If our existence is primarily made up of continuous Now moments, then would every single thought we have been considered an alternate universe or parallel reality?

I remember seeing a video of Bashar and someone asked him a specific question about thoughts and how they exist in a parallel reality. The question was something along the lines of, "if I picture or envision you (Bashar) with a fork stuck in your eye, does that reality actually exist right now?" If I remember correctly, Bashar said yes, there is a reality right now where I have a fork stuck in my eye.

Sometimes this concept seems too big or unusual to understand. I'm probably just letting my ego mind get in the way when I try to figure out how this can be possible.

So is every single thought we think a parallel reality, or am I just misinterpreting this concept completely? I think by understanding this better, it will definitely help me grow more as a deliberate creator.

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Yes, every thought is a parallel reality but I think it's actually even more fine-grained than "every thought creates a new reality" because thinking a thought is actually a relatively slow process if you think about it :)

Bashar actually says that a new universe is created in every time period that it takes light to travel one Planck Length...and that distance is 1.616199 × 10−35 metres!

He has said that scientists as yet don't really understand the true significance of Planck Length but apparently that's what it is (rate of universe creation).

Now if we take the speed of light in a vacuum to be 299,792,458 meters per second, that must mean (according to Bashar) that...each of us creates a new parallel reality universe for ourselves every 5.39 x 10-44 seconds, also known as Planck Time.

In case anyone is not familiar with the scientific notation, here's that length of time in decimal form:

0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000539 seconds per universe

But just to make things even more mind-boggling...since past, present and future are all happening at this moment, it means that all our simultaneous incarnations must also be creating new universes at that rate.

And just to put that time into perspective, here's an interesting page on Wikipedia comparing Orders of time magnitude.

(There is more information in Is it really possible to shift into a parallel reality with a different past?)


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@Stingray - thanks for the Planck reference, another part of the jigsaw puzzle fits into place :)

(16 Feb '12, 23:24) blubird two

To make things more convoluted, Bashar also says that '(we) do not conceive anything - our Higher Selves CONCEIVE, our physical brain RECEIVES, and our physical minds...' - (I do not agree that the mind is physical) - '...PERCEIVE'.

(15 Feb '14, 01:13) TGunn

Bashar also says that '(we) try to do the job of our Higher Selves', which we should not as 'our Higher Selves do their jobs perfectly'. I agree with this idea, but there is a void in this idea. When we go against our Higher Selves, are we not conceiving new ideas, scenarios, etc., and hence creating the potentials for parallel realities?

(15 Feb '14, 01:14) TGunn

@TGunn no. Every idea, scenario etc. was communication from the higher mind.

When Bashar says that we go against our Higher Selves by trying to do the job of the higher mind, he means exactly that, trying to do the job.

We can try all we want, but our physical minds can never do what it wasn't designed to do. We work our minds into trying to conceive instead of letting go and letting the ideas come to us. This trying is what tires out the physical mind and is what we should avoid.

(15 Feb '14, 12:27) WeRadiateBeauty

@WeRadiateBeauty: if you truly believe this, then why do you continue trying to conceive?

(15 Feb '14, 16:06) TGunn
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@Cory, thanks for posing this exciting question. And @Stingray, thanks for sharing such helpful and pertinent information! :o)

I do not dwell on this idea, but I have contemplated it as well. My own interpretation of this is that all our thoughts create form and resonance, which go into a sort of escrow in the ether and which subsequently generate a frequency coordinate in the Dark Matter of this Universe. As our 'reality' is based in concurrent incarnations and ever-expanding creation and experience, and as our individual energy signature trajectories are constantly shifting to frequency coordinates we create individually, collectively, are attracted to and created by others, a situation where Darryl Anka is on stage with a fork in his head, allowing Bashar to speak through him, is not a parallel reality, as such, but a coordinate frequency brought into existence through imagination. The person who imagines such envisions in their mind the formation of such a thought, but does not match vibrationally the frequency coordinate required to further manifest the thought into physical form. This thought goes into an escrow; a semi-established virtual reality possibility, accessible to any energy that matches its frequency coordinate. When a certain amount of energies match this frequency coordinate, this frequency coordinate will expand via the focus of energies that are a match to this frequency, creating a greater collective manifestational 'reality'.


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@TGunn could you slow down the creation frequency (planck constant) so as to come into the range of communication of most humans?

(12 Feb '14, 02:30) jaz

@jaz: LOL!:o) Yes, what I wrote is a bit on the convoluted side.

(12 Feb '14, 17:52) TGunn

@TGunn glad you appreciate my humour :) ... i assume what you are saying is that individual thoughts mingle together to form a more resistant collectively formed thought

(15 Feb '14, 03:23) jaz

@jaz: I do appreciate your humour and I appreciate your initial comment, as your comment is a reflection of my Higher Self's desire to communicate through me with more concise clarification.

Regarding your assumption, what I mean is all thoughts are perceptions of parallel realities which already exist. When we are a vibrational match to that thought that thought becomes a momentary experience in our physical reality.

(15 Feb '14, 08:58) TGunn

When we experience what we would call a random thought or daydream, what is happening is we are perceiving a parallel reality which already exists; we cross to that parallel reality consciously, but as we are not a vibrational match to that thought, we do not experience that thought physically.

(15 Feb '14, 09:04) TGunn

@TGunn you are obviously a budding extraterrestrial lol

(16 Feb '14, 02:19) jaz

@jaz: we are all Terrestrial and Extra-Terrestrial. But I appreciate and understand your humourous nudge :o)

(16 Feb '14, 03:10) TGunn
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