I've been reading about parallel worlds and trying to gain as much understanding but none of the materials I've found explains a technique to make the shift to another parallel world.

If some of you are familiar with Bashar teachings; he explains we shift parallel realities every second. He gives the analogy of still frame pictures passing by at a very rapid pace which gives the illusion of continuity.It would be really helpful to me some of you can share a technique on how to make the shift? I'm not happy with the decisions I've made in the past and if there is another version of myself who had a different past, I would like to shift to that.

I'm not talking about changing my interpretation of the past events but an actual physical switch to different past events. For example, one which I made other decisions in the past. Bashar explains, each moment we are a different person with a different past but I cannot get myself to change my past. Does anyone have experience in consciously shifting to parallel worlds?

Thank you in advance!

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Hi @Nakshatra there's a free ebook online by Joe Dispenza "Becoming Supernatural" he explains about shifting realities by activating the pineal gland, have fun :)

(14 Apr '20, 08:13) jaz
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I'm not talking about changing my interpretation of the past events but an actual physical switch to different past events.

According to Bashar, if that happened you would have no awareness of your previous past. It would just seem like you have always had that past.

So you may be asking your question without an awareness that what you want has already happened :)

As for methods for shifting to parallel realities, sites like Inward Quest (and other places) are littered with them...

Any method that causes you to shift your "vibrational setpoint" on a subject is simultaneously noticeably shifting you to a new parallel reality also.

Since Past, Present and Future are all happening Now, you can change your past by altering your present focus in whatever way works for you.


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Take the time to take a deep dive into information about parallel realities to really familiarize yourself with the different ways you can shift to another timeline.

You want to try to release resistance about your past first. If you are running the thoughts "I've got to get out of this reality" then you'll be stuck further in it. Whatever we resist persists, right? This may seem paradoxical but the more you resist your past, the deeper you'll be mired in it.

Take a look at Reality Transurfing. It is one of the very best philosophies out there for shifting lifetracks as they call them. Vadim Zeland, a Russian quantum theorist, developed this body of work and you can find much information about this on youtube. Have a look at Brian Scott and Renee Garcia's Youtube channels, and use their descriptions of the various techniques as companion pieces to reading Zeland's actual books. You want to start with his book Reality Transurfing Steps I - V, before going into more advanced material like Tufti The Priestess.

I use these techniques myself with very interesting results. But remember monitor your personal vibration. Getting yourself to a good feeling vibe is the most important thing you can do to change your reality. Which means you have to become neutral and accepting of your past. You can take all most anyone and they will have made mistakes in their past. But it ultimately comes down to how you view those past decisions. Do they define you now in the present or were they learning experiences? Then you can easily transition to more beneficial lifetracks/realities.


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the two answers maverick35 and stingray gave are great but i geuss the more you get the more you understand and maybe i can add to it.

the best way i belive you can shift into a paralle reality is to really (REALLY!!!!) focus on yourself and what you want and NOT about the processes of the loa. for example:

"im tired of this stuation, why is it bothering me so much, what can i do now to feel better...?"

and not: " if i think this thought the or do this thing - the low of attraction wont work for me as i want it to" or "what did abraham/bashar.. said i should do about this situation?mmmm...ok...i'll try again"

just (for a while) throw everything you've learn to the garbage and trust your self for guidance. sit quitely (you can do it with the ES of abraham) and edmit to yourself how you really feel. you may be amazed to find that your'e not where you think you were. you can do it also with a notebook. just start writing what you want. write like your a child. without limitations - even the negative stuff. put everithing that stuch there on the paper.

when i start writing i just cant stop. an hour after i finish new thoughts comes automatically and i write them too. and then new thoughts.... after a day or two what i wrote at the begining dosent seem logical to me. and i see real changes in my reality.

if i dont write - no change - i get stuck.

sometimes i fell an urge to write, then i know i nedd to do my work and that i have resistane - but i choose (un unconsciously) to stay in my resistance. i just dont feel like and postpone it because i geuse.. thats easier in that specific energy.

notice when you are called to get out of resistance.

im not sure i what bashar say is true about forgeting our past comelitely - but maybe it is posibble. we cant know what we dont know. i mean if it changes - it changes.

in short - just sit with yourself, love yourself, treat yourslf good with no fear and only then you'll see change. and also - forget about time - dont care when change will happen. just trust that it will.just meditate on it.


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