My question is: has anybody been able to really manifest a solid thing from thought, visualization, a verbalized desire, a prayer, a written wish, or something like that ?

I mean the real thing, not synchronicity or coincidence, but creating something out of thin air and manifesting it in naked eye. Can be a simple form, or a small thing, like a paper clip. I'm interested in knowing if anybody, in this group, has experienced manifestation as we see in dreams and movies: I visualize something, and it pops up ahead of me. I don't know if that is possible, but since we talk so much about the subject, I would like to know if we, in our current reality, are able to do that.

I would also be glad to learn about the conditions in which that manifestation happened. Was it during daytime, or at night ? Was it alone or with more people witnessing the event ? I don't want to rush and call that a 'miracle', but then again, if somebody could make this happen, at least one time in this world, in this life, well, then it would be worthwhile for me to continue trying.

I guess you understand what I mean, don't you?

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I mean the real thing, not synchronicity or coincidence, but creating something out of thin air and manifesting it in naked eye

The problem you are going to have with a question like this is that you don't really believe it's possible to "create out of thin air" - otherwise you wouldn't be asking for "evidence".

So given an "unbelieving" belief system, the Law of Attraction can't match you up with enough satisfying "evidence" to make you believe it, even if it's right in front of you.

So the people that can do these kinds of things will either not be enough of a vibrational match to come across your question, or not feel inspired to answer it even if they see it, or will not be able to provide enough "evidence" for you to believe it's possible even if they do answer it :)

In your reality, your beliefs reign supreme so asking for "evidence" that defies them is going to be a fruitless and frustrating quest.

For more information, see Do scientists just make up their own answers?

A personal example...

For many years, I wanted evidence that it is possible to draw people, situations and things into my reality simply by thinking different kinds of thoughts. But I never found any convincing evidence whatsoever. As a result, I used to align myself with those that label themselves as skeptics and mythbusters, and I used to "attack" those who spread these false and misleading ideas. I believed that if anyone ever discovered that "thought power" was true, it would make news headlines all over the world...and I never ever saw those headlines.

After a number of painful life-changing experiences, I ended up becoming more open-minded about many things and, lo and behold, suddenly there was evidence everywhere :) It was all right in front of my nose all along but I just couldn't see it. My belief system had blinded me. These days, I just can't believe that anyone doubts there is a connection between the thoughts they think and the physical life that manifests around them :)

Yes, ironically, I've now become one of the people that I would previously "attack" :)

What changed to bring me all this "evidence"?

Only me :)


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I will reflect on that, Stingray. I read the link on scientists, and I agree... Yoda was right. Thanks for the response !

(24 Oct '16, 09:37) Samadohn

Have you tried the 'blue glass' game?

Esther talks about a time where she manifested a wall of blue glass, a swarm of butterflies and a child handing her a feather. This followed a conversation she had where she focused on all three of those subjects, and the universe manifested them for her within a couple of hours.

I am sure there are many people, including myself, on here that could tell you all about our manifestations but it doesn't really help you if you have doubts about manifesting on demand.

Why not go on to google images and find photos of butterflies, ladybirds, balls, anything that you know you could easily get now. Focus on the image, talk about it out loud and watch how quickly the universe shows you the items in your experience.

A test on subjects to chose is to ask yourself could you go and just get one now. Could you go and get a ball, an umbrella, a pair of socks now today? If you KNOW you could go and get them now then you have no resistance on that subject and so you will easily allow the universe to bring them to you (for free, "miraculously") quickly.

There is, of course, no difference in receiving 'big' things or a pair of socks for free. As the child handed Esther a feather so could a salesman hand her a free car. But, resistance often prevents us doing these things straight away. But, if you can start gathering free socks, pencils, balls etc. out of thin air, with no work, other than a few moments of deliberate thought. After a while you can shore up your belief for the 'big' things to manifest out of thin air too.

Try it now. Focus on socks, butterflies, a green umbrella and a tennis ball for a few minutes. Watch how quickly they show up for you, today even. Keep doing this test over and over until you have no doubts left.

Enjoy the miracles :)

PS I am looking forward to finding socks, butterflies, a green umbrella and a tennis ball today now too. As I too have been focusing on them with intent! :)


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Yes, the idea of the blue glass wall is good, and I will give it a try. Thanks for your response !

(24 Oct '16, 09:40) Samadohn

The book E-Squared by Pam Grout describes a number of such incidents. One example is that the author wanted a potato masher, just made a mental note of it, and that same night, a friend brought over a couple of utensils she no longer needed--including a potato masher.

In Experiment #2, "The Volkswagen Jetta Priniciple: You Impact the Field and Draw from It According To your Beliefs and Expectations", you set a 2 day intention to look for something specific. On the first day it might be green cars, on the second day purple feathers. Then watch for them.

One day, while walking down the street, I set the intention that a stranger would smile at me. A few moments later there was a girl coming my way, who gave me a lovely smile. :)

pdf of E Squared:


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Delphine, thanks for the book link ! I heard some great comments on it, and I hope it will help me start believing before seeing :-)

(24 Oct '16, 09:50) Samadohn

My first manifestation:

In January 2011, I was getting fed up my with normal IT job. I was an employee with a big-name consultancy, living mostly in hotels in London. One day I said to my higher self, "I really want to be an independent contractor". I also gave my higher self a deadline which (I remember very well) was March 31, 2011. I said "If nothing happens by that time, I'll go and start sending out my CV, because it'll prove that clearly I can't rely on you". Then I forgot the whole thing and got busy with my job.

On January 23, I got a call from an agent saying that they need a contractor with my exact skill-set back at a company where I had worked for many years (and whose IT systems I knew very well). I get many such calls every week, so I said "Yeah, sure. Go ahead". Again, thinking no more of that. I was just about to go on holiday for two weeks so I knew that the client wouldn't be able to interview me in that period anyway, so there was no chance I was getting this contract.

A few days later the agent called again, and said "They've accepted you. When can you start?"

I said, "Wait, what? What about the interview?"

The agent said "They didn't say anything about an interview. When can you start?"

I started my new contract on March 3. I have been a contractor since.

(If you are unfamiliar with the IT contractor scene in the UK, they make between 3 to 5 times what a normal employee with the same skills would make)

Many months later when I was friends with the people at the client site, I asked the the person who was responsible for giving me the contract, "I always wanted to know - why did you decide not to interview me?"

He said, surprised, "Really? No one interviewed you? I thought so-and-so was going to interview you!"

I decided not to probe further and ask Mr so-and-so why he didn't interview me, and left it at that.

I know it's not a "solid" thing, but the dramatic change to my finances that this one manifestation has caused is pretty solid.


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Cod2, our life experiences are very much alike, and the reason I asked specifically for some evidence of 'solid' manifestation, is also, in part, because I've been through similar experiences of synchronicity like the one you presented, but I never saw a thing materializing in front of me. Nevertheless, thanks for the inspiration... strange as it seems, it has something to do with my current state of affairs as well.. go figure !! Rgds, Samadohn

(24 Oct '16, 09:53) Samadohn

@Cod2-Thanks for sharing your story.

(07 Nov '16, 12:33) Zee

I like this story @cod2. It's funny because when I asked the universe for a job, I also got it without an interview. Cool how it works huh?

(07 Nov '16, 16:05) Bluebell
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I appreciate this question because I wonder about this too. I believe that it is possible to manifest physical objects from seemingly nothing, by the power of our thoughts. I also believe that there are people on earth now who are doing it regularly. I can't see them because I still have resistance to the earthquake that I think would happen to my entire worldview if I saw that with my ordinary senses.

Wallace Wattles, in his book The Science of Getting Rich, talks about allowing things to come to us through the normal human channels. These are the things you mention that seem more like synchronicity than like molecular manifestation. For now, that is satisfying to me, though I am in training to be open to less ordinary realities and to become a molecular manifester too. :)


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