I am suffering with my self-egoistic nature. I'm bored of myself from correcting so many behaviour errors.

Can anybody help me to learn to behave naturally?

The reason I cannot continue with attitude because it created sins and left me burning inside and hardly find anything that attracts my interest to support and standstill. Anything doesn't synchronise with my thoughts. My nature of thoughts leave the world abandoned and everthing works for you and all. This mental attitude is my ego.

This attitude not even allowing me to live a wonderful normal life. This is not the easiest thing just think any one from you helping me with answer (in person directly by looking into my eyes) and I show my ego by looking into their eyes "are you really smart then me" and he/she easily understand the feeling by looking into my eyes and I will be the failure. Because I did not met expectation who trying to help me.

He/She not expecting anything from me except a little move inside me... so that they can feel to help me that make.understand that I really can stand on their help... but instead I've been left as 'successful person' hahaha... not in success of achievie something but "successful in series of successful failure to take the help".

Many tried to help to help me they failed and I tried to take help from many but failed.

Now spiritual supporters, anyone here after reading notes of my mind can dare to guide me. Think twice :) before anyone answer to my question (hahahah... again ended with my undetachable egoistic behaviour).

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I think your 'problem' or challenge lies in not loving and accepting yourself enough. My interpretation of your text is (and please tell me if I'm absolutely wrong, I just assume things here to give you a starting point) that in a way, you feel superior to other people and you may think you are smarter or better than others. This belief comes from actually being really scared and insecure inside.

Scared, that you may not be as cool as you think, so you have to put others down. Scared, that you may not be good enough, so you put yourself above others. But deep inside, the reason why you think like that is, that you are insecure and not so sure about yourself.

If you would love and accept yourself completely, you would know that you are good and enough and smart. You don't have to prove someone else these things. You know it, so that's enough. And, in being in that state of mind, you can allow others to be good enough and smart and brave, etc. as well. You're not in competition, because there is no competition.

If you are truly secure in yourself, you are not scared that someone else may be smarter or in any way better that you. So you could say to someone who tries to help you: "Wow, thank you, you really helped me! You are really smart!" and mean it.

I recommend to go deep down in your hidden corners of yourself and start to love yourself more. The more you love yourself, the more you love others. And the less arrogant you are. Because there's no reason to be arrogant anymore. You love yourself and others. No matter if they have weaknesses or faults. Because in being honest and lovingly to yourself, you can accept your own weaknesses and faults easily.

And you know you are good, even if someone else might be 'better' or not as good as you. But it doesn't matter anymore to you. Why should it? You know you are good and worthy and enough, so you let others be who they are, too. And you're happy, just like that.


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Wow, thank you, you really helped me! You are really smart!

(09 Jan '17, 10:57) PERFECT GOOD

I really admire your honesty- and I can relate, too. I happen to have been born with pretty good analytical skills and I've been able to get away with being a really arrogant * a lot. And just like you I'm really tired of it.

It's just so frustrating to do your best to be a cool guy to people (in the sense of being someone you want to be around) and still you seem to rub people the wrong way, no matter what you try. I had a lot of success in changing that, but I still want to do more.

I have found that the missing link is to put your mind at bay, and work more from intuition. That can be very humbling, because there is no such thing as smart and dumb when it comes to intuition- either you listen or you don't- so you don't get to feel superior any more.

I know of two books that are really good for mind-people to become more intuitive, each using its own metaphors. Basically, both use the language of the mind to persuade it that it would be in its own interest to submit to intuition.

The first is called "Mastering Your Hidden Self" by Serge Kahili King. It speaks of the mind (lono), and its role in guiding the body (ku) according to the wisdom of higher mind (aumakua). The most relevant part for you and me is "according to the wisdom of the higher mind".

The second is "The Heart's Code" by Paul Pearsall, which focuses more on the physical way the intuitive makes itself known- the physical heart itself.

When you start focusing on your intuition, expect a lot of aches and pains- all the energy that has been out of balance will become less possible to ignore. Allow those to happen, decide that dealing with them is good, let your feelings run their course- you will be a new person, much more lively, much more relaxed. It will be fun!


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This is a great answer...IMHO....hahaha....Jai

(09 Jan '17, 18:17) Jaianniah

Thank you very much, @Jaianniah!

(09 Jan '17, 20:12) cmc

Sorry @cmc I have been late to accept your answer. The answer is very close to my question. Thank you.

(10 Jan '17, 00:29) PERFECT GOOD

@cmc please ignore 'sorry' from my previous comment it makes me feel separation from you and your answer (I felt some tickle inside :))

(10 Jan '17, 02:30) PERFECT GOOD
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focusing on others problems and puting them down can drain your energy. (defenetly nothing is wasted - you are learning in this, but still not happy).

maybe you are very smart, but actually an egotist person would focus on himself and not on others. focus on loving himself rather then pointing at others.

maybe by egotistical you mean that your ego controls your heart (feelings), which is just a defence mechanism that helps protect the heart from geting hurt. when we let the ego control the heart we ignore our feelings(positive, negetive), intuition,lack of trust, we miss opportunities, and more ... and all that are connected to self love. there are some meditations to conect to heart/ heart chakra.

also i think everyone on this planet is on the journey to self love but in different degrees, so to me compassion is key. and seeing that i can learn from everyone that i interact with because there are no accidents (appreciation,empowerment). love and light


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To (@)myself I would for real like to thank you.

(12 Jan '17, 07:10) PERFECT GOOD

glad i could help :)

(12 Jan '17, 15:56) myself

the other parts of you
besides ego get to know
them, when together there is
greater chance to learn true self


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@fred thank you.

(13 Jan '17, 05:00) PERFECT GOOD

I really fear to comment on someone's answer on IQ. We do not know who is the person on the other side in respect to their age and respect.

(13 Jan '17, 05:13) PERFECT GOOD

Because no matter what we speak based on intelligence the life works only on support... and I need everyone's support out there.

(13 Jan '17, 05:17) PERFECT GOOD

ego cannot be ignored it should be given special attention not to become hindrance in beautiful relationship- 'togetherness is only possible in absense of ego.'

(13 Jan '17, 05:53) PERFECT GOOD

As I posted my question and as cmc, spacemetalfantacy, fred and myself answered it to support and stand against my weak mental abilities (hold on there) that exactly what I want| Rest of all get synchronize according to the time. Thank you all once again.

(13 Jan '17, 07:10) PERFECT GOOD

pg, ego is part of who we are, more than an expected analytic source of identity, today it is misunderstood, it is not meant to be ruler but our source of idividuality when used as intended opens our conscious awareness

(13 Jan '17, 15:18) fred
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