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After watching a recent Bashar video I discovered the Loving Universe app by Zarko Manojlovic. It's a free app on Google Play that basically helps you to send love anonymously anywhere in the world, to those who have the app.

I find it a great centering tool as I can pause and take a breath then send loving energy out when I press the send button. By having this tactile tool, this system to intend the sending of the love, it feels like I'm really actually doing it as I know it is being sent out and that someone will get it, rather than just meditating and sending love and not really feeling you're making any difference. Of course, occasionally the app will send the love to mother Earth rather than a particular person in a specific location, but that's cool too as it's important to have no expectations.

I've received love from Slovenia, Thailand, the USA and other places. As the app is free, there's no advertising, and it takes a few seconds to do, I'm wondering whether there are others here who might also be using it, or have not yet used it but will find it helpful in focusing their thoughts of sending love. It's by Zarko Manojlovic and he actually had the opportunity to speak with Bashar about it. Bashar suggested to him that he also BE the app, which is probably something we all would aspire to.

Do you know of any others out there that do something similar? Looking forward to hearing from you!

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No, I prefer to work with the mind and the body alone.

The main reasons are reliability and flexibility. For example, if you are using a drum to induce an altered state, well then you don't have that method available to you if you are taking a reading break at a local library.

Similarly, using a technology that depends on batteries to tune my vibration would extend my already existing battery anxiety. I am rather okay using a battery-based technology as a telepathy aid (also known as a mobile phone) or a remote viewing aid (also known as YouTube), because, to my knowledge, the clarity available is beyond the reach of even trained telepaths. But I have found that using my imagination only, I can achieve much more effective results than when using helpers.

When doing an open-eyed visualization, a translucent mental image is overlayed on the visual field. So you can have an attentive conversation with someone while visualizing it going in a different direction. You can overlay symbols and helpers. You can keep the entire conversation and change the end. Even if you do none of this, I have received the recommendation to do any kind of imaginary reality-modification with the intent to change your vibration briefly and frequently, so doing it in your mind helps with that so much that it makes a huge difference in effectiveness.

Finally, there are technological side effects that you just don't need to worry about. You don't need to worry about which earphones work best for your auditory stimulation. You don't need to worry about positive ions while in a sensitive state. You don't need to worry about batter or surroundings or doing impolite-looking things in social situations. You just imagine what you want to and that's that.

Having said all of that, the most convincing-looking technology I have found is Holosync binaural audio by Tom Kenyon, and the music of Iasos, especially the album Angelic Music. Also, listening to any kind of music that energizes you is good for your vibration. I happen to like bass-heavy funk and deep-house electronic music. So perhaps the apps you are looking for are Spotify, Tidal and Soundcloud.


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