A week or two into a hypnosis cd or subliminal audio cd my anxiety increases, more negativity and the targeted subject seems to become worse.

I start to feel like I want to stop listening to them just to stop the increased negative symptoms. It feels like all the things I dislike become enhanced, in my face.

I even have anxiety in my stomach without thinking any particular thoughts.

Is this normal?

asked 22 Mar '13, 04:33

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@ALI6NMENT I don't know why you get those anxieties from your hypnosis CD. Maybe it is not sufficient to distract you from your problem. But if it makes you feel bad, it is time to try something else anyway. It makes no sense to beat your head against the wall. Have a look at this thread http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/65489/can-hypnosis-change-your-limiting-beliefs-without-addressing-the-root-cause-specific-event/65521

(22 Mar '13, 05:22) releaser99

Just a suggestion,most of the companies that produce these cds have a support helpline.Love and Light.

(22 Mar '13, 07:50) Roy

@releaser99 Thanks for the link!

@Roy Yes this is true, I might do that.

I was just seeing if it was normal when one changes beliefs. They say it bypasses the conscious mind so the conscious cannot disagree. But does that mean the subconscious can disagree still? ...but then abraham says there is no subconscious...

I don't know what to think lol.

(22 Mar '13, 08:03) ALI6NMENT
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I suggest you follow your own feelings, that is, stop for the moment and be aware of your reaction. The fact that these seances become disagreeable probably means you're getting an overdose, overloaded with this treatment, cool it for a while, then start again with smaller doses.


answered 22 Mar '13, 09:36

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ru bis

I can point you in a direction but you must walk the path, mediation can clear the self of doubt fear and anxiety simply by releasing negative energy with each breath. (It cured me of deep depression and suicide.) Those subliminal messages will only mask the turbulence of your soul, telling you that things will be better is just another lie if you're not realizing what causes these symptoms releasing it, then clearing you psyche/soul with meditation.
My personal remedy takes a walk within nature, somewhere you find particularly beautiful, take out your cell phone, play some meditation music on YouTube, find a place where you can be alone, sit then close your eyes. Put yourself in a state of calm, while breathing in through your nostrils out through your mouth, once you find a state of tranquil,simply release what dose not feel positive within each breath in and out like waves on a beach,let it wash away, do this 3 times a week are more if needed and you will begin to find inner peace, this technique again saved my life so its worth a shot brother are sister... Listen to Deepack Chopkra speech on acceptance.


answered 22 Mar '13, 12:38

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