Dear all,

This question is sort of the reverse of the previously asked question, "How do you keep a strong belief about what you want to manifest when there are no synchronicities or vibrational matches yet?"

In my case, when I do get a vibrational match, I begin thinking of my request again. I am concerned that I may therefor be "stirring the soil" as it were, and interfering with the manifesting process. This would seem to violate the rule of Manifesting Experiment #1 (which I have been using), which explicitly states,

"Every time you think about your request again, you are are effectively stopping work on the request and taking it out of the box again. I know you are not physically taking it out of the box, but you are mentally doing so."

I feel that I have been successful in forgetting about my request after the initial asking, but when vibrational matches start popping up, it sometimes brings my mind back to the object of my request for a minute or even a few minutes if I am not vigilant. My typical reaction is one of excitement and even anticipation, which I am not sure is beneficial to "allowing" the manifestation into my reality, since this is not how I would feel after having already received it.

Does anyone have any practical advice? Or is this just a natural part of the process that happens to everyone, and that I don't need to be concerned about?

Many thanks for considering my question.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

In my case, when I do get a vibrational match, I begin thinking of my request again. I am concerned that I may therefor be "stirring the soil" as it were, and interfering with the manifesting process.

Yes, that's a good point and I probably made an unwarranted assumption in the instructions there without expressing things more clearly.

When I get a vibrational match regarding a topic, it always gives me confidence that the process is working and that something - I may not know what - is happening in my life at some level regarding what I want.

That helps me further relax about what I want, let it go, and trust the process to unfold in its own way.

In that case, I'm not stuck in noticing the absence of what I want and therefore not standing in the way of it. So, for that kind of reaction, noticing vibrational matches is not an just gives added assurance that everything's working.

Now, if instead, you were to use any vibrational matches that pop up to make yourself feel yearning, or lack of what you want then you may not be helping your situation. Noticing the lack of what you want was what I meant (in the quote you mentioned) about reopening the box and stopping work on the request.

I think if I kept reactivating "yearning", I would probably use a clearing method of some kind (there are plenty mentioned on IQ) to change my default reaction of "yearning" to something more neutral. But if someone is a newcomer to these ideas, I appreciate that kind of approach might be a bit too advanced.

It's a bit difficult for me to answer this one for someone who might only have experience in Manifesting Experiment 1 because my natural inclination would be to just throw up some Focus Blocks (Manifesting Experiment 2) in my spreadsheet for what I was yearning about and clear up that resistance there and then.

So probably my best suggestion for now (excluding applying other clearing methods) would be that, if you feel that you may keep dipping into "yearning", it might be best to simply ignore any vibrational matches also and keep your mind completely off the subject.


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@Stingray - Thank very much for your response...I think this answers my question. I do feel good and confident when I see the matches, I was just unsure if this would be "stirring the soil" or not. You put it perfectly when you say the confidence helps you to "further relax about what I want, let it go, and trust the process to unfold in its own way." This what I will try to do. Thanks again, Stingray.

(01 Jul '12, 21:17) lozenge123

Stingray is always a hard act to follow!!! LOL

But, fools go where angels fear to tread...

I agree with Stingray.

The universe is answering you, or is starting to turn in your direction. It is quite simple, really.

Take Stingray's advice, and do not "stir the soil" too much, though.

I remember a time when I was young and had four small kids and needed a bigger car. I was tired of the beaters...I was tired of being afraid of breaking down on the side of the road in an Illinois winter...I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

We had $500 saved up, and I told my son, "I am going to go out and get a new car with this money."

"You cannot buy a new car with only $500 dollars, Mom," he said.

"Watch this," I said. I had no doubts, no fears, just my realization that I needed better transportation than a Willy's Jeep circa 1965...

So I went to the Dodge dealer in town, and kept my mouth shut except to say, with my four children in tow, "I need a better car than I have. I want a van, I think." (This was before the advent of six-seating SUV's.)

They were running a rebate promotion, which added $1500 to my $500...but the dealer wanted to bleed me for more. I went at the end of the month, when he was hungry to sell (a trick I learned from an ex-cousin-in-law shyster car salesman!).

I drove home a Brand New Dodge Ram Van. My son was speechless. I accepted no tricks, no undercoating" charges, no B.S. I stuck to my guns. And I did not ask the Universe for the moon. I even got a 100,000 mile warranty. So there!

I had resisted all the offers and sales and ads up to that point. I just "knew" the time was right. (I also knew that after a few hours, the dealer would do anything to get the me and my four restless and bored children out of his showroom!!!)

My point is this: When the time is right, it will happen. Have no fear. You will know. Up until then, ignore the signs like nibbles on a fish line. Then march forward, and act.

It is quite simple, really!

Peace and Blessings,



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