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Some of you have expressed a wish to use my vibrational spreadsheet that I'm using in the Focus Blocks videos.

I can't release the exact version I'm currently using because it is needlessly overcomplicated. It contains a number of features that are only relevant to other methods I've tried over the years and it will end up confusing more people than helping them.

There are also a few highly destructive commands in that sheet that I use to delete all the existing worksheets before letting someone else have it. So I need to make sure that anything that will destroy all your data is safely inaccessible :)

I am in the process now of stripping down my vibrational spreadsheet into a Focus Blocks spreadsheet that will still operate much in the same way that the one in the videos operates.

I am also going to have to make some amendments to the way the existing spreadsheet works because I want to make it easily upgradeable in case bugs are found - the only person who uses the current spreadsheet is me.

And there are some areas of it (such as in archiving unneeded Focus Blocks) that are currently buggy and really need's just that I personally know where the bugs are and can dodge past them :)

As for timescales, at a guess, I don't think all this will be done in less than a week or so. I'll have to see how it goes.

The current spreadsheet runs on Microsoft Excel 2007. It may be possible with some alterations to make it work on an earlier version but, at present, I am going to stick with 2007 only.

I'll keep you updated on the progress of this development on this page.


I promised an update so here it is :)

  • I've been working fairly intensively on the spreadsheet development during this week and it has been progressing well.

  • I'm reasonably happy with the way it is now looking and working generally, though there are still some fairly minor issues to resolve. Within the next day or two, I'm going to get some people I know personally to test it out. At least that way if something goes drastically wrong, I can see and deal with the issues in person rather than having to get someone to explain it over the internet.

  • Once that phase is complete, I'm going to require some beta testers to try out the spreadsheet. If you want to help with this testing then I would prefer you be someone who has a reasonable knowledge of using Microsoft Excel. You don't have to be an expert, just someone that has used Excel for a while and understands, for example, how to enable macros and access the VBA code editor.

    At this stage, I don't want to spend too much time explaining the basics of using Excel but instead concentrate on fixing any issues that are found so the less explanation you need from me on how to use Excel, the better. And also to take part, you will obviously need a copy of Microsoft Excel 2007. Excel 2010 may work as well but I don't have a copy of it at the moment to try it out on.

    Rather than clutter up Inward Quest with technical discussions, PsiTek has provided a separate discussion area for spreadsheet testing. If you are interested, keep an eye on the Focus Blocks Spreadsheet Group because I'll make further announcements regarding testing there only. If you subscribe to the RSS Feed there, it will save you having to keep manually checking the group for messages. EDIT - See 'Update 3' below for the new group.

  • I'm going to hold off producing any more videos until this spreadsheet is released generally to everyone, which should then make it easier for everyone to follow along with what I'm doing in any future video explanations.

  • I'll announce the release of the final fully-tested Focus Blocks spreadsheet, and provide a download link to it, on this Inward Quest page.


Just a reminder that you can obtain a public beta (i.e. a test version) of the Focus Blocks spreadsheet at EDIT - See 'Update 3' below for the new group.

Here is a direct link to the download page for Beta 3

UPDATE 3 - Focus Blocks Testers Group

If you are a previous experienced user of this spreadsheet, you may be interested to know that there is now a new more powerful version of it in testing (Version 2) within a private group.

There are many new powerful features in the new spreadsheet and it also contains support for a new not-yet-public manifesting experiment, Manifesting Experiment 6 - The 'Focus Minutes' Method. Though I call the new Version 2 spreadsheet a "test" version, it's generally fairly stable and reliable. I use it almost every day myself.

If you would like to use the new Version 2 spreadsheet, send me an email at mister.stingray at and I'll add you to the group.

This email address is only for group sign-ups. I don't do private email chatting. Sorry :)

Please don't ask to join the testing group unless you already understand how to use the existing Version 1 Focus Blocks spreadsheet (referred to as "Beta 3" in "Update 2" above - download it from the link there) because there is little in the way of explanation about how to use the spreadsheet, only about what's in the new version.

Moving from Version 1 to Version 2

Please note that Version 2 of the spreadsheet is such a big upgrade from Version 1 that I recommend you start again from scratch with it. This is because you'll find that there are useful features like "Hubs" and "Links" that will allow you to significantly restructure how you have your vibrational work organized.

So if you are studying how to use the Version 1 spreadsheet in order to be ready to use Version 2, I recommend you don't enter too much information into it...only enough to understand how it works and then ask to join the group to get access to the more powerful Version 2.

asked 14 Nov '10, 15:29

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edited 03 Nov '14, 11:29

Thanks, Stingray, for taking the time to do this. :)

(14 Nov '10, 17:15) Pat W

Nice of you, Stinagray....,

(14 Nov '10, 20:32) LeeAnn 1

Thanks Stingray for being so helpful to everyone on this site.

(14 Nov '10, 20:49) I Think Therefore I Am

That is really so nice of you Stingray, really appreciate this and really waiting for it!! thanks once again :)

(15 Nov '10, 06:43) Sourabh

i'm very excited about this. i'll happily be a beta tester :)

(19 Nov '10, 19:39) Chris 2

I would be happy to beta test.

(20 Nov '10, 20:28) Vesuvius

When will you release the final version? I'm a bit technologically challenged:-)

(12 Dec '10, 21:54) I Think Therefore I Am

@I Think: The current test version has been in use for a few weeks now by others and no-one currently seems to be having any problems - so it seems pretty stable. There are a few minor bug fixes to go in but nothing important...and the upgrade process is pretty straightforward anyway. I'd probably still want to keep it as a test version for a while yet just to be on the safe side but I don't see any reason why you couldn't try it out the test version now if you wanted

(13 Dec '10, 06:56) Stingray

Hello Stingray, the current spreadsheet seems to allow you to only add vibrational matches to a particular topic. Is it ok to just create a separate sheet to include all vibrational matches together cause sometimes it is too much trouble to find the specific block to add in the vibrational match ?

(07 Nov '11, 16:02) kakaboo

@kakaboo - Yes, one combined Vibrational Matches list is fine. In that sheet, there is the option to "Add Miracle" from any sheet which is just a generic vibrational match.

(08 Nov '11, 08:32) Stingray

@Stingray thank you very much. i cannot express how grateful i am that you made this spreadsheet available. i have benefited greatly from your knowledge on this site and would like to thank you under each and every post that you have written on IQ. but i don't want to push all old topics to the first page:). thank you for all your help!

(23 Nov '12, 03:09) releaser99

@releaser99 - You're very welcome. That spreadsheet is still one of the most useful and powerful vibrational tools I've yet come across - I'd almost be lost without it. I'm actually in the process of creating a web-based (and even more powerful) version of it - so people won't need to use Microsoft Excel, just a web browser. Hopefully, it will be up and running sometime in 2013...don't ask me exactly when though :)

(28 Nov '12, 04:52) Stingray

@Stingray i can completely understand why this spreadsheet means so much to you. i too felt the power of it. Because most of the time i work at my laptop, the focus spreadsheet runs all day long. If some issue pops up i take a few minutes to make a new focus block. Then i write at least 1-2 statements to feel relief and go on with work. it's a godsend. I'm looking forward to the web-based spreadsheet. Do you plan to make the manifesting spreadsheet with the abraham's others processes available?

(28 Nov '12, 19:15) releaser99

@releaser99 - If there's any other processes in there, it won't be for any early version. I did used to have a spreadsheet that contained most of the processes but I stripped them out for simplicity when I released the public Excel version. I've found over the years that the "Big 3" processes of Focus Wheels/Blocks, Positive Aspects and Rampage of Appreciation reliably cover nearly all of the emotional scale and I rarely used the other processes - I'm talking about daily Vortex entry here.

(30 Nov '12, 05:40) Stingray

Hello Stingray. I wanted to offer my help to develop the web-based version of the spreadsheet if you are open to it. I'm a software developer with javascript experience and have some experience with google spreadsheet API.

I don't know if you were going to use google or not, but anyway I can help. If you're not using google, then I can give a hand migrating it too if needed.

Thanks for all your contributions.

(12 Nov '13, 15:53) Kriegerd

Sorry, forgot to tag you @Stingray (see comment above).

(14 Nov '13, 11:15) Kriegerd

@Kriegerd - I've put the web-based idea on hold for now because it's a lot of effort for very few interested people :) Instead, I've just carried on adding more and more features to the existing Excel spreadsheet which, in conjunction with a cloud-based storage service like Dropbox, achieves a similar "do it anywhere" (with a PC) effect - for zero extra effort :) The sheet relies on some complex Excel VBA macros and wouldn't be directly portable to G-Sheets in any case. Thanks for offering.

(14 Nov '13, 12:47) Stingray

@Stingray - Does the Excel-based spreadsheet work on Open Office? I have not been able to try this until now, because my computer was at work. Now I'm at home, I would love to try to use this. I did try, but it crashed. Just wondered if you have any advice. I downloaded Focus Blocks Spreadsheet - Beta 3. Thanks so much. :)

(22 Nov '13, 21:28) Grace

@Grace I don't think the focus block spreadsheet works with Open Office due to the macros.

(22 Nov '13, 22:49) Liam

@Liam - Ya, I'm finding that out. Bummer. :( I was so excited for a minute there. Do you use it? Do you like it?

(22 Nov '13, 23:42) Grace

@Grace Yes. His latest version is particularly good. But for the last couple of months I haven't touched it at all and have just been using pad and pen. There's just something satisfying to me doing it that way.

(23 Nov '13, 02:02) Liam

I second that, I love the pen and paper method too.Something rather cathartic about actually writing stuff down.

(23 Nov '13, 04:34) Monty Riviera

@Liam and @Monty - Thanks for that. You are reminding me, I don't get on my computer every day, but I do need to do my FBs every day. I also like the feeling of writing - of paper. Seems more solid, more permanent, somehow. I still read paper books! :) BTW really good to see you are still around, @Liam.

(25 Nov '13, 17:14) Grace

@Grace Thank you. :) Yep still around, just haven't felt inspired to post much lately. Hehe, I love paper books too. I clocked a lot of time over a few years sitting in Borders reading while waiting to meet someone...and then they went out of business lol. I had no idea what to do with myself while waiting then!

(28 Nov '13, 00:08) Liam

@Stingray This is partly an excuse to give this great tool a bit of publicity but I am wondering whether this man has your sunglasses?

(25 Jun '14, 04:12) Catherine

@Catherine - They Live is one of my favorite movies. Seen it many times over the years. I have my doubts that John Carpenter (the writer/director) deliberately intended it to be such a prophetic metaphor of the world we live in today...and yet it is :)

(25 Jun '14, 04:30) Stingray

@Stingray I suppose that was the era of the Yuppie/Greed is Good so maybe more of a comment about that but it is certainly a powerful clip - can't wait to see the film.

(26 Jun '14, 12:27) Catherine

Hi @Stingray, quick question about adding positive aspects to the spreadsheet. Suppose I have a PA on my car. Do you recommend that I leave the statements about my car that I wrote in the past in the spreadsheet and just shuffle and re-read them the next time it comes up, or write at least one new statement every time it comes up? What if I run out of good things to write about my car? Thanks.

(03 Nov '14, 06:10) cod2

@cod2 - These days I only make it compulsory to add statements to Focus Blocks (and obviously the Rampage of Appreciation needs statements, by definition). Everything else I consider to be optional - so that includes Touchstones, Virtual Realities, Positive Aspects. That's because those latter processes are more about hanging around in an already-good-feeling place until you are granted vibrational access to reach further up the emotional scale, and then eventually into the Vortex itself.

(03 Nov '14, 07:44) Stingray

Thanks, @Stingray. With regards to Focus Blocks, should the old statements be left on, or removed? I am just thinking of a scenario where I have run out of focus statements on a given Block because all the relevant ones have already been covered, and I am forcing myself to come up with new statements...

(03 Nov '14, 10:00) cod2

Another question: I wanted to post a technical question at the Focus Block Discussion Group at, but there is no link to register. Is that group still active, and if so, how can I register to post questions? Thanks.

(03 Nov '14, 10:08) cod2

@cod2 - You leave the old statements in the Blocks. But the Focus Blocks themselves are not intended to be there permanently for you to be endlessly finding new statements. Once you no longer feel bad about the subject, archive the Block out of the system. If the subject makes you feel bad again for some reason at some time in the future, you can reactivate the Block and read it back to bring some instant relief. I have rarely had Blocks that have needed more than 24 (2 x 12) statements.

(03 Nov '14, 10:56) Stingray

@cod2 - I don't use the old group any more. If you have technical questions, you are better off joining the new Focus Blocks Testers Group. See "Update 3". In fact, if you understand how to use Version 1, you are far better off upgrading to Version 2 of the spreadsheet anyway.

(03 Nov '14, 11:33) Stingray

@Stingray Thank you very much for the upgrade - nice work. Looking forward to getting to grips with it all.

(04 Nov '14, 12:54) Catherine

@Stingray - Thanks for making, and publishing, this spreadsheet. Does Version 0.99.1 of the spreadsheet allow for the 'RQ' tags that were seen in the Death Star videos? That struck me as a really nice way of keeping things organized. Also, is the 'HUB' tag still active, or has that been disabled?

(01 Apr '17, 14:38) emptyglass

@emptyglass - "Does Version 0.99.1 of the spreadsheet allow for the 'RQ' tags that were seen in the Death Star videos?" - I can't honestly remember now :) That version was a few years ago and things have moved on quite a bit since then. If you wanted to go that route, you would be better off joining the spreadsheet group and getting the latest "version 2" spreadsheet which has many more goodies in it.

(26 Apr '17, 05:17) Stingray
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Stingray, it is really nice to see that you are working so hard on this. Really appreciate this.Thank you so much. Really waiting for your excel sheet. In fact I have been wanting to start working on focus blocks, but since the time you announced this, I have delayed my plan and I am waiting for your excel sheet to start working methodically. I was super impressed by the systematization with which you use all the processes.I am really looking forward to it.Thank you once again. :)


answered 21 Nov '10, 11:01

Sourabh's gravatar image


Exactly my words, I have been planning on using Focus Blocks aswell, but since Stingray announced his sheet I have delayed it aswell. Thanks!

(21 Nov '10, 14:18) Milanz

Hi Stingray

I just started using this spreadsheet and I'm glad I did, its fantastic.I had been previously using focus blocks in a digital notebook app but this is spreadsheet is something else. I sort of use it to suit myself using the ideas from manifesting experiment will get better as I get used to the shortcuts.I love how you can quickly go to vibrational matches and inspired actions very quickly from the focus block worksheet.even the positive aspects shuffle feature is brilliant and makes the list feel fresh again. I'm using the 99.1 version. Has there been any updates since?

Thank you Stingray. I really appreciate the work you do,these methods and time you put in here. It's making a real positive difference in my life and how I feel Cheers:)


answered 01 Jan '12, 09:53

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@Satori - I did add quite a bit more code to the 0.99.1 version as I was testing out more ideas, which eventually resulted in the "Manifesting Experiment 5" idea. The problem is that something corrupted within that later version of the sheet leading to random data loss and I dare not release it. I gave up using it myself and have been trying out other software approaches for ME-5. However, reading your message has got me thinking that even the stable 0.99.1 version could probably support ME-5 too just as it is, while still supporting Focus Blocks. Will go back and play around with it a bit.

(03 Jan '12, 05:34) Stingray

Stingray, thats great, I hope you can find some compromise on that version to incorporate man Exp 5.As said I think the spreadsheet is fantastic.Its going to be a lifelong companion,thank you.:)

(03 Jan '12, 13:46) Satori

@Satori - I forgot to mention, in case you are not already aware, that there is a list of all the spreadsheet shortcut keys in this document

(04 Jan '12, 04:06) Stingray

@Stingray,thank you for that shortcuts list,it's gonna be a great help.Stingray just wondering if you ever considered doing any more videos on any new ideas or insights?. I found the videos fascinating and learned a lot from them.I find a massive difference between a written explanation and a video. again much appreciation.:)

(04 Jan '12, 14:02) Satori

@Satori - I hadn't really thought about doing any more videos and there didn't really seem to be much interest in them. But you're right, because they (the Focus Blocks demos) are done live and unrehearsed they probably do more accurately portray my own approach to these manifesting processes which tends to be fast, furious and fun :)...that's why that spreadsheet is built to move around so quickly so it can keep up. When I'm blasting out Focus Blocks, I'm literally flying around the sheet as quickly as I can think :) Treating these processes as rigid and formal won't get the best out of them.

(04 Jan '12, 14:16) Stingray

@STINGRAY thanks for getting back.yes Stingray you do use this spreadsheet amazingly fast and intuitive.i hope to to be able to use this manifesting process quicker as i get used to it which would be ideal from a time perspective.thanks for the videos you have done anyway.i never really could understand the Abraham teachings and processes until i read your answers on here and watched the videos.thanks;-)

(17 Jan '12, 15:42) Satori

"i never really could understand the Abraham teachings and processes until i read your answers on here and watched the videos" Same here! You saved my life @Stingray! Again, thank you!!!!!!! Do you have any news or updates regarding the ME5-spreadsheet or the web-based FB-spreadsheet for us?

(07 Mar '13, 19:00) releaser99

I came across Abraham material before on youtube but I thought that it was bs. Then one day I came across your stuff on IQ and it made me curious that an analytical thinker like you obviously got so much out of it. So I gave it a try. Also your writing style appealed to me very much. May source bless you with 72 virgins @Stingray! :)

(07 Mar '13, 19:34) releaser99

@releaser99 -"Do you have any news or updates regarding the ME5-spreadsheet or the web-based FB-spreadsheet for us?" - There aren't going to be any more Excel spreadsheets because they are now far too complicated to explain how to use...seriously. The Focus Blocks web application is in the early stages of development. Hopefully, it will be out sometime this year. I don't have definite timescales because I only work on it when I feel inspired to do maybe in a few months, maybe longer.

(15 Mar '13, 14:11) Stingray
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Just wanted to thank you again for releasing your spreadsheet. I've been using it for about a week now and I am learning how to enter the vortex by using the advanced technique.

I used to do focus blocks to manifest what I want now I do it because its fun and I love the Vortex.


PS I knew you would release it one day. WE(inward quest) had a strong desire that was answered thank you!!


answered 09 Dec '10, 17:21

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Chris 2

Thanks Chris. Yes, it is an interesting example of a group manifestation. I figured there was no way I could release the spreadsheet because it was too complicated and there would be too many problems with upgrading it...but solutions magically appeared to resolve my concerns...hence it is available now

(09 Dec '10, 17:51) Stingray

Hello, first of all thanks to Stingray for making all of this available, and to everyone in this forum!!. I'm relatively new to all of this and it's been great to have this information available.

I know that the supported version is Microsoft Excel 2007, but I was wondering if anyone was able to correctly use the spreadsheet with Open Office. I'm constantly jumping between Windows - Linux - Mac, so it would be nice for me to have it available in all platforms.

Thank you once again!!


answered 16 May '11, 22:14

Alejandro%20Salas%201's gravatar image

Alejandro Salas 1

I guess you could try it and let us know if it works. The spreadsheet makes heavy use of VBA Macros and if Open Office fully supports VBA, it might possibly work

(16 May '11, 23:27) Stingray

I've just downloaded the Focus Blocks spreadsheet, but am having trouble getting it to work. I've posted my question in the Focus Blocks spreadsheet support group, I'd very much appreciate if anyone could take a look at it! I'm pretty eager to start using the spreadsheet!!


answered 06 Mar '12, 09:00

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edited 06 Mar '12, 09:00

Thanks Stingray for the time & effots to create this wonderful and complicated FB. In a nutshull the purpose of this Focus block?


answered 11 Mar '13, 12:45

marathisend's gravatar image



Here is your (somewhat large) nutshell:

(15 Mar '13, 13:59) Stingray
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