By browsing this site I came across a recommendation for the writings of Neville Goddard. He does a lot of manifestation techniques dealing with sleep and sleepiness. So last night, I wanted to attempt to manifest an Intellibed and pictured I was in the most comfortable luxury bed queen size. Only I ran into the same problem I do with most manifestations. I didn't put as much passion into the experience as when I am attempting to manifest for others. So, in the end, I ended up falling asleep repeating the phrase, "Gentle rain for California."

'Gentle,' because I had learned my lessen after feeling powerful during a meditation so I focused on removing the 'Ridiculously Resilient Ridge' which kept on keeping rain from the area. Soon after California seemed to be receiving a violent rain... equal to my passion to get rid of the ridge.

Anyway, the point is that I am not half as able to put passion into manifestations for myself as I am for others. I guess deep down I felt that California needed more rain even more than I needed an Intellibed. Yet this same mentality goes across all my practices. If Matt Kahn requests us to repeat, "I Love You." The passion is greater when I project outward than when I tell myself, "I Love You."

BTW, my sister just gave me a big bag of clothes that I suspect no longer fit her (because she lost so much weight.) The guide decided to help my wardrobe, I guess.

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I am not half as able to put passion into manifestations for myself as I am for others

You are trying much too hard - and it's not helping you.

When you "manifest" brushing your teeth in the morning, do you work yourself up into a frenzied passion until you can no longer contain your excitement for your toothbrush?

And then do you brush your teeth with a passion greater than you would if you were brushing someone else's teeth? Do you frantically move the toothbrush up and down until your mouth is bursting with foam? :)

alt text

...or do you just calmly pick up your toothbrush with the gentle expectation that your teeth are going to be clean in a few minutes, and then just get on with it?

Manifesting what you want requires as much passion as brushing your teeth i.e None.

All the manifesting potential was already realized in the moment you wanted your desire don't need any hyped-up emotional state at all to get what you want.

In fact, trying to build passion for you want while noticing you don't have it often just channels that passionate energy into even more powerful lack.

If you are willing to try an experiment to prove this to yourself...

Give up all attempts to deliberately manifest anything for a month. And, instead, just focus everyday on finding things to feel good about...for no other reason than to feel good.

You might be surprised at what happens :)


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Yet, that is how I have mainly lived my life. Not focused on manifesting anything just going day to day. I only started trying to learn manifestation recently in the frame of a lifetime.

I lived a Basic life most of the time, in recovery a good deal of it. Enjoying going from coffee shop to the Internet.

Perhaps I explained myself wrong. I was asking how I can say "I Love You" to myself with an equal connection as when I am saying "I Love You" to another. Saying it to myself seems emptier.

(12 Aug '17, 20:24) Igot7

@Igot7 - "how I can say "I Love You" to myself with an equal connection" - Doesn't that just come down to issues about self-worth/deserving etc? i.e. not seeing yourself as being as "good" (in whatever way you internally define "good" to yourself) as those "others" you perceive around you? There are many methods around for reframing your perspective of yourself.

(13 Aug '17, 04:26) Stingray

@Igot7- I don't know about you, but I was raised to give, give, give to everyone, and was frowned upon if I put myself first sometimes. One day, I came home from work utterly spent, and went to bed...The next thing I know, I am being beaten by my father, dragged down our hallway, thrown into the kitchen; this was because my mother had complained that I was selfish and went to bed instead of helping her with dinner. It has been very hard for me to undo that kind of programming....

(15 Aug '17, 04:14) Jaianniah

@Igot7- ...So I remember the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." I am sure that the Higher Power would not want me to crawl through chores when I am very tired...I just end up sick, which causes more trouble than if I just took care of myself first! I am in a lifeboat; if my boat is leaking, it will only sink faster if I put another person into it. I must fix my own boat first. Our bodies, minds and souls need maintenance before we help others. Good question!!!

(15 Aug '17, 04:19) Jaianniah
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Generally, doing things for others works well because it bypasses any limiting beliefs you may have for yourself, in addition to the increased feeling of flow that you get from sharing- which also helps loosen up any blocks you may have.

If you have recognized a common theme here, it is the blocks you may have with regard to what you believe you may have to yourself. So focus on receiving, and use clearing techniques to remove limiting beliefs you may have about yourself.

My favorite receiving technique is a Hawaiian traditional invocation to ask the seven elements to give you their power- fire, wind, water, stone, plants, animals and humans. Here is a demonstration:

Kalaha Hula Demonstration

each of the arm movements represents one of the elements, starting with arms above the head for fire, up and outward for wind, sideways for water, down and outward for stone, left arm down and outward for plants, right arm down and outward for animals, and a hugging motion for humans.

You can use anything you like, of course- but this is an example for a technique that has been extremely effective for me to increase the amount of receiving I feel able to do.

My second favorite technique for clearing negativity in general is to imagine an energy field, and just shooting anything that feels less than 100% great right in there- using any imagary I can that evokes getting rid of something. I like to imagine tension just burst into the field, safely, and then disappear in a flash of light. I will then imagine a gentle rain of loving light trickle down on me and heal all of the dramatically affected parts of my body.

Finally- ask people to send good energy to you. Start in your imagination, call on not just the elements, but specific people, spirits, entities, gods, nymphs, helpers, to send you their power, to support you in your cause- be that to look better naked or to save the world, it doesn't matter, because any improvement is love, whether you start with yourself and naturally radiate it to others as kindness, or whether you start with others and then feel good about yourself.


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@cmc Could I attract an increase in my savings by blessing others? My Mother asks me why I donate money when I am on a budget every month. She will give me a Christmas gift in money. I will see a GoFundMe that inspires me and so I donate the extra money. She asks who will donate to me? I have this habit of spending money when I have it, so I always reach a point where I need to budget the month to break even. She talks to me about the need for a 'safety net,' yet I feel safe without the net.

(13 Aug '17, 23:04) Igot7

There is nothing wrong with donating the money- I would, however, recommend to keep the amount low enough to feel harmonious.

The idea that the giving itself will improve your flow is, to my knowledge, incorrect- you donate for the sake of donating, and you focus on receiving money to in order to receive money.

Regardless, the best thing you can do is improve your confidence- your confident expecation that things will turn out as you wish them to.

(14 Aug '17, 05:49) cmc
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