equally shaped equilateral triangles, with one equally sized equilateral triangle in the center, upside-down, and missing.

Identify the three triangles with these names: Power, Wisdom, and Courage.

Each one, if obtained, gives you the abilities of the name that identifies it.

Which of these three do you think is the most powerful, and why?

(As an aside, not part of the real question: Which would you choose for yourself?)

asked 05 Dec '11, 21:15

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it is all three together that the wise man has achieved. but that a fool can still believe that one alone is superior and ought reign

(14 Dec '11, 00:48) fred

between those 3(power wisdom courage) wisdom is the one you need for the 2 other.

has for the second triangle i would say: harmony truth love.

and truth is also needed for the 2 other.

experience and enjoy.


answered 05 Dec '11, 21:45

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white tiger

These three qualities when equally balanced perform in harmony with each other ... they are all of same value.

An upright equilateral triangle symbolizes a perfect spiritual being and an inverted equilateral triangle symbolizes a perfect materialized being.

From a subtle energy point of view the geometric shape ref.

is self balancing ... whenever one of the three outer triangles becomes comparatively more highly charged in subtle energy, then the central virtual triangle comes into operation and pulls in the opposite direction ... in this way the whole structure remains in perfect dynamic equilibrium.

The same principle of retroaction operate in the highly symbolic lozenge shape ... this phenomena partially explains the mechanism of the servranx graphic no.30 Bourse-selections and previsions.

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answered 06 Dec '11, 09:32

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blubird two

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i'm not sure i understand the purpose of the exercise,
must there always be one human thought that is most powerful?

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answered 06 Dec '11, 11:26

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