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After messing around with Manifestation Experiment 1, by far the most simple and my favorite because it works so well with those manifestations that you are NOT hanging on for dear life with and so they manifest easily and in a very satisfying way- I have read the manifestation experiment guide and I decided to share something I myself have found very useful so I thought maybe someone else would also benefit from this.

I found Stingray's comment very useful and eye-opening:

Write your request in such a way that you can hand it straight over to a reasonably-intelligent person who is going to go and get it or do it for you. But the single condition is that once you have given them your request you cannot contact them again about it or give them further information.

This means you need to give them enough information up-front in the request to know exactly what it is that you want. And since you can't contact them again afterwards, it is a good idea to tell them why you want it as well. Because if they can't get exactly what you want, then they can at least get you an acceptable substitute if they understand why you want it.

So write it to a reasonable intelligent person who is going to get it done for you, give them enough information so they know whats going on, and give an explanation as to why you want this thing. Then, after having written this, fold up the paper or whatever- and forget about it having the knowledge it has already been taken care of, dont re-write or re-think or sit pondering about WHETHER it will come or not, just know that it will, then usually what happens to me is I get surprised by the manifestation in a most pleasant way and feel satisfied with having done this all by myself, the manifestation itself and feeling totally in control.

All is well but I noticed I had a problem with the whole dont re-think and re-write and go over and ponder thing because it felt so weird to me- I write this thing down- put it in a box (for no one to see really) and although I understand the way things work it still felt a bit shady to me. So I came up with this more good-feeling way of doing things- and I am sorry if someone has already mentioned this, it is so simple that I am sure it must have been brought up by someone, but I didnt see it anywhere so pardon me if that is so I really think its a cool way of doing things and just wanted to share with you.

So the way it works is you make a second email account- with the name theuniversalgodforce or source-energy or universal-force, force-that-makes-worlds whatever- something that reminds you of WHO you are asking this from- it makes it more real to me, then, in stead of writing it down and putting it in a box- you just send all your requests in email form (in the way Stingray explains it in the community wiki for Manifestation Experiment 1) just the same, but this time, when you are done, you send it and you cannot edit an email you sent- it will send AGAIN but never the original file.

So what I have done is mark the email subject with the request I want- like- Good weather on Weekend of '23.03.17'. Or, 'Nike Air Max shoes in my size for sale" or 'Ticket for football match on Sunday' whatever floats your corks as Abraham would say- and then you send it- done. It is that way with a 'real' email so I got that feeling of- I cant edit this when its sent- I CAN however edit this when I see the manifestation- then I do a Re: subject and I, if necessary can alter something or add something to that request- so after a while I have this whole set of emails where I can exactly see what I asked, when I asked for it, when I asked to change something about it, and also when its like a big manifestation or it happened in an extra-ordinary way I make sure I write a thank you email- sincerely as if I was writing this to the universe! (and I am)

I think this has made the whole manifestation process a lot more fun and 'real' for me. The fact that I cant rewrite and rethink things trillion times- but just as a real email- where 'sent is sent' has helped me a lot with formulating my requests as efficiently as can be and also feeling that I really sent it out there- not just put it in a box- is quite satisfying to me. I hope this is of use to someone- it sure has helped me a lot and excuses-moi if I am shamelessly re-typing this while someone else has come to this idea aaaages ago:)

Comments and maybe your own ideas and tweaks on this?

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I like the idea of sending your request to a special  email acct and naming it.  Just a word of caution being email accts are meant to be used.  Free email  accts which are not used do expire and  will be deleted in a year or less depending on the provider.  What constitutes use depends on the provider.   

If someone decides to use an email account using the original box method you would have to send it w/o a subject line or immediately put it in a separate folder otherwise it would be in plain view every time you logged  on.   

Yes, one of the suggestions was how we could use a separate file on our  computers instead of a box to place our requests.  Naturally you would label or name the file or folder but I never thought of calling it 'Hey Universe' or 'Dear Source' like you did. Good idea !    If you want to use one of your regular emails accounts you could put your request  directly in a special named folder as soon as you write it.  It would be out of view & if you see the name of the folder it should make you feel good.

"and although I understand the way things work it still felt a bit shady to me."

Shady ?  means of doubtful honesty or legality. synonyms: suspicious, suspect, questionable, dubious, doubtful, disreputable, untrustworthy, dishonest, devious, dishonorable, underhanded, unscrupulous, irregular, unethical; informal: fishy, murky.

Shady Probably not the best choice of adjectives :) I laughed when I saw that. I've done that myself. I'm sure you meant questionable or doubtful based on your personal beliefs. If it doesn't resonate with you, fine or if you can't stop thinking about it, then you know this practice is not intended for you. I can assure you there is nothing shady about it.  Works as intended as long as you can forget about your request. 

Perhaps you should come up with a new name for your process because the entire idea of using Manifesting Experiment 1 is to forget about your request. Using an email acct could be a good tool but your  concept  is different and perhaps  deserves a  name of its own : )  Personally, I would make a new request each time and send it instead of tweaking one that already arrived. I don't quite get that.  I like the idea of making a list of  requests which have manifested.  

"I think this has made the whole manifestation process a lot more fun and 'real' for me."

That's what is important - feeling good !!


"Yahoo! Mail accounts are deactivated and removed after six months of not being used, plus an additional two months for each year you held the account." BT Yahoo! Mail, the Yahoo-powered email service for customers of BT (a UK ISP) has recently stated that their inactivity period is set to 150 days."

Why and When Do Email Accounts Expire? - Marketing Cloud


Reading the link, it states a new Microsoft acct can be deleted in 10 days if you don't log on. Well, that's one way of sending your request to the Universe and it might be a good thing :) You could always open a new acct.


I forgot to mention one of the things I liked best about your idea -- sending a love note (thank you) to the Universe ! Nice! If you don't already do this, you may want to end your request with a thank you also. I also say thank you when it happens and keeping an appreciation journal or doing a daily rampage of appreciation is very rewarding :)


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