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I've been reading about the law of attraction, energy and applying it to my life in the past 10 years.

-You attract who you are -You attract by your thoughts -You attract through your heart -You attract through your mindset What you intend you will get back -As Abe as stated, good feelings will increase your vibration and help you attract other good feelings things.

To attract a nice beautiful partner: -respect all men and women -Never call them ugly, because what you give is what you get -Have a good heart -Think all women are already beautiful in your heart, see the real beauty in them -Treat them all as equals, don't favour someone just because they look nicer than the other, treat them all the same. -Don't have sexual thoughts, it will mess up your energy -Never hurt or cheat them in anyway

-Let go, focus on other things

Think of that sort of person, just think with a clear heart (not feeling bad)


-You can only attract who you think you deserve, if you think of a beautiful women and you believe you don't deserve her because you don't have the income, smarts, looks etc, you will never ever get one, it will just not come into your experience

-You attract who you believe you should be with, the more better you feel about the topic, the more it will come to you. -Change your beliefs, people want different things such as personality, good character

Also, appreciate the now, the more you appreciate, the more appreciative things will come to you.

If you keep thinking silly thoughts, have bad intentions towards anyone, get angry, it will all come back to you and you will have more angry things to think about.

If you hurt someone, steal, cheat, your job could be taken away, your relationships, even money could be lost, as money is also energy.

If you want nice things, good things, then do good things to others, you have to give first through your heart, this could be giving kind words on a forum, donating, appreciating someone, being kind, being friendly, helping someone, assisting a beggar, helping someone find a job, anything!

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Just simply be grateful for every breath...

(24 Feb '17, 15:54) Roy
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I agree with most all of that, but..."don't have sexual thoughts"? Why would that mess up your energy?

I submit that it is fine to have sexual thoughts! I do think watching porn could be detrimental if overused.


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"don't have sexual thoughts"? I noticed that too . Prob his culture or religious beliefs.

(19 Feb '17, 19:45) ele

well it does cloudy people's choices and they end up with the wrong person.

(22 Feb '17, 10:38) Inner Beauty

I think people are going to have sexual thoughts and feelings regardless of who they end up with! That's just part of who we are.

(22 Feb '17, 14:02) Delphine

I think you meant it could cloud some peoples better judgment if it the wrong person or they view it as a mistake but I think that has to do with more things than just thoughts.

(23 Feb '17, 12:52) ele

" think people are going to have sexual thoughts and feelings regardless"

Sometimes they just 'pop-up' out of nowhere :D We are sexual beings too and its part of our essence and vibration as well as pleasurable.

(23 Feb '17, 12:56) ele
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