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I believe in the law of attraction as it happens all the time to me - wanted and unwanted (haha). It would be nice to learn about manifestors who have been able to manifest their love - a specific person they specifically were able to attract as their lover/partner. I'd also like to know if the relationship lasted or is still going on.

It seems that relationships and money are the most areas in which people struggle to manifest and I think it is we believe in their 'bigness' as opposed to other stuff that we are able to manifest which we believe would not make us any difference if they didn't manifest at all.

It would be very nice to hear some stories and the retrospective insights of what they did and what actually resulted and what they experienced during their manifestation process and post-manifestation. Also, I'd like to know how long the manifestation process took and whether there were pitfalls during this, in the sense, discouragement etc.

I am trying to bring into my life a person I had a relationship with. We ended because of circumstances which were beyond our control. This would help me a lot.

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I struggled with this so much. There was just so much I read that said it wasn't possible. But it works just like every other manifestation, with beliefs, expectation and longing all getting in the way. If I care about the relationship that much the only thing that's ever worked for me is letting it go. But the mindset 'if I let it go they'll come back' never works. Really, truly honestly letting it go. The time varies between a few days to a few weeks and they're back in my life. This works with any kind of relationship.


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Yes, it's possible. Kind of. Like Bluebell said, you have to let go completely, which is hard. I went through this process with my now-boyfriend (3 years in and still gloriously happy together!).

I posted the full story here but the gist of it is:

  1. I had the biggest crush I've ever had on someone who was under no circumstances interested in a romantic relationship (in general, not just with me). I didn't think he was my perfect match, I actually thought we'd be incompatible.
  2. We started "casually" seeing each other - friends with benefits type relationship.
  3. Even though it was hard, I made an effort to appreciate the relationship for what it was, without needing it to turn into a committed romantic relationship.
  4. I kept visualising my ideal relationship without needing it to be him (as mentioned, I had doubts that he could fill this role).
  5. When my feelings for him became too intense, I broke it off, but I kept getting signs from the Universe that this wasn't over. Finally I begrudgingly asked him out (sure that I was going to be rejected), and he said yes.
  6. Turns out he was my perfect match after all!

The link I posted also contrasts this with a story I had earlier in my LOA days when I was trying really hard to manifest a relationship with a specific guy. He had even been open to dating me, but once I started trying, his interest dwindled (even though my actions in the physical world were the same as before).

I think manifesting a relationship with a specific person is one of the hardest things, because there are so many emotions tied into it. The way to go is to keep focusing on the vision of your dream partner, and simultaneously let go of needing your person of interest to fill this role. Just enjoy your relationship with them for what it is, and shower it with appreciation. Then, if they are capable of being your dream partner, it will happen.

Also, you asked about the timeline. I started crushing on him one year before the relationship. We became friends with benefits 6 months before the relationship. I had a lot of inner work to do with relationships and men in general, so I spent those 6 months cleaning that up as well. I actually had a breakthrough in healing a deep childhood wound related to romantic relationships, about one week before we started going out. So you want to make sure you do work in this area as well, and clear any negative beliefs or wounds you may hold.


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thank you so much for this. i have been tending to my childhood wounds for quite some time now, and i have seen such progress in myself. i'm more secure overall. as regards your explanation of the vision, that's what i'm doing ... not needing it to be him. i manage most of the time :-) thank you so much for this!

(16 Apr '18, 18:21) nbd028

I met my soulmate too it is true i kept asking for my wife and we are married now with alittle boy but i keep seeing scary cisions too though not sure if it has to do with me and her.

(21 Apr '18, 19:38) Theguppyfish
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