There is a very respected spiritual teacher who I have been following for a long time and whose teachings focus a lot on issues of ecology and a need for a cultural renaissance and ego transcendence if we, as a species, are to weather coming ecological predicaments and societal collapse. He has an eco village and ashram in Costa Rica where people go to attend retreats and to heal and acquire self-knowledge. To me, his words convey a deep level of spiritual maturity and mastery and I'm pretty sure he has an uninterrupted connection to Source. I believe he has come in contact with channeled material from various sources too as he is very open-minded and well-versed.

My question relates to the teaching from Bashar that there are endless parallel versions of Earth and that in many of them Earth (Gaia) is just fine, thank you! (lol) and human beings live in harmony with it. Although this is a very interesting idea that also resonates with me, it seems to be in stark contradiction with the lifework of so many wise, caring people that bring awareness to Ecology and the nature of interconnection as one of the most important issues of our time. I wonder if there are limits to shifting into these more harmonious versions of Earth? Has anyone here shifted to a parallel Earth where ecological balance has never been an issue? Or is there more to this story, eg. collective agreements, etc?

Thank you fellow travellers

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When connecting with Bashar on any issue at all, the first thing I do is to apply his formula and see what I come up with: Follow your highest excitement, to the best of your ability, with no expectation of the outcome.

From lightly probing your particular ashram, this appears to me to be quite unambiguously the case: Focusing on them I get the feel of, as you say, a group of very deep people who are very much in tune what is exciting to them, and of very high spiritual effectiveness with quite clear results in the overall fields of probable realities.

But how to square the idea of an earth that needs to be transformed with an earth that is doing fine? If earth is doing fine, can't we just join the Republican party and get rich with a new coal mine?

Only we transform the Republican party in the process.

My interpretation is that what the ashram is doing on a global scale is the same thing that Bashar recommends for clearing negative beliefs on a personal scale.

When you follow your highest excitement and run into a hitch, you ask yourself: What would I have to believe in order to feel this? This forces the belief to come out of hiding, and when it is found to be nonsensical, it loses its credibility to the mind, so the mind will no longer hold it.

So the ashram's dire warnings come down to this: I observe from scientific data that the ocean ecosystem is about to come to pieces. What would I have to believe in order for this to be true? By golly it may have something to do with believing that we need not concern ourselves with the consequences of our actions for future generations- and that therefore it would be foolish and even heartless to not exploit natural resources for maximum profits, regardless of the consequences. If you take a horizion of 100 years that is the only sensible thing to do- people actually will have more jobs if we don't care what happens a couplde decades later. It is also wildly egotistical. So the ashram is focusing the current mush of common beliefs and bringing them to the surface, in order for more people to see how nonsensical they are- and therefore allow them to shift into a reality where earth is doing fine.

It also makes perfect sense that there would be a group of people who are constantly taking earth's temperature and listening to her and continuously making recommendations, in a reality where earth is doing fine, so it's not all that surprising to me that an ashram like that can serve as a very convenient permission slip for you to shift into an earth-is-fine reality is well.

But, most importantly, and this is most likely the answer you are looking for: if that particular permission slip doesn't work for you- discard it, and use a different one. You don't need it, or any particular permission slip at all. Your highest excitement will tell you which ones are appropriate for you.


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Hello cmc and thank you for your considerate reply. I believe I understand the gist of it but it all still hasn't quite clicked yet. I will give you and example to illustrate my point: if there are no structural relations from one moment to the next, meaning we could potentially make very discrete jumps between very different configurations of life energy (parallel versions of Earth), wouldn't one who has attained mastery and unbridled connection to Source be living out their exciment in the..

(03 Apr '17, 11:06) Surfgrass

..most harmonious possible scenario? Why would he still be invested in a parallel version of Earth where Earth is in dire need of healing and reconnection? There's also another point that merits consideration: this guy talks a lot about creating a powerful and pure energy field in the ashram and that those that come to heal are invariably positively affected by it. So no doubt they are creating a different, more in-tune with nature field of probability that will have ripple effects over..

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..the whole matrix. But in this scenario, we're still working with a progression of cause and effect, not a "every change is a complete change" imperative, meaning Earth is still in peril but our ashram is doing our part to effect positive change. So is this due to collective agreements? That one can't just shift to an Earth where ecological imbalance has never been an issue to start with? Something else that puzzles me is when Bashar tells the story of the Greys as a species, as if that was...

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..the only course of history for them, which completely contradicts the theory of infinite parallel potential histories. But then again, I haven't listened to nearly half of Bashar's material so maybe I'm missing something

(03 Apr '17, 11:23) Surfgrass

Btw, this is a very symbolic talk by the spiritual teacher I mentioned.

(03 Apr '17, 11:37) Surfgrass

You mean why doesn't he just snap over to paradise earth and be done with it? Well let us ask him :) What I am getting is a strong desire from his soul to experience in a strongly focused way all that we are doing wrong in order to spell out crystal clear where our issues are, so we may clean up our act more effectively. He also says you can insta-jump right now but the momentum of chosing earth is stacked against it, which makes it more rewarding to play it out and use permission slips.

(03 Apr '17, 11:44) cmc
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earth was there before,a
level of consciousness
without predatory goals,

man in his selfishness took
the script and rewrote it,

parallel is that level
of alternate consciousness,
concentric circles


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