I just read this question about detachment and the LOA, and I love Stingray's answer.

My follow-up question would be, what should I do when I feel like I've run out of things or aspects to appreciate?

For example, I'll wake up in the morning in a fairly good mood and think about the goals I have for myself or whatever I'm trying to attract, but by lunch time or late afternoon, I struggle to come up with more good-feeling thoughts, then I slowly loose most of the positive momentum I had earlier in the day.

I want to be more consistently positive, but that's hard to do when I lose focus and/or interest. In general, I feel like I'm fairly proficient at manifesting what I want, but I think I'd be awesome if I could maintain my positive momentum at least until 5 PM.

Should I think of more interesting things to manifest, even though there are only three or four manifestations that I want (like building a new house, a really good idea for a book I want to write, and financial wealth)?

I know what I want is coming. I just want it to come a little faster.

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Should I think of more interesting things to manifest, even though there are only three or four manifestations that I want

I'm pretty sure you must want more than only three or four things in your life :)

In my vibrational spreadsheet tool, as of this moment, I have 1,136 active topics and hundreds more that are "archived" i.e. I don't feel they are relevant any more in my life. And there's more topics being added every day as I keep "pushing the limits" of my life experience.

The list includes things I want, things I appreciate, memories I enjoy revisiting, thoughts I'm molding into good-feeling places...and so on.

Do I get bored of vibrational work? ... Never ...I never get the chance to even get slightly bored :)

alt text

You are never going to reach a place where you have everything you want, even after your three or four things have physically manifested. And if you let yourself feel free about having fresh new desires on a daily basis, you'll end up with an unrestrained explosion of things you want to be, do and have in your life.

And each of those things, if you do the vibrational work of aligning with them, will draw life force through you and help you feel more alive and vibrant than you can imagine.

There is nothing more joyous in physical reality than to be focused on the "nitty gritty" details of yet-to-be-manifested desires while having the full force of your Broader/Higher Self flowing through you towards them.

It's as good as life gets and that feeling of joyous "flow" is what we're all ultimately craving with all our desires for our various physical manifestations. Everything you want physically is because you think that in having it physically, it will bring you closer to that feeling of "flow".

It's the exact opposite of boredom ...which is effectively just slowing down that energy stream to a trickle.

And all it takes to get started is to give yourself permission to have as many desires as you want, live a full physical life experience that keeps launching more and more of them, and keep finding ways to feel good every day :)


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@Stingray - in my continuing series "Finally, I begin to grasp the very basics of what this is about", I have noticed something I had apparently been ignoring: how often I squelch new desires as they emerge, because it feels painful or potentially painful to allow them room in my consciousness, when there's so much other stuff it feels that I want but haven't yet allowed. (I don't really feel bad about it, I'm just observing it as it happens.) 1/2

(10 Mar '16, 16:03) corduroypower

It seems that many people must have gone through something similar and founds ways to feel comfort (or even enjoyment!) with rapidly expanding "desire catalogs" when their physical realities ("realities") are such that it's easy to notice the increasing gap between "what is right now" and "what I've realized I want". Any tips for genuinely enjoying new desires instead of focusing on that gap? I notice I can do it with stuff like travel, but not with some other stuff. 2/2

(10 Mar '16, 16:07) corduroypower

@corduroypower - "Any tips for genuinely enjoying new desires instead of focusing on that gap?" - For me, I reframe the attitude. So instead of having a "Oh no, another desire. Sigh" attitude, I have a more of an adventurer-explorer approach to life. When I get a new desire, it means there's somewhere (vibrationally-speaking) I've not visited before and I've no idea what adventures I'm going to have on the way to it. Boldly Go!

(06 Apr '16, 04:14) Stingray
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1. Thinking of more interesting things to manifest is just one way to align. There're others.

Just think that your goal is to feel good in the moment, and for this you can come up with a relieving thought - one of them can be, for example, that you don't have to feel bliss every second.

Another thought could be describing your emotions and noticing that you went up before with even worse feelings.

Etc. When your goal is to find a better feeling thought, no matter which - if not of bliss, then just of a relief - then it's much easier and doable.

2. Your thoughts don't always have to be about your goals. You can pay attention to what is in your now. Your emotions now, for example, as I suggested before.

And your life now, too.

3. As our favorite teachers say, we want our desires to materialize because we want the feelings we suppose we will get when it happens. But we don't have to wait for the materialization in order to have those feelings. Even the opposite is true - we should first achieve these feelings, then the materialization can happen.

Fortunately, with the vibrational work (fortunately, just one better feeling thought at a time) we can come to these feelings, not waiting for anyone or anything!

Then you won't have this feeling, that you want something to come faster. You'll know you can have the satisfaction of it right now.

And you're already doing a pretty good job at it. Just let yourself go freer. You don't only live for tomorrow, you can let yourself enjoy your now, more.

Thank you for this post!

4. One way to think of a more exciting goal is to think, what smallest thing can be improved in it, to make it easier, happier, more fun, more exciting for you specifically.

Thanking for desire as achieved is a good process for it.

And of course I recommend to you my wonderful book 33 thoughts to feel better to use, in all states. :)


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Thank you for your answer!

(28 Mar '16, 09:55) ursixx

Hi DOJ, I would say be easy on yourself.

It doesn't sound like by 5pm that you've gone to a "negative" place? Are you working during the day? Is it that you are physically tired as well? I too experience that.

I don't think that feeling a neutral feeling is a bad thing. I think it's good to pull away a bit on your goals, then come back super siked and refreshed.

Sometimes, for me, focusing so much on manifestations can be tiresome and I do lose interest. But what's awesome is that you can get good feelings from regular things without having to overdose on new manifestations.

Be here in the now.

Notice the small things around you. Appreciate a beautiful dress someone else is wearing. Appreciate the comfort in your body, chair, bed. Appreciate your relationships, a friend's laugh, the rain, the sun, the clouds, your fingers, cleared nostrils...it's endless!!

When I was in a deep funk and found it hard to "appreciate", I would go to feeling grateful. I would wake up, wiggle my toes and look at them. Not everyone has toes or feet to get around.

Felt really good to have toes.


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"Felt really good to have toes."

Indeed it does @icecreampleez !

Love your user name also !

.... and Ice cream does sound good. I'll take some too please :D

(06 Feb '17, 18:23) ele

"Sometimes I get bored appreciating things."

There is always something you can give thanks for or appreciate. Appreciation is the same vibration as love and if you feel its boring, I'm wondering if you are just putting words on paper which sound good. Are you just going through the motions cause it doesn't sound like you are feeling it. There is a vast difference between feeling bored and feeling love or joy or feeling good. Try adding more detail, go into depth. This will activate more memories which should illicit those feelings you are after. Don't just write "I appreciate my wife". Explain why. You need to feel the words you write or its not going to work for you. The loving feeling you are after feels incredible not boring.

Appreciation is the Magic Formula You've Been Seeking." ~ Abraham

"Love and appreciation are identical vibrations. Appreciation is the vibration of alignment with who-you-are. Appreciation is the absence of everything that feels bad and the presence of everything that feels good. When you focus upon what you want - when you tell the story of how you want your life to be - you will come closer and closer to the vicinity of appreciation, and when you reach it, it will pull you toward all things that you consider to be good in a very powerful way." ~ Abraham


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I recommend that you raise hell.

And I'm only half joking!

Think about it, negativity has a purpose- it is there so you can have a challenge. So if everything is really easy, too easy, well, that means you're ready for a new challenge. You could find something really, really hard but worthwhile to focus your manifestation powers on. Political activism comes to mind. Your challenge is to go into the most treacherous waters imaginable, the place where misplaced benevolence, profound selfishness and the need for the survival of the species go out for a dance.

You go there, and then you stay positive, and then you make something positive happen for the world. How's that for not boring?


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